RETAINED PLACENTA [Labor - Retained placenta]:

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Arsenicum [Ars]
Metritis in childbed, with signs of dissolution of blood and reabsorption of the septic matter.
Artemisia-vulgaris [Art-v]
Retained placenta. nervous chlorosis, dry skin.
Belladonna [Bell]
Red face and injected eyes, great distress and moaning; heat and dryness of vagina; profuse flow of hot blood which speedily coagulates; slightest jar causes suffering ; hour-glass contractions.
Caulophyllum [Caul]
Retained placenta from exhaustion and weakness; no contractions; flooding.
Cantharis [Canth]
Retained placenta or membranes usually with painful urination; burning pain in pelvic portion of abdomen and back, abdomen sensitive; feverishness, vomiting, swelling of the lips of os.
Cimicifuga [Cimic]
Rheumatic, distressing, tearing pains in uterine region; no uterine action; feels sore, headache, brain feels too large for the skull; eye-balls pain.
Crocus [Croc]
Shortly after delivery,placenta still remaining, haemorrhage in large clots; womb dilated, soft; fainting, pulseless, extremities icy-cold; anxious palpitations, with desire to draw a long breath.
Gelsemium [Gels]
Cutting pains in lower part of abdomen, running upward and backward, which retard the expulsion of placenta.
Gossypium [Goss]
Retained placenta, adheres firmly to walls of uterus, no amount of force will hardly dislodge it.
Ipecacuanha [Ip]
Deficient labor-pains and with the pains there is much suffering, but nothing is accomplished on account of the sharp, pinching pain about the navel, running downward to the womb; constant nausea; haemorrhage of bright-red blood, with retained placenta.
Pulsatilla [Puls]
Inertia uteri, want of expulsive or spasmodic retention; intermittent flow of blood, restless wants cool, fresh air.
Sabina [Sabin]
INTENSE AFTER-PAINS,NOTWITHSTANDING THE RETENTION, with discharge of fluid blood and clots, with every pain running from sacrum to pubes.
Secale [Sec]
Constant bearing down; passive haemorrhage; parts feel relaxed and there is no uterine contraction (Cimicif.) or irregular hour- glass contraction.
Sepia [Sep]
Little sharp, shooting pains in cervix uteri, sometimes burning.
Viscum-alb [Visc]
Retained, incarcerated placenta; metrorrhagia.
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