The Fluoratums [Fluoratums]:

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The Fluoratums are not very well known, except Calc-f and Fl-ac. Hekla lava and Lapis albus contain Fluor too. Lapis albus is composed of Calcarea, silica and Fluor. Julian (1984, page 330 and 366) has given us some information about Mag-f and Nat-f, but Kali-f, Bar-f, and Am-f are totally unknown.

Let us have a look at the typical mental symptoms. Calc-f has a typical fear of poverty. Fl-ac has the desire to leave his wife and have sexual relationships with other women. These two aspects of money and sex prove to be typical of all the Fluoratums.

Glamour, glitter

One could describe the world of Fluor in short as one of 'glamour and glitter', the world of the 'yuppies', people who want to take part in the bright life. What is important is the shiny, glittery, but hard outer shell.

Money, cars, clothes

They are strongly focused on money. They like to earn it fast and in great quantities, in order to spend it again on fast cars and jewels and such things. Their money is never enough, because they spend it so fast. Money to them is more a means to look good and be part of the 'in crowd', the 'jet set', than an aim in itself.

Their appearance is smooth and beautiful: the women make good stewardesses or fashion models.


The second aspect is sex, for which they have a great desire. Typical of these relationships is that there are no emotions involved. The contact is easygoing and superficial. Sex can also be used to climb the social ladder, or to get a good job.

Hard, fast, hurried

Everything happens at a fast tempo. They make contact with others easily and smoothly. They are ideal salespeople, they do well in the world of banking, stocks and shares, insurance or hotels. They dream about business. They move fast and fluently and look slim and smooth.

If we look at the function of Fluor in our body, we see that one of its main tasks is protecting our teeth with enamel. This enamel is hard, smooth and shiny. This is exactly the definition of the Fluoratums.


In extreme situations they may become psychopathic. Their hardness and lack of feeling totally disregards the destruction they may cause.

Superficial contacts

They have a great need for warmth, contact, attention. But they feel that they won't succeed in getting this. It is as if they are desperately seeking to make contact, but once they have found it they quickly feel that it isn't deep and real enough. So they start looking for the next person, hoping to find the real warmth there. But flying from one person to the next is the very thing that prevents them from finding this deep contact.

They might then try to make intimate contact via sexual relations. But here again their attempts are doomed to fail. This is because their attitude is always one of keeping distance, keeping emotions out of it.

Another way of trying to find attention is by moving into the glamour world. They hope that they will attract a lot of friends this way. But reality soon shows them that this world only attracts the same sort of superficial people. People who, when the money has gone, move on to the next person. And so they are left on their own once again.


The Fluoratums look like the Sulphuricums. Both are warm blooded and attach great importance to clothes. The difference is that the Fluoratums use clothes to attract attention, to shine and glitter, while the Sulphuricums just want to be nicely dressed out of aesthetic value. The Sulphuricums also have more stable and profound relationships.

Another comparison can be made with the Nitricums, who are similar to the Sulphuricums too. Both groups enjoy the pleasures of life. The Nitricums are inclined to indulge in food and wine. The Fluoratums have this too, but in an exaggerated, almost desperate fashion. To give an example, compare the way in which they consume alcohol: the Nitricums enjoy a few glasses of good wine with their supper, followed by coffee and brandy. The Fluoratums go for the strong drinks, often ending up in alcoholism. They hope that the alcohol will pierce their hard shell, so that they will be more able to make contact with others. This same sort of difference can be observed with regard to sex. The Nitricums really like to enjoy it, whilst the Fluoratums use their successions of fleeting sexual contact as a means to search for an intimate bond.

General characteristics

Location: right sided.

Temperature: warm. (<) warmth, (>) outside.

Time: (<) 9 pm.? Desires: alcohol (3), spices (3), fresh, sour. Physical: (>) movement, violent movement.


Swelling of glands, abscesses, fistulas.

Affections of the teeth, caries.

Arteriosclerosis. Varicose veins.

Inflammations of the joints with distortions, (<) hands. Hyper- mobile joints, laxity of ligaments.

Deformations of bones, exostoses (3).


Infections of the vagina. Sexual diseases.

DD: Sulphuricums, Nitricums, Veratrum.
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