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Monday, October 4, 2010


Posted by Drdevendra Kumar MD Homeo
- Muzumdar K P.

Easily vexed, angered, with aversion to company.

Irritability,Signs /Symptoms obtained during both the 1st proving and reproving . angry form slightest provocation, Signs /Symptoms obtained during both the 1st proving and reproving. while speaking, easily excited.

Rage and fury at slightest provocation Signs Symptoms obtained during both the 1st proving and reproving. with great mental restlessness, with lack of concentration Signs Symptoms obtained during both the 1st proving and reproving. and feeling of emptiness in head with anxiety.

Quarrelsome with members of the family.

Feeling of sadness,Signs /Symptoms obtained during both the 1st proving and reproving. depression ,Signs /Symptoms obtained during both the 1st proving and reproving. tearful disposition with anxiety Signs Symptoms obtained during both the 1st proving and reproving. about life and own business, about future and about health.

Home sickness.

Dullness of mind,mind occupied with various thoughts.

Feeling of happiness, feeling of laziness,Signs /Symptoms obtained during both the 1st proving and reproving. changeable temperament happy to melancholy.


Indifference to study, to work, to people, to everything.

Desire to remain silent, calm, quite, idle and in lonely places for company, for music, to run away from the society, to weep.

Aversion to noise, to study, to talk,Signs /Symptoms obtained during both the 1st proving and reproving. to do work, to take bath in cold water, to sunrays, to friends, to company, Signs /Symptoms obtained during both the 1st proving and reproving. to eat to drink, to religious work, to be disturbed.

Loss of memory vacant thoughts incapacity to think deeply. Forgetfulness.

Cannot remember the subject which he has read a few hours back, the names of things or persons.

Vertigo sensation as if falling forward agg. rising from seat as if everything revolving around agg. while sitting, evening.

Vertigo with dizziness on changing the posture.


Heaviness in the whole head with headache with sweat on the forehead,and bodyache agg. morning, movement, warmth, evening amel. washing with cold water, rest,lying down, cold applications.

Sensation of weight on head agg. motion amel. rest. Dull aching pain with coryza agg. evening, cold bathing, thinking about the complaint, bending head forward and coughing amel. by taking rest, pressure company and talking. Pain starts from parietal region and settles over the whole head. Burning, bursting pain as if the brain is on fire with severe pain in the eyes agg. reading ,exertion. Pinching, throbbing, pulsating, hammering pain agg. after reading, thinking about it, after sleep amel. pressure and warmth.

Pain in the left side of the head agg. 4 p.m. to 10 a.m.

Frontal headache with heaviness, with pain in the nasal bridge agg. by sun, movement in the room amel. washing with cold water, closing eyes, night, rest, pressure.

Bursting frontal headache, with thirst, flushed face, coated tongue, short cough and fever, restlessness and bodyache agg. stooping, walking, sunlight amel, rest, hard pressure, tight bandage, closing the eyes.

Throbbing in frontal region with drowsiness from 7 p. m. to 8 p.m. agg. motion, warmth amel. rest, lying down, sleep, cold, hard pressure.

Stitching spain in frontal region with sensation of heat on vertex, agg. warmth, cold open air.

Bursting pain in occipital region, agg. warmth after exhaustion.

Headache with dim vision.

Pain in the scalp with itching on the scalp dandruff, scaly,all over the head.

Heaviness of head with yawning.

Hair, falling, excessive.


Burning in the eyes, agg. opening the eyes, warm application, heat in all form amel. closing the eyes, cold application, open air, with heaviness of eyelids. Sensation of sand and dust in the eyelids, amel. cold, washing with cold water flushes of heat in both the eyes. Irritation in the eyes as if splinter is lodged inside the eyeballs, agg. cold in any form, light amel. warm application. Itching in both eyes, especially right eye with redness after scratching dryness in the eyes. Itching in the inner angles of the eyes, first left then right with thick exudation from the eyes agg. cold amel. warmth. Sharp pain in the eyes, with blurring of vision and lachrymation, agg. reading amel. closing the eyes. Pain in the right eye with irritation and lachrymation agg. opening the eye amel. rubbing, cold water application. Lachrymation with redness of conjunctivae and burning in the eyes with heaviness and pain in head with fever sticking of both eyelids at night agg. opening the eyes, warm application, heat in all form amel. closing the eyes, cold application, heat in all form, open air.

Lachrymation, bland with anxiety and mental depression agg. after eating. Thick, sticky, yellowish discharge from the eyes with itching sensation in eyelids, redness, agglutination and watering of the eyes, after slight rubbing agg. morning, cold in any form, light. amel. closing the eyes,hot saline fomentation, warm application.

Discharge sticky with itching sensation in the eyelids and redness and, watering of the eyes amel. closing the eyes and hot saline fomentation.

Swelling of eyelids, and burning in the eyes with redness of conjunctivae and profuse watery discharge which tend to become thick and sticky, and ulceration of the margin of eyelids with soreness and tenderness agg. cold in any form, light amel. warm application, touch, contact.

Aching and tenderness of the outer angle of the left eye, agg. on opening the eye amel. on closing the eye, warm application. Dim vision, with busting frontal headache agg. stooping, walking, sunlight amel. rest, closing the eyes. Feeling of strain and pain in the eyes agg. while concentrating on an object at night, while reading amel. sleep, closing the eyes, washing with cold water. Sensation as if things come nearer to the prover while looking at righthand side agg. morning. Twitching of the left eyelids with sleepiness all the day and night agg. cold, morning. Darkness before the eyes with anxiety and profuse lachrymation, dim vision and headache.


Violent itching in both ears, and on forehead with urticarial rashes on both the ears. Sudden pain in the left ear agg. chewing, sleeping, at night amel. pressure on left ear. Dull pain in the external auditory meatus of both ears with marked dullness and chilliness, and tenderness in left ear.

Earache in both ears with tinnitus agg. while speaking, night amel. pressing on external auditory meatus with the tip of little finger ( local examination revealed signs of Otitis Media).

Stitching pain in the right ear during mastication with constipation and diminished appetite agg cold, night amel. warmth, daytime.

Burning sensation in the ears, painful swelling of right posterior auricular region. Wheezing like noises in the ears.

Profuse, watery, acrid discharge agg. morning,evening amel. night, open air, pressure. White, thick, bland or greenish yellow discharge. Thick, yellowish discharge with offensive, rotten egg like smell.

Coryza with headache and blocking of nostrils, burning nostrils.

Coryza fluent, thin, watery, constant discharge agg. cold air, night amel. warmth, day time.

Thin, watery, thick white yellow mucopurulent, scanty discharge, puffiness of face.

Watery nasal discharge with pain in the nasal bones amel. pressure and drinking hot tea.

Dryness in the nose with sneezing , tickling or creeping sensation in the nose, agg. at night.

Obstruction of nostrils, alternate obstruction of the both the nostrils agg. night amel. open air, sneezing.

Mucoid discharge from the nose with blocking and obstruction.

Bleeding from the nose with clots, difficulty in breathing agg. morning amel. night.

Bleeding scanty, from the left nostril, of black shred colour, after washing the face agg. stooping, lying down of bright red colour, 68 drops with an empty feeling in head and loss of concentration agg. movement amel. lying down.

Pain at the root of nose radiating to left side of frontal bone and supraorbital region.

Experiences smell of ammonia gas in the morning and evening.


Acute, painful burning in face, flushed face puffiness of face with great thirst agg. morning and afternoon.

Acne with burning and tenderness of the face.

Roughness and itching of the face, severe itching on chin and lower jaw with burning of face, with fever agg. on washing with cold water.

Throbbing pain on the left side of the side in the right upper jaw.

Aching in the right lower jaw agg. cold, eating amel. warmth.

Small whitish patches on cheeks, small matted pimples on right cheek with a collection of white cheesy matter in them.

Dryness of lips and cheeks.


Dryness of mouth, tongue with increased thirst with pain, ulceration of the mucous membrane of the buccal cavity with tenderness, soreness and painful tongue with salivation, difficulty in eating amel. cold water.

Tongue clean, moist, flabby or coated white , light yellow or brownish white.

Red circular ulcers with tenderness and burning on the inner side of the cheeks, lower lips and tongue agg. eating, cold, night, amel. warmth, daytime.

Red ulcer on the middle of tongue with tenderness agg. contact of teeth, deglutition amel. rest.

Blisters of the size of a pea containing thick white, exudation, on the lips bursted, leaving behind the ulcers with intense tenderness which healed very slowly difficulty in speaking and eating, developed after 3 days of fever agg. when opening the mouth amel. application of oil on the ulcers.


Dull aching pain in molars agg. cold water.

Toothache agg. open air, drinking cold water, pressure.

Painful and tender gums, occasionally bleeding.

Ulceration with tenderness of gums, of right side, red ulcers turn white (aphthous) after 3 days with sore throat agg. cold amel. warmth.

Soreness, excoriation and ulceration of the gums and tingling sensation agg. cold application, pungent food, pressure amel. warmth, pressing the gums (local examination revealed signs of gingivitis).


Dryness of throat with dull aching pain, increased thirst agg. during deglutition amel. gargling with hot water.

Pain in fauces amel. warm drinks.

Pain in throat agg. night, morning, while talking.

Pain in throat especially on right side with glandular swelling, with cough with raw sensation agg. on swallowing, coughing, on empty swallowing, cold water amel. eating and hot drinks. Congested sore throat with sticking pain agg. cold, night, early morning amel. warmth. Tickling sensation with difficulty in swallowing salvia and liquid agg. cold and coughing. Sensation of constriction in the throat with dysphagia agg. swallowing, on empty stomach amel. warmth.

Sensation as if the throat is swollen.

Sensation as if a ball is lodged inside the throat agg. night, cold amel. warmth, daytime, after drinking water.

Tonsils enlarged, pain in right tonsil referred to ear, difficult swallowing with soreness.

Irritating cough with pain and burning in throat with fever agg. everything.


Poor or diminished appetite, even loss of appetite,satisfied after taking few mouthfuls.

Dull appetite with pain, gurgling and flatulence of the abdomen.

Diminished appetite with rumbling, gurgling and flatulence in abdomen, lower abdomen simplest food disagrees agg. sitting amel. lying down.

Anorexia with burning in abdomen during menses.

Increased appetite, feeling very hungry with deep sleep.

Sour, rancid, bitter, offensive, empty eructations with smell and taste of food which was taken at lunch along with heaviness and tenderness in abdomen.

Sour eructations with heartburn, excessive salivation, waterbrash with sudden cough agg. evening, after amel. after stool, after urination, after vomiting, on empty stomach.

Sour eructations after eating, without relief, with diminished appetite rumbling and flatulent distension in abdomen, in epigastrium increased thirst,with nausea and vomiting sensation as if as if a foreign body was lodged in the throat agg. half an hour after meals, sitting amel. after vomiting, on empty stomach, lying down.

Nausea with sour taste, burning in the stomach, pain in umbilical region on empty stomach.

Nausea with sour eructations, diminished appetite,after meals, without vomiting, in morning with heaviness in lower abdomen agg. after meal, by taking rich food amel. on empty stomach, after passing stool.

Burning in throat with desire for liquids, with feeling as if intoxicated.

Desire for sweets, eat, tobacco, rice, cold things, spicy and fried food.

Dislike for boiled food.

ABDOMEN Flatulence with pain and gurgling, with dull appetite offensive flatus with scanty, hard stool, sour eructations agg. after passing flatus.

Flatulence, with rumbling and gurgling in abdomen, in lower abdomen with diminished appetite, irregular bowel movement, sour eructations, after eating, and feeling of uneasiness in abdomen.

Empty and all gone sensation.

Occasional griping pain spasmodic, dull aching in whole abdomen with tenesmus, with tenderness of whole abdomen pricking pain as if from needles in whole abdomen agg. night.

Heat and burning in abdomen with irritability of mind.

Sensation of warmth in upper abdomen uneasy feeling in abdomen for a few moments.

Burning in abdomen with anorexia during menses.

Feeling of heaviness in the hypogastrium with hard, scanty stool.

Pain dull, stitching, colicky in right hypochondrium amel. by rubbing over the part of the liver.

Pain colicky,left hypochondria, radiating to the left side of the back agg. jerking of the body, exertion amel. rest, after eating.

Colic in lower abdomen with uneasiness and irregular bowel movement.

Itching and tickling sensation in the anus, burning in anus after, hard ball like and difficult stool with offensive flatus. Burning in the anus, with hard, scanty, insufficient stool passed after much straining.

Sensation as if rectum would come out, after loose, pasty brown stool mixed with mucus and blood, with constant urge to go to the closet, tenesmus during stool agg. before and during stool amel. after stool.

Crawling sensation in anus followed by expulsion of worms.

Tenesmus during stool amel. after stool. Tearing pain in anus during stool with burning in rectum and constipated hard stool amel. cold washing.

Tenesmus and griping pain with sensation as if stool would pass while passing the flatus.

Constipation with no desire for stool, ineffectual desire for stool, amel. after stool.

Alternate diarrhoea and constipation.

Round worms.


Painless, watery, yellow yellowish white,undigested, offensive stool, often with griping pain in abdomen with dull appetite and moderate thirst for cold water agg. before stool amel. after stool.

Diarrhoea, involuntary, offensive stool, often with pain in abdomen before and during stool.

Slimy stools with tenesmus and griping pain, sensation as if stool would pass while passing the flatus.

Soft,scanty stool requiring straining.

Soft clay coloured stool with ineffectual urge after stool.

Stool,loose, pasty with flatulence, distension, rumbling and tenderness of abdomen agg. before stool amel. after stool.

First part of the stool is hard followed by pasty stool.


Frequent urge to urinate, burning pain and tickling sensation in urethra while urinating.

Frequent scanty urine, with burning pain agg. after urination.

Tendency to bed wetting agg. 4.00 a. m.

Polyuria, quantity increased, agg. at night.

Profuse urine, yellow in the morning with burning in urethra agg. night.


Seminal emission with or without dreams with prostration agg. night, with sexual desire.

Itching of genital organs. Burning on right side of the penis. Eruption on the scrotum and glans penis.

Lighting like pain with tenderness on the scrotum.

Severe aching pain in the right testis with fever followed by profuse sweating sudden shooting pain in the right testis, travels down along the leg to heel with the swelling of the right spermatic cord.

Dull heavy pain in left testis, relaxed, hanging down with great sexual desire.

Loss of power, relaxed.


Nonoffensive leucorrhoea thin, watery, white, continued whole day with weakness.

Leucorrhoea, thick greenish, white, purulent and offensive discharge, with a sensation as if warm water is flowing, with itching and rawness of the vulva along with constipation discomfort in lower abdomen, dysuria and extreme weakness amel. after profuse flow, bathing (Microscopical examination revealed presence of Trichomonas Vaginalis, pus cells).

Eruption on pudenda.

Menses early,scanty, prolonged with pain in small of back (lumbosacral region) and in pelvic region.

Early onset of menstrual cycle, started 10 days before the due date,but it recurred after 10 days i. e. on the usual day of her menstruation , blackish with thin shreds of mucus, lasted for one and a half day, painless.

Metrorrhagia, bleeding 3 times in a period of 24 days each time lasting for 2 to 5 days with slight white discharge from vagina before menses profuse flow, more at night and scanty during the day tenderness of left breast on the extremities on standing diminished appetite, occasional colic in lower abdomen, dreams of dead bodies and murder committed by her relatives followed by anxiety and insomnia agg. standing motion, night amel. lying down, rest, daytime.

Itching with swelling and burning of the vulva, agg. morning, washing with cold water.


Hoarseness and heaviness of voice agg. early morning and night amel. warmth.

Tickling sensation in throat with dry, barking cough, particularly on a cold night, vomiting.

Pain, soreness and dryness in throat, with running nose dry, trickling, short, paroxysmal cough agg. talking loudly, external pressure, night amel. rest.


Cough with expectoration sweetish, yellow, thick mucoid sticky which disturbs sleep at night.

White, thick mucus, yellow,greenish,easy but scanty expectoration with pain in throat agg. night, cold, morning and while talking amel. after lying down, warmth, daytime.

Dry barking cough with tickling in throat particularly on a cold night, vomiting.

Dry, trickling, short, paroxysmal cough pain. soreness and dryness in throat, with running nose agg. talking loudly, external pressure,night amel. rest.


Pain in the chest on right side with paroxysmal cough,disturbing sleep at night.

Respiratory rate increased with breathlessness.

Constructive and drawing pain in midaxillary region between 5th and 6th rib on the right side, with cough, thick white expectoration and anxiety agg. motion, inspiration amel. lying on affected side, pressure.

Drawing pain with tenderness on the right side of chest, neck and arm agg. while raising the right side of chest, holding anything in hands, moving the head amel. rest.

Aching in the retrosternal region of chest with tingling sensation difficulty in breathing with a feeling of catching breath dyspnoea and diminished appetite, agg. bending forward, during inspiration amel. lying down, rest.

Dull aching and burning pain especially in the left mammary region, intermittent and spasmodic in nature, below the left clavicle agg. after smoking or inhaling odorous fumes.

Rales and rhonchi, left lung and then all over.

Stitching , teasing, stinging pain in the left infra axillary region under the ribs especially in the 8th rib. Pain agg. pressure and movements, cough amel. by hot application, hot drinks,warmth.

Burning sensation in the middle of the chest.

Palpitation with anxiety agg. 2.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. physical effort, during day pulse rapid, 104/minute.


Backache in the evening, dull aching tearing pain , bruised feeling agg. cold, motion amel. rest and getting up, pressure, warmth.

Formication in the back and pain in lumbar region agg. sitting and standing, 11.30 a.m. amel. lying down.

Stitching pain in right shoulder agg. cold, rest amel. movement, warmth pressure.


Weakness of the extremities, with laziness.

Dull aching pain in joints of the hands and feet.

Bruised pain in the extremities agg. night, physical exertion amel. early morning laziness and weakness.

Aching in right arm, right forearm, from above downward with difficulty in moving the forearm agg. cold application, rest amel. pressure warm application.

Aching in the left forearm and hand agg. warmth amel. pressure and cold application.

Aching pain in the lower extremities agg. movement, standing amel. pressure, lying down, after sleep.

Aching, stitching pain in both the legs from knee to feet particularly in the calf region with tender spot on the metatarsophalangeal joint of great toe numbness from right knee to feet agg. cold applications, movement,walking amel. rest, warmth,pressure, tight bandage.

Stitching pain, unbearable, in the right popliteal region with slight swelling and tenderness agg. motion, cold applications, night amel. rest, daytime, warm applications.

Burning of palms amel. rubbing.

Burning of soles, intermittent sudden onset and disappearance, lasting for an hour,recurring 56 times daily agg. rubbing.

Burning of soles and feet with sweating,cramps in the limbs agg. sitting, getting up amel. ,movement, heart, pressure.


Sleeplessness cannot sleep after midnight, disturbed sleep with feeling of warmth all over the body, with heaviness of head and dreams of dead bodies and murder but cannot recollect the dreams sleep in catnaps with uneasiness agg. covering,warmth amel. cold open air.

Sleepy but cannot sleep due to irritability of mind sleep disturbed before midnight,but sleeps well after midnight.

Deep sleep with increased appetite, wants to lie down, followed by drowsiness agg. exertion,empty stomach amel. after sleep, after meals.

Dreams about accidents,of religious matters or animals elephants or lions, fish etc. of fights blood, of dead bodies and murder by her relatives, falling from heights,as if weight on chest and cannot speak out, followed by anxiety and insomnia.

Dreams followed by seminal emission.

Fever with chill, heat and sweat.

Chill followed by temperature. Chilliness all over the body, starts from chest, with rigor, no thirst amel. covering.

Fever temperature 100* F with thirst, increased,for small quantity of cold water at repeated intervals or without thirst moist or dry, coated tongue hot feeling flushed face, burning of eyes restlessness with bodyache dry cough throbbing frontal headache, with coryza, stoppage of nostrils with thick yellow nasal discharge,no desire for stool.

Sweat, profuse, all over the body with remission of temperature agg. motion, noise uncovering amel. rest, covering, pressure.

Fever with chill, thirst and sweat, temp.100*F with pain and swelling in the right popliteal region.

Fever, temp. 99*F with rise of temperature in the morning, headache, cold and clammy sweat all over the body, moderate thirst,pain in the throat,short tickling cough.

Feverish feeling with bodyache with dry barking cough with tickling in throat on a cold night.

Feeling of heat in the body with debility.


Perspiration in the morning, without relief, scanty and hard stool.


General : Feeling of roughness of skin with itching, whitish patches and pimples on cheeks appear, skin dry and rough, itching of skin with or without eruption. Dryness of skin.

Itching all over the body, with or without eruptions, inbetween the fingers, buttocks, waist elbow, legs abdomen, neck etc. agg. warmth of bed, at night, warmth, touch, scratching (causes bleeding and burning) amel. cold, scratching,day time.

Popular eruption on the whole body, on the neck and behind the ears, in the axilla, in the folds of the skin.

Pimples and acne on face, sensitive to touch agg. cold night amel. warmth with intense itching.

Pimples, pustular eruptions.

Erythematous patches with itching and thickness of skin of face, calves abdomen, groins etc.

Urticaria, itching, burning after scratching amel. by undressing and cold application.


Weakness, agg. afternoon on walking on waking, least exertion.

Bodyache, with restlessness, exhaustion, feverishness and early onset of menstruation, prostration agg. early morning, cold, motion, rest,lying down amel. warmth, rest, motion, hard pressure, when engaged in work, with aching of the body.

Malaise, lethargy, tired feeling with stiffness of the body on sitting for a long time.


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