Exhaustion of the Muscles Fatigue Over-Exertion.

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DEFINITION- A condition of the muscular system induced by an undue drain on its strength.

TREATMENT- If the feet be swollen or blistered, or the ankles ache after walking, a warm foot-bath may be used, to which a teaspoonful of the strong tincture of Arn. has been added; the relief afforded is often immediate and permanent. If the hands or wrists ache from excessive or unaccustomed exertion, they may be bathed in about a pint of water, to which twenty or thirty drops of Arn. have been added. If necessary, in one or two hours the application may be repeated. In muscular fatigue from long- continued or severe exertion, affecting the hips, thighs, etc., a hip-bath, to which a drachm of the strong tincture of Arn. has been added, is an excellent remedy. The patient should remain in the bath about five minutes. Whatever kind of bath is used, and to whatever part applied, it should be warm if used in the evening or soon after exertion, but cold or tepid in the morning.

Arn. should be administered whenever there is muscular fatigue, from whatever cause. Its power to aid the restoration of exhausted muscle is truly wonderful.

ACCESSORY MEASURES- When suffering from fatigue a light repast only should be taken; a full heavy meal might occasion serious embarrassment to the digestive organs, as they equally suffer from the general weariness.
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