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- G. H. Clarke
Carbolic Acid.
Extreme flatulence
Antiseptic. Burns Erysipelas. Anthrax. Local anaesthetic in whitlows, foul open surfaces, prurigo, toothache. Extreme flatulence, very painful, often more marked in one part of the bowel.
Acidum carbolicum, 1/2-2 m. well diluted in water. Glycoritum acidi carbolici, twenty per cent. carbolic acid. Unentum acidi carbolici, five per cent. carbolic acid. Fatal effects have resulted from too free external use of this drug. USES. Burns. (One percent. solution in water or in carron oil, on lint. Renew frequently). Erysipelas. (One percent solution). Prurigo. (Two per cent. solution). Local anaesthetic to open whitlows, and to scrape or treat foul open surfaces. (Eighty-five per cent. solution). Toothache. (Insert pure acid upon cotton into cavity of tooth). Warts. (Pure acid. Protect surrounding skin) Bunions. (As for warts). Condylomata. (As for warts). Anthrax. (Pure acid injected into neighborhood, and into center of slough). Disinfectant. (Two to five percent. solution). Extreme flatulence, very painful, often more marked in one part of the bowel. (Sulpho-carbolate of soda in five to fifteen grain doses, or carbolic acid in one or two minim doses, immediately before or after a meal).

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