Balsamum tolutanum,Triticum repens , Damiana

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Balsamum tolutanum
P. E.-Balsam of myroxylon tolniferum.
N. O.-Leguminosæ.
N. H.-Central America.
Properties: Stimulant, expectorant.
Use: Has a tonic influence upon the mucous membrane. A good remedy in bronchial irritation of the chronic or subacute form. It appears to stimulate to normal action and is therefore of value in dry, hacking cough, as well as where there is great excess in expectoration the result of relaxed condition of the mucous membrane. As it is not objectionable to the stomach it is a remedy that can be recommended. However as a single remedy it is hardly effective enough, but makes a valuable menstrum for other indicated remedies in conditions as stated. It is readily eliminated by the kidneys. Where sedative effects are needed syrup prunus should be used as menstrum instead of syrup tolu.

Triticum repens
Syn.-Couch Grass.
P. E.-The plant.
N. O.-Graminaceæ.
N. H.-America, Europe.
Properties: Demulcent, mildly diuretic.
Use: A mild, nonirritating diuretic. Allays urinary irritation, increases renal secretion. We think of it in prostatitis, pyelitis, purulent or catarrhal cystitis, irritable conditions of the bladder, gonorrhoea and in fevers where a mild diuretic is desirable to increase secretion of urine. Give in form of an infusion or the tincture, 5 to 60 drops in 1/2 to a tumbler of water 3 to 4 times a day, as the case may demand.

P. E.-Leaves and tops.
N. O.-Turneraceæ.
N. H.-Southwestern States and Mexico.
Properties: Diuretic, laxative, stimulant and tonic.
Use: A mild nerve tonic and stimulating tonic to the sexual apparatus. Of value in renal and cystic catarrh, relieving irritation of the urinary passages. It is highly spoken of as a remedy in sexual impotence.
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