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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Magnesium muriaticum:The main feeling of Magnesium muriaticum therefore is that his trust and faith will be betrayed.

Posted by Drdevendra Kumar MD Homeo
Magnesium muriaticum is a sycotic remedy of the mineral kingdom. It is the salt of Magnesium (group-II A) and Chloride (group VII A - Halogen), and combines the Magnesium theme of infantile dependence and forsakenness with the muriaticum theme of betrayal of trust and faith.
The main feeling of Magnesium muriaticum therefore is that his trust and faith in the people he depends so much upon will be betrayed, and he will be disappointed. Magnesium muriaticum patients depend a lot on their friends. Friends are people one can trust, and who care for you - "a friend in need is a friend indeed". But the Magnesium muriaticum person feels that he will be let down and disappointed by his friends. He has the delusion of being friendless.

The coped up Magnesium muriaticum patient seems self-dependent (busy with himself), and friendly; he can go out of his way to care for others. He will do a lot for others, but he always has the feeling that no matter what he does for others, he will still have no friends. Although friendly, he is very reserved. He will keep a distance from people and will not reveal his emotions even to those closest to him, not even to his spouse. But as a friend he can be caring, trustworthy and dependable.
The feeling that he is friendless, that there is no one whom he can trust can make him morose, unfriendly, unsocial and repulsive. This stage is seen usually after all his efforts to gain friends have failed. He can become nostalgic about the time when he did have someone to care for him. He becomes taciturn, inexpressive, and answers curtly, in monosyllables. He can be irritable and angry, but will not express his irritability and anger because of his feeling of dependence. Here it resembles Natrum muriaticum in that both feel disappointed, betrayed, and as a result feel irritable and angry, but none of these emotions are expressed in either remedies.
I have observed Magnesium muriaticum patients to like the company of small children and animals, they perhaps feel that these are the only creatures that will genuinely respond to their love and will not let them down, disappoint or betray them. They often take up professions that involve caring for and looking after small children.
As is the case with other Magnesium salts, they either have plenty of dreams or then no dreams at all. The dreams of Magnesium muriaticum are of:
- Going astray.
- Robbers.
- Dead, of the.
- Falling into water.
- Fire.
- Lost in a forest.
- Water.
- Unsuccessful efforts, shrieking of.
They also have dreams of doing something really big for others, as for example their whole family is in danger and they are rescuing them. They also have dreams that their relatives and friends will go away, e.g. on a train, leaving them behind.
Physical concomitants
- Hot patients; desire for open air.
- Blackish staining menses.
- Acne before menses.
- Oily face.
- Desires vegetables: I have observed that they especially crave cauliflower or brocolli.
- Desires: sweets.
- Delusion, that he is friendless.
- Forsaken feeling.
- Company, aversion to.
- Conversation aggravates.
- Indolence, aversion to work.
- Introspection.
- Talk, indisposed to, desire to be silent, taciturn.
- Unfriendly humour.
- Delusions, sees dead persons.
- Delusions, visions of fire.
- Delusions, that he is on a journey.
- Desires vegetables.


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