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.-SANKARAN R., Coca belongs to the group of "drug" remedies. Its miasmatic range is between sycosis and cancer. There are two main feelings essential to Coca. The first is the feeling that it is too risky to get out of one's place of security, because of the threat which is there outside. The second feeling is that one is expected to perform and to reach great heights, far beyond the ordinary. There is a need to do great deeds. So the person remains isolated in his castle, thinking and trying to reach the heights which others expect from him
Like Cannabis, Coca too is a loner in a palace, but he is also one who is expected to perform. He is an isolated genius. It is very difficult for him to make communication or establish connections with other people. But his intellect works overtime, all the time stimulated, excited, reaching great heights. Great intellectuals like Freud were known to be cocaine addicts (even the literary character Sherlock Holmes is known to have used cocaine). Cocaine is always consumed when alone, in isolation (unlike Cannabis). The need to perform and reach great heights, the need to do extraordinary things make of Coca a good remedy for mountain climbers. Fear of heights and fear of falling are naturally accompanying symptoms. Also Coca could be included in the performance group of remedies like Gelsemium, Argentum, Aurum, etc. Coca has stage fright and bashfulness. Like Cannabis indica and other "drug" remedies, it has beautiful visions and the feeling to be spaced out, carried in space, the isolated feeling, etc. But Coca is the only drug remedy that "Desires grandeur". It also has delusions of being a great person. Rubrics - Delusion, hears unpleasant voice about himself. - Delusion, criticized, of, being (cocaine). - Delusion, beautiful. - Delusion, visions has, beautiful. - Forsaken feeling, sensation of isolation. - Timidity, bashful. - Industrious, mania for work. - Washing her hands always. - Fear, falling, of. - Delusion, greatness of his body parts. Phatak's materia medica "Ill at ease in society", "Sense of impending death", "Personal appearance neglected".
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