Aconite ,Aesculus Hippocastanum ,Allium Cepa,in sports medicine

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 Descriptions of Remedies
 (Materia Medica)
 Note: the symptoms listed in this chapter of materia medica are predominantly those that relate to the use of the remedies in treating sports, exercise and dance injuries. A fuller picture of these remedies can be obtained by reference to more complete materia medicas.

 This 'combination remedy' is made from Aconite, Belladonna and Chamomilla, all in the 6c potency. See below for details of these remedies.
 Complaints: Common cold.
 General Uses: If taken at the first signs of a cold this remedy can hold it off for a few days or stop it altogether.

 The Monk's Hood, or Wolf's Bane, grows in moist pastures and wasteland all over Europe and Central Asia. The root contains a deadly poison, said to have been used by huntsmen to poison their arrows when hunting wolves.
 The homoeopathic remedy is prepared from the green and flowering parts of the plant, chopped, pounded and the juice extracted. This is mixed with alcohol, diluted, succussed and potentised. In this way all the poisonous elements are removed, and only the healing properties retained.
 Causation: Exposure to cold. Fright.
 Worse: Chill. Shock. Cold. Night.
 Better: Rest.
 Complaints: Cough. Colds. Fright. Accidents.
 General Uses: For a short, dry, painful barking cough brought on suddenly by exposure to dry cold conditions or being chilled. It is worse in the evening or at night, and aggravated by breathing, smoking and drinking. It should be the first remedy to try after exposure to chill. He grasps his throat when he coughs. Very anxious and restless. Pale, frightened face.
 Shock following injuries or accident when the person is thoroughly frightened. Extremely fearful and anxious.
 Mental/Emotional: Great anxiety, agonising fear and restlessness. Sleep disturbed by re-enacting the trauma. Fears he will die.

Aesculus Hippocastanum
 The horse chestnut.
 Worse: Winter. Lying, stooping, standing. Cold air.
 Better: Keeping moving.
 Complaints: Backache in sacrum.
 Back: Constant ache in the sacrum, much worse from bending forward and walking. It is almost impossible to rise after sitting. The sacrum feels bruised and weak. The pain may strike suddenly and prevents him from working or training. Worse on waking in the morning.
 Mental: Very irritable. Confused. Gloomy.

Allium Cepa
 The common red onion has been renowned among country people for a very long time for its healing properties. It is said to purify the blood and clear the intestines of worms. The homoeopathic remedy is made from the whole bulb, gathered in July or August, chopped and pounded to a pulp before the juice is extracted and succussed.
 Worse: In a warm room. Wet feet.
 Better: Cool open air.
 Complaints: Colds. Hay fever.
 General Uses: Cold that comes on after exposure to biting cold damp wind. There is a constant drip of watery copious discharge, and the nose is red and raw. Hot and thirsty. Worse in the evening and indoors. Hay fever. The eyes stream with water, but they are not sore. The nose streams with water, and becomes very sore. There is frequent violent sneezing and a raw sore throat. It is worse in spring and August, and in a warm room.
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