Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Contra-indications for maternal feeding

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- Benson A.R
 Maternal feeding 
 Temperament : Mothers who have uncontrollable mental temperaments, hysterical women or those who are unwilling to nurse their infants, usually secrete milk which is changeable in quality and harmful to the infant.
 Milk Supply : Those having deficient milk supply or an absence of milk, or those in whom the quality of the milk is impaired, must not nurse the baby. These conditions are not as common as is frequently thought and often they are due to the reasons given above.
 Diseases : Mothers having serious chronic diseases, such as epilepsy, tuberculosis, cancer, etc., should not be allowed to nurse their babies. The same is true of mothers who for any reason are in such physical condition that nursing would be too great a drain upon their strength.
 Pregnancy is generally a contra-indication for nursing.
 Normal menstruation does not prevent nursing, except in some individuals during the monthly period.


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