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Thursday, January 7, 2010


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COMMON NAME: English Daisy, Garden Daisy, Hens and Chickens.
NATURAL ORDER: Composite .
PREPARATION:Tincture of whole fresh plant.
Historical dose: Tincture and all potencies, mother tincture
to 30c. For external use, 2 teaspoonfuls of the mother tincture are diluted in half a liter of water, for compresses.

The old name of "Wound-wort" or "Bruise-wort," shows
one of the main spheres of the action of Bellis and allies it in action with its fellow Composite, Arnica and Calendula. The daisy is a flower which is repeatedly trodden upon and always comes up smiling afterwards and being the "day's eye" may be the sign of its too early waking propensities.

It is a suitable remedy to old gardeners, farmers, laborers and commercial travelers. Carbo-fluorica types with tendency to visceral ptosis, laxity of the ligaments and hemorrhages.

Ill effects of cold drinks, when overheated. Exposure to wet or
getting chilled when overheated. Affections due to cold wind. Blows. Falls. Injury. Accidents. Childbirth. Overexertion. Overwork. Surgical operations.

CLINICAL:Acne. Artery diseases. Boils. Brain, softening. Exudations. Fatigue.Giddiness. Gout. Headache. Indigestion. Injury. Masturbation. Miscarriages.Menopausal. Mydriasis. Pregnancy, complaints. Psoriasis. Railway spine.Rheumatism. Sleeplessness. Spleen disorders. Stasis. Trauma. Tumors. Uterus,fatigued. Varicose veins.

Dr. Burnett is the chief authority for its homoeopathic uses. acts very much like Arnica, even to the production of erysipelas." He has cured with its aid several cases of tumours originating in a blow. "Stasis" and "fag" are the principal notes of its action. Exudations and swellings of many kinds. Fagged womb. Varicose veins. The giddiness of elderly people (cerebral stasis).

It has marked action on female sexual organs, especially on engorged uterus and breasts. It relieves troubles of pregnancy: inability to walk; varicose veins. Fag from masturbation. Overworked old labourers and workmen; head sufferings
of elderly working gardeners; commercial travellers; railway spine. Burnett has generally given it in the mother tincture.

It is a preeminently left-side medicine; causes stitches in spleen. It has produced acne; boils; rheumatic pains; giddiness. Headache from occiput to sinciput; contracted feeling in front brain. A pain in inner side of right armas if a boil were developing. A leading indication is found in its causation;
Ill-effects of sudden wet chill to heated stomach or body surface.

This may be taken as a keynote: "effects of cold or iced drinks when heated";dyspepsia, amenorrhoea, skin affections (including a striking case of psoriasis), rheumatism from this cause. Near and remote effects of blows, falls, accidents (trauma). It causes a tired feeling with desire to lie down.
As a remedy for debility following acute attacks of gout Burnett gives it a very high place, classing it with Vanadium, of which it is a complement in degenerative states, as brain softening and atheroma of arteries. It has been observed to cause dilatation of the pupil when used locally. It is well not to give it near bed time, as it is apt to cause sleeplessness, waking at 3 a.m. and conversely "waking up too early in the morning and cannot get to sleep again" is a leading indication for its use.

Traumatism of the pelvic organs, auto-traumatism, expresses the condition calling for this remedy; ill effects from masturbation.
Acts upon muscular fibres of bloodvessels. Much muscular soreness. Lameness as if sprained. Venous congestion, due to mechanical causes. First remedy in injury to deeper tissues, after major surgical work. Results of injuries to nerves & intense soreness and intolerance of cold bathing Excellent remedy for sprains and bruises. After gout, debility of limbs.
Complaints due to cold food or drink when the body is heated, and in affections due to cold wind;wetting or getting chilled when overheated. Externally, in naevi. Acne. Boils all over.
Sore, bruised feeling in pelvic region. Exudations, stasis, swelling come within the range of this remedy. Rheumatic symptoms. Does not vitiate the secretions.

Great traumatic remedy, like Arn. It affects the BLOOD VESSELS causing venous stasis and varicose veins. Pains are hard, aching, squeezing or throbbing. It removes the exudations of swelling of many kinds due to injury. Patients feel tired and fagged, desire to lie down. Near and remote effects; of blows,
falls, accidents; railway spine. Pus acrid, destroying hair. Unbearable pain that drives to distraction, < heat, > cold. Tumours from injury.

Better from continued motion, cold applications. Better from heat, food and pressure. Worse from injuries, sprains. Worse left side, hot bath and warmth of bed, before storms, cold wind. Worse from touch, cold baths or drinks, becoming chilled when hot, hot bath, surgical operations. Worse from cold and immobility.

Compare: Arn.; Ars.; Calen.; Con.; Ham.; Hyper.; Pic-ac. [brain fag]; 1Bry.;Staph.
Complementary: Vanad. [degenerative states, such as brain softening and atheroma
of arteries].


COMMON NAME: Benzoic Acid.C6 H5 CO. OH.

PREPARATION: Obtained, by sublimation, from Gum benzoin; or artificially from several aromatic hydro-carbons.

HISTORICAL DOSE:Tincture or trituration.

Gouty constitution, especially adapted to rheumatic or gouty subjects; in syphilitic or gonorrhoeal patients.

Acts especially upon the urinary organs, giving rise to symptoms of a uric-acid diathesis, affecting especially the joint andtendons. The peculiar characteristic of the drug is its deep-red-colored urine, with very strong urinous odor.

Whenever we see in the nature of a remedy a well-defined state and condition of the human system pointed out by certain distinctive groups of symptoms we may know that there is such a diseased state in the human family.

It will be noticed as one of the foremost things in this remedy's
manifestations that it has strong smelling urine; the urine is pungent and it sometimes becomes so strong that it smells like hippuric acid and so it is said urine smells strong like that of a horse.
The leading keynote of Benzoic acid is the occurrence, as a concomitant of any morbid condition of strong smelling urine, generally also dark. It produces and cures symptoms of a uric acid diathesis with urine highly colored and very offensive and gouty symptoms.

Benzoic acid has a marked action on metabolism. Pains suddenly change their locality. It is a chilly medicine, the symptoms being worse in open air, by uncovering, better by heat. Pains suddenly change their locality, but are mostly felt in region of heart. Symptoms appear left side first, then right.
Child wants to be nursed in the arms, will not be laid down.

Highly intensified odor of urine as a concomitant to any diseased condition. Patient gives out a very strong urine-like odor. Symptoms fluctuate according to the fluctuation of urine. Urination profuse and scanty alternately. Pains suddenly change their locality but are mostly felt in the region of the heart
or they alternate with urinary symptoms. Pains alternate with heart symptoms. Gouty and asthmatic. Hygroma, bunions. Meniere's disease. Painful gouty nodes.

CLINICAL:Asthma. Bedwetting. Bladder disorders. Bunion. Cracks. Diarrhea, Eye tumors. Ganglion. Gonorrhea. Gout. Joints disorders. Knee, pain in. Rheumatism. Sycosis. Throat, sore. Tongue, sore. Tonsils, enlarged. Ulcers. Uric Acid. Urine offensive. Wens.

MIND:Prone to dwell on unpleasant things in the past. Omits words in writing. Depression. Child cross, wants to be nursed in arms, will not be laid down. Shudders if he sees anyone deformed.

MOUTH: Extensive ulceration of the tongue, with deeply chapped fungoid surfaces. Angina faucium and tonsillaris, with characteristic urine.

STOOL: Diarrhoea in children; profuse, watery, light colored, offensive exhausting stools, with urinous odor and characteristic urine. Stool frothy.

URINARY ORGANS: Urine highly colored; changeable color brownish (Carb. ac. Nit. ac.), urinous odor exceedingly strong (Nitr. ac.); offensive; pungent smell (Asaf., Aspar.). Soreness, or hot, burning pains in left kidney. A granular kind of mucus mixed with phosphates in the sediments urine dark-reddish brown; acid reaction, or very offensive fleeting pains in bladder, not when urinating, but at other times; vesical catarrh from
suppressed gonorrhoea; calculi, or gout. Renders the urine acid; hippuric acid.

SEXUAL ORGANS: Suppressed gonorrhoea; gleet; with offensive urine. Prolapsus uteri, with foetid urine.

RESRPIRATORY : Great weakness, difficult breathing, increasing every hour. Cough, followed by expectoration of green mucus.

LOWER LIMBS: Swelling in right knee; ulcerative pain in whole leg. with pains in kidneys. Cracking or sense of dryness in knee joint. Pain in both knees. Tearing and stitches, especially in the metatarsal joints of the right great toe. Gouty concretions and nodosities.

Better from heat, profuse urination. Worse from open air, cold, changing weather, by uncovering. Motion aggravates most symptoms, but headache is worse at rest and toothache is worse lying down.

Copaiv., Fer., Zn., (urine smelling like horse's); Tropaeolum. Useful in gout after Colch; after abuse of Copaiv. in suppression of gonorrhoea; in enuresis after failure of Nitrum.

Incompatible: Wine, which < pains in kidneys, drawing in knees, etc.


COMMON NAME: Benzol, Benzoline, Benzene.
A product of distillation from coal tar. C6 H6.
PREPARATION: Tincture of alcohol.
Historical dose:Tincture and all potencies, sixth potency.

Our knowledge of this medicine is derived from observations on a worker in a rubber factory, who for weeks had his hands and arms daily bathed in benzine, and drank water impregnated with it. It caused profound disturbance of mind and body; weeping at trifles; irritability; pain darting upwards in occiput.
Could not turn eyes upward without severe aching and throbbing. A sort of clairvoyant state, in which a great white hand appeared to him in the darkness, coming outspread towards his face, causing him in terror to scream for the watcher. A sense of falling through the bed and floor. Insomnia and photopsic illusions. Pains travel from below upward (headache, pain in anus); also chills.
Benzol affects the blood. In the human provers it resulted in a decrease of the red and increase of white cells. It may to be of use in leukemia. Eye symptoms striking. Hallucinations, epileptiform attacks, coma and anesthesia.

Patients are tired and nervous. Pain travels from below upwards. Sense of falling through bed and floor. Epileptiform attacks, coma and anesthesia.

CLINICAL: Dysentery. Fever. Headache. Insomnia. Sweat. Typhoid fever. Vision disorders.

Benzinum caused a profound disturbance of mind and body, weeping at trifles, irritability, pain darting upwards in occiput. Could not turn eyes upward without severe aching and throbbing.

Severe darting pains in occiput, from below upward, recurring in paroxysms, < by motion, and especially by rising after sitting.

Could not turn eyes upward, or to one side without severe aching and throbbing.

A great white hand seemed to appear to him in the darkness, coming outspread towards his face, causing him in terror to scream for the watcher.

Occasional sudden puffing up of left cheek and calf of left leg, as though filled with air, going off in a few hours and returning again.

Painful round white ulcers in the mouth, especially on inside of cheeks. Appetite lost. Craving for lemons and cider. Extreme thirst; for ice-water, satisfied with a sip, but wanting it again
Several times an hour, a stool, smelling of benzine, of lead-coloured mucus, mixed with bright blood, accompanied with some tenesmus, and followed by throbbing in anus and rectum and lancinating pains from below upward, continuing about five minutes.
Pressing pain in bladder, after passing urine, throbbing and smarting in neck of bladder and urethra for several minutes.

Urine dark, offensive; sediment like red sand.
Similia for Windows '95.

For three nights, before the sweating began, complete insomnia, with unpleasant thoughts crowding the mind, and wide-open eyes, before which photopsic illusions floated continually.
Chills seized remote parts and passed toward the head, from the thumbs to the elbows, and thence to shoulders; from small of back to shoulders and vertex.

Cold compresses came off steaming in a few moments, smelling of benzine and stained a deep yellow, which could only be removed by long exposure to the sun.

For several nights copious, general, warm sweat toward morning, very exhausting, on several succeeding mornings by sweat only on breast, on side not lain upon, and in axillae.

Worse at night, right side.

(1) T. N. T.,
(2) ?Benzin. - Petroleum ether, not as pure a compound as Benzene, (Benzol). It is the same, but with a mixture of hydrocarbons. It seems to exercise a special influence on the nervous system and on the blood. Oxyhemoglobinemia.
Physical weakness, cramps, exaggeration of knee jerks, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, Heaviness and coldness of limbs. Tremor of eyelids and tongue.

(3) Benzin. dinitricum.



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