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Saturday, June 5, 2010

HERPES [Herpes]:

Posted by Anonymous

Aconite [Acon]
Large red itching pimples; reddish pimples, filled with an acrid fluid; isolated pimples, of the size of a pin's head, and filled with a serous fluid, on various parts of the skin, and especially on forehead, face, and nape of the neck; vesicular eruption on both temples; after awhile the pimples dry and peel off.
Agaricus [Agar]
Burning, itching, redness and swelling as from frost-bites; tearing pains in bones; dark-purple blotches on legs, which are of a stony hardness, swollen and painful.
Arsenicum [Ars]
Herpes labialis, facialis, phlyctenoides, furfuraceous; herpes zoster; ringworm on scalp, which is dry and rough, hair falling out in patches. Confluent herpetic eruptions with intense burning of the blisters, dry and parchment-like skin; nausea and marked prostration, lassitude, (<) after midnight and from cold of any kind, (>) from warmth and from lying with head high.
Baryta-carb [Bar-c]
Ringworm in children subject to glandular swellings on various parts of the body, face excepted; yellowish scaly eruptions; tension in skin; tingling and burning pricking not relieved by scratching, herpes circinatus.
Borax [Bor]
Herpes furfuraceous; all secretions of body are excoriating; red papular eruptions on cheek, around chin, on nates.
Bovista [Bov]
Moist, scurfy herpes, like red pimples; hard, red, lentil-sized pimples on chest; red pimples on foot; itching and burning on getting warm, (<) after scratching; appearing in hot water, at full moon, from washing. Calcarea-carb [Calc] Herpetic eruptions in scrofulous patients; chapped skin, ulcerating easily, (<) in open air and from water, (>) in warm room; scald-head, thick scabs, with yellow pus beneath or in the form of a ring worm.
Capsicum [Caps]
Humid herpes, spreading on face, forehead, stinging, burning, itching as from vermin on scalp, great restlessness, (<) from changing position and scratching. Carbo-veg [Carb-v] Humid herpes on face, chin, about lips and mouth, on knees; glandular and lymphatic swellings and indurations; itching changed to burning when scratching; belching wind and much flatus, (<) from eating butter or pork. Carboneum-oxygen [Carbn-o] Herpes zoster, vesication following the course of nerves; large and small vesicles of pemphigus. Carburetum-sulph [Carbn-s] HERPES EXEDENS; herpes phlyctenoides covering dorsum of left hand; vesicles on red swollen base, containing opaque yellow fluid, which forms thick yellow scabs. Causticum [Caust] Itching, burning, moist, phagedenic vesicles, especially upon shoulders and neck; sore and cracked nipples; surrounded by herpes, with tendency to ulceration; stinging and itching of skin. Herpes praeputialis; intertrigo during teething, (<) in open air, (>) by heat.
Cicuta-vir [Cic]
Humid, scabby herpes; scald head; thick white scurfs on chin and upper lip, oozing out; burning-itching.
Cistus-can [Cist]
Scrofulous adenitis; herpes on ears; lupus on face, (<) in cold air. Clematis [Clem] Ringworm with intolerable itching in bed and after washing; eruptions following suppressed gonorrhoea; ERUPTIONS MOIST DURING INCREASING AND DRY DURING DECREASING MOON; gnawing sensation in skin not relieved by scratching; scaly herpes with yellowish, corrosive ichor; tendency to rupture and ulceration of vesicles. Comocladia-dent [Com] Herpes zoster; vesicular, pustular, ulcerative eruption on legs; violent itching-burning redness and swelling of face, and other parts of body, followed by yellow vesication and desquamation of cuticle. Conium [Con] Humid herpes, scurfy, scaly, scabby; on face, arms and forearms, fine rash on face, back and body; STINGING LIKE PLEA-BITES, ALWAYS A STITCH AT A TIME; parotid and submaxillary glands swollen as hard as a stone. Croton-tigl [Croto-t] Herpes, redness of skin, formation of vesicles and pustules, burning and stinging, with speedy development of sero-purulent exudation; vesicles on abdomen confluent and forming large brown scabs, (<) after eating; (>) by rubbing gently, after sleep.
Dolichos [Dol]
Dry tettery eruptions on arms and legs, resembling zoster; violent itching all over, (<) at night, from scratching; neuralgic pains following zoster; constipation. Dulcamara [Dulc] Moist suppurating herpes, oozing pale water when scratched; red, with red areola, bleeding when scratched; herpes zoster after taking cold; thick crust all over the body; worse evenings, in cold, wet weather, during rest, better from gentle exercise in a warm room. Graphites [Graph] Herpes in females with scanty menses; large blisters from the umbilicus to the dorsum of the spine, burning when touched. HERPES ZOSTER, ESPECIALLY ON LEFT SIDE; itching blotches on various parts of the body, from which oozes a watery, sticky fluid; skin is not inclined to heal, ulcerates easily; (<) in- doors, from warmth and motion; (>) out-doors.
Hepar-sulph [Hep]
After mercurial poisoning; herpes praeputialis; eruption exceedingly sensitive to touch; little ulcers surrounding the large one; miliary rash in circles; face, hands, prepuce, bend of knees and elbows especially affected; worse at night, exceedingly sensitive to cold air; zoster, acute neuralgic pains on affected part, with severe itching, (<) at night. Iris-vers [Iris] Herpes following gastric derangement; pain in liver; HERPES ZOSTER, ESPECIALLY ON RIGHT SIDE of body; fine eruption, showing black points after scratching, great itching at night. Kali-bichrom [Kali-bi] Herpes after taking cold, with fluent coryza and bronchial irritation; all secretions and excretions of a stringy, ropy character; violent itching of whole surface, then small pustules form, mostly on arms and legs; scabs smart and burn worse in hot, better in cold weather. Kali-carb [Kali-c] Eruption moist after scratching; burning, itching, stitching herpes; spots on face; worse from cold air, better when getting warm. Kalmia-lat [Kalm] Sensation of rigidity of the skin, with a pricking sensation, with moderate sweat; dry skin, worse at night. Kreosotum [Kreos] Watery or sero-purulent herpes, especially on back of hands and fingers and joints, itching violently towards evening; herpes in palms of hands, on the ears, elbows, knuckles and malleoli, worse evenings and in open air, better from warmth. Lachesis [Lach] All kinds of herpetic eruptions, vesicles large, usually of a yellow color first, and then turning dark, with much pain; vesicles break and leave an excoriated surface which burns when touched; ERUPTIONS EVERY SPRING AND FALL; worse from acids. Ledum [Led] Dry, violently itching herpes, burning in the open air; dry skin, want of perspiration; scurfs on dry, small nodules, often renewed; dry, scaly, furfuraceous herpes on face; red tubercles on forehead; (<) evenings and before midnight, in open air; (>) by repose.
Lycopodium [Lyc]
Insensible yellow-brown shrivelled herpes; HUMID; SUPPURATING HERPES, FULL OF DEEP RHAGADES AND COVERED WITH THICK CRUSTS; scaly, furfuraceous herpes, yellow at the base and bleeding on face at corners of mouth; herpes on nape of neck, in axillae, on arms, thighs and calves of legs; herpes on tibiae; burning- itching, as if from flea-bites, violent and corrosive, (<) from pressure and touch, after eating cabbage, oysters or from drinking wine; (>) from uncovering, especially head; colic during desquamation, with costiveness; mental irritability; flatulency.
Magnesia-carb [Mag-c]
Small, red, little elevated smooth herpes, scaling off without sensation, on chest, calves of legs and about mouth; red spots on thighs after scratching; dryness of skin; formication at night.
Manganum [Mang]
Herpes on forearm, skin unhealthy, every injury tends to suppurate; excoriations, soreness and fissures of the bends of joints; burning itching; lancinating pains; worse from touch, while lying on a feather-bed.
Mercurius [Merc]
Herpes burning when touched; moist vesicles surrounded by dry scales, easily bleeding; phagedenic blisters; herpes praeputialis; zona on right side and extending across abdomen; scald-head; herpes on right forearm wrist and hand, skin peeling off; impetiginous and furfuraceous herpes; itching changed to burning by scratching; shooting and tensive pains; (<) at night, in cold, damp weather; general night sweats, diarrhoea. Mezereum [Mez] HERPES ZOSTER, following intercostal or supraorbital nerve with sharp with sharp stitching, lightning-like pains, sometimes boring, which leave the parts numb, (<) in bed, from touch; vesicles form a brownish scab; blotches on forearm becoming hard after scratching; neuralgic pains continue for some time after disappearance of herpes. Natrum-carb [Nat-c] HERPES IRIS; herpes on outside of hands, around nose and mouth, on lips; spreading and suppurating herpes; warts on arms and back of hands; herpes with yellow rings; vesicles with shooting and itching pains; hypochondriasis, (<) forenoon, (>) by rubbing the parts from cold or uncovering.
Natrum-mur [Nat-m]
Herpes labialis during fever; herpes of bends of elbows and knees; herpes circinatus; humid herpes on scrotum and thighs; gnawing itching; shooting pains; moist oozing eruption; large red blotches, itching violently; (<) from heat, (>) in open air, while lying down, on perspiring.
Natrum-sulph [Nat-s]
BARBER'S ITCH; vesicular eruption around mouth, chin and various parts of body; with BAKERS THE FINGERS ITCH and stand out stiffened by the swelling, palms of hands raw and sore, exuding a watery fluid (sycosis); patient looks sickly and pale, feels heavy in the morning and chilly and feverish in the evening; (>) in fresh air.
Nitric-acid [Nit-ac]
Blackness of the pores of skin; herpes in whiskers, between fingers, on alae nasi; herpes on outer side of thigh; pimples or small warts; itching, especially in bends of extremities; tongue dry and fissured; (<) in open air, on change of weather, from contact; (>) on lying down, in cold air.
Nux-juglans [Jug-r]
Old herpes; dry, blotches on insteps, with redness and thickened skin.
Oleander [Olnd]
Herpes and ulcers on and around the ears, oozing; gnawing itching; vesicles on thighs; skin sensitive and sore.
Petroleum [Petr]
Herpes on nape of neck, chest, scrotum, inner side of thigh, perineum, knees and ankles; itching herpes, followed by ulcers; itching, sore, moist surface or deep cracks, (<) in open air, when perspiring, (>) from warm air and warmth; sensitiveness of skin of whole body; itching, with chills.
Phosphorus [Phos]
HERPES IN PERSONS INCLINED TO PULMONARY AILMENTS ; scabby, dry herpes on face, dry and furfuraceous herpes; rhagades, with excoriation of skin; burning pains, compelling change of position; brown colored blisters between fingers and toes, exceedingly sensitive to cold air; apathy; (<) after sleeping. Psorinum [Psor] Moist herpes after suppressed itch, itching intolerable when getting warm, (<) before midnight and in open air; skin has a dirty, dingy look, as if he had never washed himself; ulcers, especially around legs, are slow to heal; herpetic itching eruptions more in the bends of joints, as in elbows and popliteal spaces; offensive odor of body, despite the most careful washing. Ranunculus-bulb [Ran-b] HERPES ZOSTER supraorbitalis and intercostalis, with sharp, stitching pains (Mez.); vessels filled with a thin, acrid fluid; burning,itching vesicles in clusters; herpes over fingers, palms of hands; finally all over the body, (<) from touch, motion, from change of temperature, on entering a cold place; for drunkards. Rhus-tox [Rhus-t] RIGHT SIDE ESPECIALLY AFFECTED IN HERPES ZOSTER, with incessant itching, burning, tingling, alternating with pains in chest and dysenteric stools; herpes upon hairy parts, more annoying after perspiration; (<) IN WINTER, HARDLY ANY ERUPTION IN HOT WEATHER; debility rheumatism. Rumex [Rumx] ERUPTIONS FROM WEARING FLANNEL, vesicular; (<) when uncovered and exposed to cool air, as when undressing. CAMP - ITCH. Sarsaparilla [Sars] Herpes praeputialis; herpes on left leg, upper lip and hands; red herpetic spots on calves of legs; herpetic ulcers extending in a circular form making no crusts; red granulated bases, white borders; serous, reddish exudations; cutaneous affections of children during hot summer months. Haemorrhoids. Sepia [Sep] Herpetic eruptions about elbow and knee-joints; dry, scaly desquamation, after drying up of vesicles or following a fine rash; dandruff in circles like ringworm; scaly herpes on hands; herpes on neck and behind ears; glandular and lymphatic swellings; yellow, scurfy pimples; itching changing to burning by scratching; (<) during menses, pregnancy and lactation. Silicea [Sil] Eruptions inclined to ulcerate; herpes in chin; pimples on nape of neck and mons veneris; warts on arms and hands; skin very sensitive; panaritia. Staphisagria [Staph] Dry, crusty herpes in the bends of the joints, on hands thighs and legs; glandular indurations; skin unhealthy and easily suppurating; SCRATCHING IN ONE PLACE RELIEVES THE ITCHING, WHICH APPEARS IN ANOTHER; tingling as if from insects; chilly creeping in affected parts; (<) by rubbing and by contact. Sulphur [Sulph] Dry, scaly eruption; herpes miliaris, phlyctenoides, circinatus and squamosus; herpes on nape of neck and ankles; moist herpes, with small white vesicles in groups, forming scabs over whole face, but chiefly above nose and around eyes; greenish-yellow herpes; reappearance of repelled herpes; burning after scratching; (<) from wet poultices and washing, on getting warm in bed; patient puts his feet out to keep them cool; children very sensitive and averse to cold water, to fresh air. Tellurium [Tell] RINGWORMS AT ANY PART OF THE BODY, red, elevated rings very distinctly marked with minute itching vesicles, especially on lower extremities, (<) at night, after going to bed; vesicles filled with a watery, excoriating fluid smelling like fish-brine; copious sweating on all affected parts, in spots, causing itching of the same. Often constitutional disturbances. Thuja [Thuj] Herpes zoster; herpes all over body from suppressed gonorrhoea, itching and burning violently; white, scaly, dry, mealy herpes; eruptions only on covered parts, burning violently when scratched; (<) from cold water, from heat of bed, at night; (>) from gentle rubbing.
Zincum [Zinc]
Neuralgia following zoster, burning, jerking and itching pains, (<) in the evening and from the slightest touch; herpes on back and on hands with burning pains; formication and tingling between skin and flesh; dry herpes over whole body; herpetic ulcers; rhagades, mostly between fingers, bad even in mild weather; great sensitiveness to cold.


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