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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Posted by Drdevendra Kumar MD Homeo
Fetid foot-sweat, with callosities on the soles which are painful on walking. Soles feel bruised at night, keeping one awake, after rising and walking.
Another peculiar symptom belonging to Bar-c. is a numb feeling creeping up from the knees to scrotum and penis, disappearing as soon as he sits down.
The most peculiar symptom affecting the extremities is that the hands are so dry they feel as if they have a dry membrane on them. Scleroderma.
Warts on hands and fingers.
Perspiration of feet acrid, cold, offensive, causing rawness between the toes.
Itching of thigh [Calc., Sulph.].
Swollen axillary glands with pain in upper limbs.
Trembling of the feet on standing and of hands while writing.
Drawing pain in lower limbs.
Tearing pain while extending lower limbs downwards, tearing pain in knee.
Contraction of muscles and tendons.
Painful corns.
Formication, numbness of fingers and limbs.

Intolerable itching and tingling over the whole body at night.
Excoriation and oozing in several parts of the skin.
Injuries heal slowly.
Fatty tumors, lipomas, warts, cysts, corns, sarcoma.

It is useful in conditions of malnutrition in children when there is imperfect development of mind or in diseases that have a tendency to slow degenerative changes, like scrofulous glandular indurations of various sorts. It is an extremely valuable remedy in degenerative changes in coats of arteries, aneurism, arterial fibrosis, in apoplexy as the result of senility, etc. Fatty tumors, particularly about neck and back. Paralysis of old people.
In children mental weakness, approaching idiocy. Mental impairment, as a result of masturbation, irresolute, memory lost, no confidence in himself. Senile dementia, with loss of memory.
Apoplexy of old people. Wens. Crusta lactea, with moist crusts, falling of the hair, especially with swelling of the glands.
Deafness, the result of impairment of the auditory nerve, especially in old people. Suppurative inflammations of the middle ear, especially in connection with suppurating tonsils.
Coryza, with great swelling of upper lip.
Paralysis of tongue in old people.
Submaxillary glands swollen, indurated, especially those glands posterior to parotids. Quinsy (it seems to remove the predisposition to quinsy). For suppurating tonsils from every cold; indicated when the tonsils are inflamed with swollen veins, in persons who have habitual sweat of the feet.
Habitual colic of children who do not thrive, who seem hungry but refuse food. Enlarged mesenteric glands, the abdomen is hard and swollen, the swallowing of food is painful, in scrofulous children [Calc-c.]
Constipation, with hard knotty stools [Mag-m.]; hemorrhoids, burning and soreness.
Diminished sexual desire and premature impotency. Enlarged prostate.
Chronic aphonia in scrofulous patients. Capillary bronchitis, suffocative catarrh of old people.
Palpitation and distress in region of heart, etc. See Bar-mur.
Tendency to sweat of the feet.
Checked foot-sweat.
It complements Dulcamara.
Remedies that follow well: Ant-t., Con., Chin., Lyc., Merc., Ac-nit., Psor., Puls., Rhus tox., Sep., Sulph., Tuberc.
Compare: Digitalis, Radium, Aragallus, Oxyt., Astrag.
Complementary: Dulc., Silica, Psorin.
Incompatible: Calc.
Antidote for poisonous doses: Epsom salts.
The highest potencies from 200 to CM are the most effective but in very old people 12 or 30 could be tried.


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