Natural Homeopathy Remedies and treatment for Weight loss

- Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)
Weight loss is the global need now a days. owing to increased food intake and lack of exercise, change in diet habits are cause for the obesity. Increased economy in middle class families  in developing countries  is also one of the major factor which lead into consumption of fatty food substances ultimately lead into weight gain. This article is aimed in providing information on weight loss and best Natural Homeopathic remedies which help in treating weight loss.

Obesity is almost invariable in developing countries and almost all people accumulate some fat as they get older. The World Health Organization also acknowledges that obesity (body mass index > 30 kg/m2) is a world-wide problem which also affects many developing countries. Obesity implies an excess storage of fat, and this can most easily be detected by looking at the undressed patient.

Natural Homeopathy for Weighloss
Obesity Causes and Risks
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Obesity is widely regarded as a pandemic with potentially disastrous consequences for human health. More than 20% of adults in the UK, and more than 30% in USA, are obese (i.e. body mass index, BMI ≥ 30 kg/m2, ). The prevalence of obesity has increased ∼threefold within the last 20 years and continues to rise. In developing countries, average national rates of obesity are not nearly so high, but these figures disguise alarmingly high rates of obesity in many urban communities.

Causes for Obesity:
Accumulation of fat results from a discrepancy between energy consumption and expenditure over and above that which can be compensated for by hypothalamic regulation of basal metabolic rate (BMR). A small daily excess consumption of only 0.2-0.8 MJ (50-200 kcal; 10% of intake) can lead to a weight gain of 2-20 kg over a period of 4-10 years. Given the cumulative effects of subtle energy excess, body fat content shows 'tracking' with age, such that individuals are likely to maintain their rank in the age-adjusted population distribution throughout their lives. Thus obese children are very likely to become obese adults. Weight tends to increase throughout adult life, as BMR and physical activity decrease

Conditions in which obesity is an associated feature: 
  •  Genetic syndromes associated with hypogonadism (e.g. Prader-Willi syndrome, Laurence-Moon-Biedl syndrome) 
  •  Hypothyroidism 
  •  Cushing's syndrome 
  •  Stein-Leventhal syndrome 
  •  Drug-induced (e.g. corticosteroids) 
  •  Hypothalamic damage (e.g. due to trauma, tumour) 
 Increasing energy intake 
 ↑ Portion sizes 
 ↑ Snacking and loss of regular meals 
 ↑ Energy-dense food (mainly fat) 
 ↑ Affluence 
 Decreasing energy expenditure 
 ↑ Car ownership 
 ↓ Walking to school/work 
 ↑ Automation; ↓ manual labour 
 ↓ Sports in schools 
 ↑ Time spent on video games and watching TV 
 ↑ Central heating 



Endocrine factors
Hypothalamic tumours or injury
Cushing's syndrome

Drug treatments
Tricyclic antidepressants
Sodium valproate
Oestrogen-containing contraceptive pill

Conditions and complications associated with obesity 
  •  Psychological 
  • Hypertension 
  •  Osteoarthritis of knees and hips 
  • Breathlessness 
  •  Varicose veins 
  • Ischaemic heart disease 
  •  Hiatus hernia 
  • Stroke 
  •  Gallstones 
  • Diabetes mellitus (type 2) 
  •  Postoperative problems 
  • Hyperlipidaemia 
  •  Back strain 
  • Menstrual abnormalities 
  •  Accident proneness
  • Obstructive sleep apnoea 
  • Increased morbidity and mortality 
  •    Increased cancer risk 
  •    Heart failure 
Weight loss Treatment : 
Dietary control : 
This largely depends on a reduction in calorie intake.  
The most common diets allow a daily intake of approximately 4200 kJ (1000 kcal), although this may need to be nearer 6300 kJ (1500 kcal) for someone engaged in physical work. Very low calorie diets are also advocated by some, usually over shorter periods of time, but unless they are accompanied by changes in lifestyle, weight regain is likely. Patients must realize that prolonged dieting is necessary for large amounts of fat to be lost. Furthermore, a permanent change in eating habits is required to maintain the new low weight. It is relatively easy for most people to lose the first few kilograms, but long-term success in moderate obesity is poor, with an overall success rate of no more than 10%.  

Many dietary regimens aim to produce a weight loss of approximately 1 kg per week. Weight loss will be greater initially owing to accompanying protein and glycogen breakdown and consequent water loss. After 3-4 weeks, incremental weight loss may be very small because only adipose tissue is broken down and there is less accompanying water loss.  

Drug therapy for Weight loss:
Drugs can be used in the short term (up to 3 months) as an adjunct to the dietary regimen, but they do not substitute for strict dieting.  
Centrally acting drugs:  
Drugs acting on the noradrenergic pathways do suppress appetite but all have been withdrawn in the UK because of cardiovascular side-effects.
Drugs acting on both serotoninergic and noradrenergic pathways, e.g. sibutramine. 
Peripherally acting drugs for Weight loss:  
Orlistat is an inhibitor of pancreatic and gastric lipases. It reduces dietary fat absorption and aids weight loss. Weight regain occurs after the drug is stopped. It has been used continuously in a large-scale trial for up to 2 years. The patients may complain of diarrhoea during treatment and to avoid this take a low-fat diet resulting in weight loss.  
A recent systematic review on long-term pharmacotherapy concluded that there was a paucity of long-term studies with antiobesity agents, and that in weight loss trials of 1-year duration, orlistat and sibutramine appear to be only modestly effective in promoting weight loss (2.7 and 4.3 kg greater weight loss respectively than the control group).  

Homeopathic Natural Remedies for Weight loss:
Graphites is the Natural Homeopathic Remedy for weight loss both in women and men:
      A physician, name forgotten, once said that whenever a woman was fat and rather coarse in skin and physical characteristics, Graphites 3x was one of the remedies she surely needed, and one that would help her condition, though it might not reduce her weight. Possibly the same remedy applies to men. Two doses. 5 tablets, a day, for a week or two. Pokeberries Years ago a physician in Western Pennsylvania wrote several letters to a medical journal strongly advocating the use of the frosted pockeberry Phytolacca berry as the best means of reducing fat with no injury to the health. The poke root from which the Phytolacca tincture is derived is poisonous, but the frosted berries do not possess any deleterious qualities. Birds feed on them and are healthy, but never fat when these berries are their food. This was the basis of his treatment, which is also said to be useful in cases of fat oppression and of the rheumatism that some times affects the overly obese. Some persons say that this treatment has cured their dyspepsia. Some pharmacists have this juice in tablet form, each tablet representing 1 drop of the juice.

Kali Carb is a Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Weight loss when obesity associated with Nose and Throat Symptoms:
      It is indicated in Coryza, with hoarseness or loss of voice. The patient catches cold art every little exposure to the fresh air- a very strong symptom. Associated with these, there are often a sensation in the throat, as though there were a lump there, which must be swallowed. Stinging pains in the throat when swallowing [Apis]. The patient has a tendency to obesity and is rather weak in muscular development. It is also indicated in a more chronic form, when the nasal passages are obstructed, and the patient can only breathe with mouth open. The obstruction is in open air, but returns as soon as the patient enters a warm room. The discharge is either foetid green mucus or in the morning the nose is swollen and red, and there is a bloody discharge. There is a sticking sensation in the pharynx, as from a fish -bone lodged there, whenever the patient is cold-a good symptom for Kali Carb.

Asafoetida is a Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Weight loss when Bone disease are present.
      Inflammation and caries of the bones, involving the soft parts, with ulcers with hardened edges; softening of the bones with easy bleeding; skin adheres to the bones: ULCERS INTOLERABLY SENSITIVE TO TOUCH AROUND EDGES and easily bleeding;pus thin, foetid and offensive, curvature of bones, drawing pains in jaws and copious salivation after abuse of mercury; neuralgia of the stump after amputation (Cepa); obesity, suits heavy, bloated people with bone diseases.

Crotalus-hor is useful as Homeopathic Remedy for weight loss when heart diseases and obesity co exist.
      Palpitation of debility, obesity or fatty heart; nervous palpitations in hysterical people; heartbeat feeble or imperceptible; PERNICIOUS ANAEMIA; haemorrhagic diathesis.

Calcarea-carb is one of the best Weight loss Homeopathic remedy without side effects in Hormone imbalance cases:
     Patient Constitution can be Identified with following symptoms: INSANITY OF DRUNKARDS, from repulsion of skin diseases; great emaciation or obesity; anxious , timid, full of fear, cannot bear to be alone in the dark, at twilight and during night,delusions of murder, hallucinations of fire, rats and mice; fear of losing reason or that people would observe her confusion of mind; apprehensive mood of some impending misfortune, and every emotional excitement causes anxious perspiration, especially nocturnal sweat about the head and flying heat through body; ill- humor, obstinacy, restlessness, trembling of limbs; is fearfully affected by tales of cruelty, causing nightmare; by close application of mind and in the evening, easily chilled and takes cold easily.

Weight loss Natural Homeopathic tips from Dr.John H.Clarke.
      With some persons the increase of fatty tissue becomes so great as to amount to positive disease. This may be combated in various ways.
      General Treatment.-Open-air exercise should be taken regularly. The freest ventilation should be secured in the house. Meals should be taken regularly, three times a day, and foods rich in fat, starch, or sugar should be avoided or taken sparingly. An exclusive raw-fruit diet will rapidly decrease weight. For example-Breakfast; oranges and bananas. Lunch: apples and tomatoes. Tea: oranges. Dinner: apples, bananas, melons. Almonds may be added. No drink of any kind to be taken.
      Medicines.-The medicine most commonly useful in this condition is
      Phosphorus 3. 
      After a course of this, Calc. carb. 6 should be tried. After this Arsen. 3.

Homeopathic Remedies for Weight loss from KENT Repertory of Our Homeopathic Materia Medica:
OBESITY : Agar., am-m.ambr., ant-c.asaf.,, bor., bry., calc-ar.Calc., camph., canth., Caps., chin., cocc., con., cupr.eupho., Ferr.Graph., guai., iod., ip., kali-bi.kali-c.lac-d.,lach., laur., lyc.mag-c., merc., mur-ac., nat-c., nux-m., olnd., op., plat., plb., puls.sabad., sars., seneg., sep., sil., spig., spong., sulph.thuj., verat.

body fat, but legs thin : Am-m.
old people : Kali-c.

Remedies  indicated with Red are most useful remedies for weight loss
Please search for the above remedy information.
Ammonium Group of Remedies for Weight loss
Thyroidinum is also a best Remedy for weight loss
Phytolacca group of Homeopathic Remedies useful in Weight loss

Other Resources on Homeopathy Weight Loss:

  • Davidson's - Part 1 Principles Of Medicine - 5 Environmental and nutritional factors in disease -Presenting Problems Of Altered Energy Balance Obesity
  • Kumar & clark: clinical medicine 6e - 5 Nutrition OBESITY
  • Therapeutic byways by Anshutz E.P.-Obesity 
  • Therapeutic pointers to some common diseases by E.A. Farrington.
  • A dictionary of Domestic Medicine by John H.Clarke.Condition -Obesity.
Your quires, comments and suggestions are invited on Homeopathic treatment for weight loss without any side effects.. You are requested to share your thoughts on weight loss to complete this article so as to useful for the reader.

Is Psoriasis permanently curable in Homeopathy?

- Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)
Psoriasis is most distracting skin disease makes skin look ugly with scales and severe itching. Patients of Psoriasis search on internet for the treatment of psoriasis with variable queries. Many people have doubt about the curability of the disease. The answer for this is simple. Psoriasis is curable with Homeopathic medicines speedily and without side effects. In this article we will discuss about Psoriasis causes, symptoms and Homeopathic Treatment.

Psoriasis is a genetically determined disorder characterised by development of chronic, well-defined, scaly, erythematous plaques on the extensor aspect of the extremities, especially on the elbows and knees, trunk, back and scalp. Nail involvement is very frequent and often gives the clue to the diagnosis. Psoriasis can be localised or generalised. High variability and unpredictability is the hallmark of this chronic affliction. The estimated prevalence is 1.5% to 3% in the general population. There is wide ethnic and racial variation. It has a bimodal peak of incidence, at 16-22 years and 57-60 years. Female predominance is noted in the younger age group.1

Causes of Psoriasis: 
Basic defect:
There are two key pathophysiological aspects to the abnormalities in psoriatic plaques:
First, the keratinocytes hyperproliferate with a grossly increased mitotic index and an abnormal pattern of differentiation involving the retention of nuclei in the stratum corneum (in normal skin the dead stratum corneum cells do not have nuclei).
Second, there is a large inflammatory cell infiltrate comprising polymorphs, T cells and other inflammatory cells.
keratinocytes hyperproliferate Psoriasis
keratinocytes hyperproliferate Psoriasis

It is uncertain which of these characteristics is primary. Traditionally, psoriasis was viewed primarily as a disorder of cell turnover but in recent years there has been increased support for the hypothesis that the hyperproliferation may be secondary to the inflammatory infiltrate and that the increase in keratinocyte proliferation is a consequence of inflammatory cell mediators or signalling.

There is a large familial component to psoriasis. Formal estimates from twin studies suggest a hereditability of around 80%. In monozygotic twins perhaps one-third of pairs will be concordant for psoriasis. Put another way, two-thirds of monozygotic twins will not be concordant despite an apparently identical or near-identical genetic background.2

 •When the condition is erupting, lesions appear in areas of skin damage such as scratches or surgical wounds (Kobnerphenomenon) 
 •β-haemolytic streptococcal throat infections often precede guttate psoriasis 
 •Rarely, UVR may worsen psoriasis 
 •Antimalarials, β-adrenoceptor antagonists (β-blockers) and lithium may worsen psoriasis and the rash may 'rebound' after systemic corticosteroids or potent local corticosteroids are stopped 
 •Anxiety precipitates some exacerbations 2

Pathological findings in Psoriasis:  
Skin biopsy shows acanthosis and parakeratosis, reflecting the increase in skin turnover. The granular layer is often absent. Polymorphonuclear abscesses may be seen in the upper epidermis. The epidermal rete ridges appear elongated and clubbed as they fold down into the dermis. Dermal changes include capillary dilatation surrounded by a mixed neutrophilic and lymphohistiocytic perivascular infiltrate.3

Clinical Findings in Psoriasis cases:
There are often no symptoms, but itching may occur and be severe. Favored sites include the scalp, elbows, knees, palms and soles, and nails. The lesions are red, sharply defined plaques covered with silvery scales. The glans penis and vulva may be affected. Occasionally, only the flexures (axillae, inguinal areas) are involved. Fine stippling ("pitting") in the nails is highly suggestive of psoriasis . Patients with psoriasis often have a pink or red intergluteal fold. Not all patients have findings in all locations, but the occurrence of a few may help make the diagnosis when other lesions are not typical. Some patients have mainly hand or foot dermatitis and only minimal findings elsewhere. There may be associated arthritis that is most commonly distal and oligoarticular, although the rheumatoid variety with a negative rheumatoid factor may occur. The psychosocial impact of psoriasis is a major factor in determining the treatment of the patient.
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How to differentiate psoriasis from other Skin Diseases:
The combination of red plaques with silvery scales on elbows and knees, with scaliness in the scalp or nail findings, is diagnostic. Psoriasis lesions are well demarcated and affect extensor surfaces—in contrast to atopic dermatitis, with poorly demarcated plaques in flexural distribution (see photograph). In body folds, scraping and culture for Candida and examination of scalp and nails will distinguish psoriasis from intertrigo and candidiasis (see photograph). Dystrophic changes in nails may simulate onychomycosis, but again, the general examination combined with a potassium hydroxide (KOH) or fungal culture will be valuable in diagnosis (see photograph). The cutaneous features of reactive arthritis (Reiter syndrome) mimic psoriasis.

General Treatment for Psoriasis:
There are many therapeutic options in psoriasis to be chosen according to the extent and the presence of other findings (for example, arthritis). Certain drugs, such as -blockers, antimalarials, statins, and lithium, may flare or worsen psoriasis. Even tiny doses of systemic corticosteroids given to patients with psoriasis may lead to severe rebound flares of their disease. Never use systemic corticosteroids to treat flares of psoriasis. In general, patients with moderate to severe psoriasis should be managed by or in conjunction with a dermatologist.4

Best treatment for Psoriasis:
Homeopathic Remedies
Homeopathy is the best system of medicine which treats the cause of psoriasis. The exact mechanism How Homeopathic remedies work on psoriasis is not known. But there is enough clinical data evident in favor of cure for psoriasis quoted by Homeopathic Physicians all over the world.

Best Homeopathic Remedies for Psoriasis:
It is difficult to mention few remedy names for the treatment of Psoriasis because remedy must be selected based on Patients Constitution. Here are most frequently indicated remedies in case of Psoriatic symptoms.

Sulphur. [Sulph]
 It is one of the most reliable remedies in the cure of psoriasis. **Hydrocotyle. Great dryness and desquamation of the epidermis. Acne rosacea. Its special field is in psoriasis and Dearborn praises it in leprosy. The writer cured a case of inveterate psoriasis universale with this remedy. Dr. H.V. Halbert, of Chicago, considered **Thyroidine in the 3X or 30X potency as worthy a trial in psoriasis. He reports excellent results from its use. Indications are a dry and impoverished skin, cold hands and feet. Psoriasis is a pregrowth symptom of cancer. The condition of the skin should always be noted, being the great organ of elimination of poisons. **Borax was considered by Dr. McClatchey as curative of many cases of psoriasis, and indeed it corresponds to many symptoms of this disease. **Petroleum.

Sepia. [Sep]
 Psoriasis, annular type. Eruption shows bleeding points when scales are removed. **Baryta carbonica. Eczema on dorsa of hands, skin rough, dry and chapped. Herpetic eruptions. **Sepia is also a remedy in psoriasis.5

Skookum chuck [Skook]
 The salts of Medical Lake has cured many bad cases of eczema, psoriasis, and all manner of skin diseases. The 3x trituration is generally used. Give 3 or 4 tablets, twice a day, and continue treatment for weeks.6

Kali sulph [Kali-s]
      PSORIASIS. Several cases of this affection are reported as having been cured with this remedy. Great desquamation of the epidermis is a keynote indication.
Potassium Sulphate psoriasis
Potassium Sulphate
Dryness of the skin from suppressed skin diseases. Dread of hot drinks. ECZEMA. Discharge of yellow, effete matter, eczema suddenly suppressed with other symptoms of this drug. ERUPTIONS. Suddenly receding through a chill or from other causes. Diseased condition of the nails, interrupted growth, skin scales freely on a sticky base. Sores on the skin, with yellow, watery secretion on limited portion, with peeling off of skin.

Homeopathic Remedies for Psoriasis from  Kent Repertory Of Our Homeopathic Materia Medica:

Psoriasis : Alum., am-c., ambr., Ars-i.ars.aur., bor., bry., bufo., calc-s.calc.canth.carb-ac., chin.clem.cor-r., cupr., dulc., iod., iris.kali-ar.kali-br., kali-c.kali-p., kali-s.led., lob.,Lyc., mag-c., mang.merc-c., merc-i-r., merc.mez.nit-ac.nuph.,, phos.Phyt.psor.puls.ran-b., rhus-t.sarr.sars.Sep.sil.sulph.tell., teucr., thuj.

diffusa : Ars-i., ars., calc., cic., clem., dulc., graph.lyc., merc-i-r., mez.mur-ac., rhus-t., sulph., thuj.
inveterata : Calc., carb-ac., clem., kali-ar.mang.merc., petr., puls., rhus-t., sep.sil.sulph.
syphilitic : Ars-i., ars., aur., cor-r.kali-br., Merc.nit-ac.Phyt.sars.thuj.7
Resources on Psoriasis:
  1. Psoriasis and Homeopathic Remedy Indications
  2. Psoriasis syphilitica (diffusa, guttata of cornuta)
Record of Psoriasis cases Cured with Homeopathy:
  1. Homeopathy treated Psoriasis from its root with Lycopodium 200c
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  3. Psoriasis case studies by Dr.Shah
  4. Some Psoriasis Case Studies from British Homeopathic Association
  5. Only Homeopathy Has A Cure For Psoriasis - Homeopathy World Community
Find Remedy for Psoriasis online From ABC Homeopathy

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 Of late, there has been repeated hue and cry from homoeopaths against governments and others for not giving due recognition to homoeopathy. The remedy lies not outside but inside—among us homoeopaths. If we improve the quality of our practice, government and others (including allopaths) would automatically come forward not only to recognise but also admire us. This work is an attempt to this end.

The following are from Kent’s LESSER WRITINGS:

Compiled after Kent's death, the book is comprised from letters, published articles and lectures.This work contains all Kent's aphorisms and precepts so often quoted -

“It is very rarely the case that among the provings of our remedies not one is to be found which corresponds to the characteristic features of a case”3

“Homoeopathy is slow to win its way because of defective use of books as well as because of defective books.”

The following books are the most useful reference books in day-to-day practice and they are without defects:

This work is based on Vol-I of Jhar`s Manual. It is a listing of conditions with a Large number of Remedies which cover the same symptom along with other general Symptoms of the remedy so as to distinguish between each. The discretion of choice lies in the Hands of the Physician to choose the best possible simillimum for his case. It is an extraordinarily useful Book and those who add it to their Library will never regret. This book is of great value to both fresh graduates and physicians. This book is considered as the last retort when answers could not be found elsewhere. The most desired index is added which adds to the convenience of the reader. An outstanding and laborious effort by a pioneer in the field of homeopathic therapeutics. This is a complete work and an easy reference listing various disorders alphabetically with remedy reference. There is also a provision of detailed explanation of pathological conditions, with a vast remedy reference and a view on its scientific differential diagnosis. The book enables students as well as homeopathic practitioners to have a vast approach to all clinical cases suggesting a wide range of remedies for numerous medical conditions along with a scope for evaluation of the diagnosis. -

2. FINAL REPERTORY OF 'MIND' SYMPTOMS AND 'GENERAL' SYMPTOMS compiled by Dr. V. Krishnaamurthy (Rs.250)

3. J. T. Kent’s Repertory
A Repertory Which Is Used By Every Homoeopath.Based On The Original Provings And Information Gathered Till That Time.Includes The Art Of Repertorizing.-

4. WILKINSON’S MATERIA MEDICA [compiled from the 10-volume Hering’s Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica] (Rs.750)

5. Boericke’s MATERIA MEDICA
The book contains the well-known verified characteristic symptoms of all our medicines besides other less important symptoms aiding the selection of the curative remedy. All the new medicines and essentials of the published clinical experience of the school have been added. In its present compact form it contains the maximum number of reliable Materia Medica facts in the minimum space.-

The author has compiled a book that will be useful as long as babies are born into the world. The introduction is well worth reading, especially the section about the time until reaction happens when prescribing in emergency situations.-

7. REPERTORY by Dr. Calvin B. Knerr
Dr. Knerr spent 5 years writing his 2-volume Repertory to the Guiding Symptoms, which was published in 1896. This repertory to Hering's materia medica never saw widespread use.
Knerr used the same structure throughout as found in the Guiding Symptoms, even to including the "relationships" at the end of the book and giving the remedies the four lines of grading. This makes for a book that is bulky without being that useful in everyday study.
As a reference repertory for comparative research it has its own place. Knerr's repertory mixes pathogenic and clinical data but it also contains rubrics that are found nowhere else. Now available on computer, the complexity and difficulty of Knerr's repertory have given way to ease of access through simple search functions. -

I have to mention this because provings of new remedies are being published in journals as if we lack remedies in the existing materia medicas.


- Dr.  V.  Krishnaamurthy
32/56, Kuppaiah Street, West Mambalam, Chennai - 600 033. India
Phone: 044-24890370, 09884612450, 09789069362 E-mail:

When we come to the practical aspects, it is the intelligence of the practitioner that counts more than anything else. Most homoeopaths end up as symptom-coverer as the following case illustration would show:

Case: Letter from Dr. X., M.D.(Radiologist), 33 years, is given below.
“Respected sir, This is Dr. .. These are the following things all my complaints.
1.Loss of libido (lack of sexual desire). Since l year, my U.T.A. and stricture problem started. My sexual life very limited. Now we are trying for kids. But I am not much active sexual life. Please do the needful.
Lack of Desire homeo
Lack of Desire

2.Three months ago suffered with severe cough. That I had pneumonia patch in right midzone (of lung). No cough subsided but on an off pain is coming right posterial chest wall where pneumonia patch was there previously.

3.Hypertension. My blood pressure sometime touching 150/ 100. If I take twice (BP tablet) daily dose. Then it will be controlled.
4.Overweight. I observed I am putting more weight. My food intake also seems increased. I am fond of sweets and junk food. My present weight is 118 kg. Please do the needful.”

MOST IMPORTANT NOTE TO BE BORNE IN MIND: We are going to learn something new and unique out of this case. Every case is, of course, unique. There is difference between a symptom-coverer and a true homoeopathic physician. Any average practitioner would work out on the following symptoms:
  1. Impotency
  2. Hypertension
  3. Obesity

What the patient tells is just and mere cotton. No one can wear cotton as such. We have to make thread out of cotton, then weave cloth with the thread; and stitch a shirt out of that cloth. Now only it is ready for wearing. So also, out of the symptoms told by the patient we have to conceive and derive many things. In the above case, the practitioner must work out the case as under:

The age of the patient is 33.

Point No. 1: He has impotency, hypertension. These two symptoms, put together, should be viewed from a different angle. These two normally appears in old age, i.e. above sixty years of age. But we find this in a person of 33 years. Therefore, the term pre-senility should at once come to our mind. In other words, he should be treated as an old-age patient.

Point No. 2: He is already an allopathic doctor and the medicines he had taken fail to bring down the blood pressure. Therefore, the term ‘lack of reaction’ should also come to our mind.

The above two symptoms are ‘general symptoms.’ Wherever possible we must always work out cases on ‘general symptoms.’ Craving for sweets, increased intake of food are secondary.

SAMUEL LILIENTHAL’S HOMOEOPATHIC THERAPEUTICS: Constitution, Age…(page 233-234) –For old people—aged persons get very fleshy: Kali carb., Aur-met., Op., Sec., Amm-carb., Fluor-ac. [We take this because, though the patient is just 33 years old, he has pre-senility.]

These six remedies are studied in Boericke’s Mat. Med. Only the first para or preamble under various remedies are useful for confirming one out of the several remedies selected through the repertory:

The remedy Ammonium carb. was selected because of the following words found under that in Boericke’ Mat. Med.

The diseased conditions met by this remedy are such as we find often in rather stout . . . have a slow reaction generally, . . . Mucous membranes of the respiratory organs are especially affected. Fat patients with weak heart . . .

HOW TO CONFIRM A REMEDY WITH BOERICKE. If the remedy selected by you is correct—the similimum, then the symptom appears in the first sentence of that remedy in Boericke. Or, if the symptom appears in the subsequent sentences, it is either given in italics; or, it is preceded by an adjective or followed by an adverb.

Again, let us read Ammon-carb. in the FINAL MAT. MED. OF MIND SYMPTOMS and there we find the following to further confirm our selection:

…makes frequent mistakes in speaking and writing; …gloomy, depressed…[If the reader carefully read the letter of the patient reproduced on page 5, he can notice the glaring grammatical mistakes made by the patient. For this reason alone we have reproduced his letter without correcting the spelling and other mistakes.]

Amm-carb.10M, one single dose and placebo. Patient shows much progress in his health and is under treatment.

One has to decide whether he would remain as a mere symptom-coverer in his lifetime or he would like to be a Homoeopathic Physician.
Case: [Letter from Mrs. XYZ, 27 years is given below] “Respected Dr. Krishnamurthy

I am feeling depressed and getting angry very easily because of my problems in the joint family. Frankly I am not enjoying my (present) life. I am always worried of some or the other problem.
Depression Easily homeo
Depression Easily
I completed the previous medicine you have given. As well I am now using them. The feeling of childlessness is always worrying me a lot. It has been 4 years of our married life.

And, again coming to my problems the growth of unnatural hair is a bit better, but no complete cure is seen. Hair fall, dry skin, loss of elasticity of skin, stretch marks, joint pains are also worrying me a lot. I am also having slight visual disturbances and headache sometimes. Every day I wake up in the morning that I am not active. I am having body pains, backache, due to which the start of the day is lazy and uninteresting. This is all about my problems sir. Kindly give the medicine accordingly.”

Symptoms from the above case to be taken for repertorisation.

1. Anger (a symptom of will)
2. Worried — Anxiety
3. ‘Every day I wake up in the morning that I am not active’ — sleep, unrefreshing.
4. Lazy and uninteresting — Dullness.

Kent’s Repertory: Anger (top-grade remedies) + Sleep, unrefreshing (top-grades) = Nit-ac. (we read this remedy in the MATERIA MEDICA OF MIND SYMPTOMS) and it does not match with the patient. When you get no remedy or 1-2 remedies

(after repertorisation) and they do not match with the patient, you must become alert! You have not chosen the correct rubrics.

Though ‘Sleep, unrefreshing’ is a general symptom, it has no value in the case of dull patients (the start of the day is lazy and uninteresting) there is another general symptom in this case. She has (a) hair fall, (b) visual problems, and (c) headache.

Two or more complaints above the neck: for this take the rubric Congestion in the Chapter Generalities in Kent’s Repertory.

Top-grade remedies common to the rubrics ‘Anger’ plus ‘Congestion’ are: Acon., Nux-v., Sulph.

We now read these three remedies in the MATERIA MEDICA OF MIND SYMPTOMS by the author and the following lines under the remedy Sulphur agrees with the case.

. . . Venous lethargy, inclination to consume hours in doing nothing, does not take any interest in anything . . .
being too lazy to rouse himself up . . .

Sulphur-10M one single dose was given. Patient is improving and is under treatment.
In his Lesser Writings Dr. James Tyler Kent points out, “Homoeopathy is slow to win its way because of defective use of books as well as because of defective books.” One cannot learn swimming without first getting into the water. So also, to learn car driving, on the first day itself you are made to sit on the wheels! Thus without actual cases one cannot learn homoeopathic practice. Let us therefore side by side, study with the actual cured cases. There are no ‘theories’ or ‘principles’ in homoeopathy. Following are cured cases:

Case: A patient met with a vehicle accident and his thigh bone was broken. After treatment he was okay, but very soon had developed complications and after taking all necessary tests he was told by the doctors that his kidney (though not injured in the accident) was not functioning and he was put on dialysis. If the practitioner has thorough knowledge of the valuable reference works, he can prescribe the similimum in some cases without even seeing the patient (and questioning for ‘sensation, modality, concomitants’ etc.)

This case is very easy. In all vehicle accidents a victim invariably rolls down either inside the vehicle or on the road and the spinal cord and/or the trunk is twisted (as when we twist a cloth after washing by holding both ends to extract excess water from it.)

Now his kidney is not functioning. After road accidents if an organ fails (without any injury to that organ) the only probable cause is that the plexus (a network of veins or nerves) of that organ is affected and this is not revealed in x-ray or scan report. [See BRITISH ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF MEDICAL PRACTICE - 12 volumes.]

Wilkinson’s Materia Medica comes to our help in this case. In this book under the remedy Eupatorium purpureum we find the following:

“Through the renal plexus, this remedy has a specific and special action upon the kidneys. . .”

This remedy was given in one single dose in the 10M potency. His kidney started functioning normally and dialysis was stopped. It is now more than two years and the patient is in good health.

Case: For outstation patients, I ask them to write down their symptoms on a paper in their own handwriting and send it to me. The letter of one such patient is given below:

“Respected doctor, I am suffering from chronic sugar for 15 years, and I am taking medicines regularly. I am having ulcer also for the past 10 years and taking medicines only for ulcer then and there and mostly avoiding pain-killer tablets and antibiotics.

Now for the past six months I am having throat pain due to reflux in the stomach irritation. Now throat infection got cured but mouth ulcer started before 2 months. For that also I took Riboflavin daily six tablets and Histac, Pan40 etc. But I am vexed of tablets, tablets, tablets. In the meantime I have seen your valuable books and am getting excited. Please kindly guide me.”

Finding the remedy—the similimum for this patient is simple and very easy. There are two mind symptoms:

(A) “I am vexed of tablets, tablets, tablets.” For ‘vexation’ Kent’s Repertory tells us to see “Irritability.”

(B) She says that she got excited by seeing my books because she feels they are valuable. For this mind symptom you

should not take the rubric ‘Excitement, excitable.’ The correct rubric for this is ‘gay, frolicsome, hilarious.’ The equivalent rubric in Kent’s Repertory (under the chapter ‘MIND’) is ‘Mirth.’

I now compare the remedies in top-grade in both the rubrics viz., ‘Mirth’ and ‘Irritability.’ Only one remedy viz., Natrum carb is found in top-grade in both the lists. As a next step I read the remedy in the author’s FINAL AND SENSIBLE MAT. MEDICA OF MIND SYMPTOMS. We find the following: “exceedingly irritable . . . dyspepsia, with sour belching, waterbrash, retching…” (see the patient’s letter above. She writes, ‘I am vexed of tablets, tablets, tablets.’) Again in Wilkinson’s Mat. Medica we find the following under Nat-carb.:

“Irritable,  excitable  mood  .  .  .

Subacute, inflammatory irritation of whole alimentary mucous membrane, from mouth to anus.”

Natrum-carb-10M single dose was given. It not only cured her completely of the gastric complaints but also diabetes.

Precision and versatility is the culture of homoeo-pathy.

The abovementioned books are available with the author for sale as under (including postage):


BRITISH ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF MEDICAL PRACTICE [12 Volumes and one index volume, each volume about 650 pages]—For diagnosis and differential diagnosis only. Rs.15,300=00

SWINE FLU,CHIKUNGANYA and FEVER Homeopathic Prevention Single dose

SWINE   FLU – single-dose for prevention as well  as cure

Chikunganya polyporus
Chikunganya Musquito Born
During the  years  2006-2008, almost  all homoeopathic practitioners  had  been  giving different  remedies  for chikungunya  disease  for weeks  with little relief. The undersigned  is the first to declare that the homoeopathic remedy  Bol-la   (Polyporus  Officianale-200)  is almost  a specific for chikungunya and with this remedy, our students had  cured  lakhs and  lakhs of chikungunya  victims (with just one single pill of this remedy). (Rate of success: more than 99%).

Homoeopaths are now asking medicine  for the present pandemic  swine flu.

Those who had died in hospitals with swine flu had lung failure; disease  of lung that  speedily  kills any  patient  is
‘pneumonia’.  In Samuel  Lilienthal’s HOMOEOPATHIC
THERAPEUTICS (in the chapter PNEUMONIA, under one remedy only, viz., Merc-sol.) we find the following words.

swine flu homeo
Swine Flu Spread Viral
“epidemic broncho-pneumonia”

Patients who had come to me after being tested positive for swine flu were given ONLY ONE SINGLE PILL of the homoeo medicine  Merc-sol-200,  and  in just an hour  all their symptoms disappeared and after a week when they tested, the result was negative. (Rate of success: 99%).
In  homoeopathy,  cure  is easier  and  quicker  than prevention.


Write down on a slip of paper  the following: (Do not ask orally.)
5ml   (or  one   dram)  pills (GLOBULE  any  size) BRYONIA–200

Hand  over the slip to any homoeo drug store and  they would give you a small bottle of about  150 pills.  At the present  day whenever  any one  gets fever (whether  it is dengue  or any other  fever) give one  pill of this remedy and  they are cured.  No need  to repeat  at all!

Fevers Bryonia
Epidemic Fevers
This year the summer  is comparatively  very hot all over the  globe  and  any  fever  patient  in  the  present  time exhibits dryness of lips, thirst for large quantities of water and desire for rest (Exact symptoms of the remedy Bryonia).   Take   one   pill,  chewable,   any   time   (not necessarily  before   or  after  food).   You  can  take  this homoeo medicine  while  you  are  on  other  treatment/ 
drugs. Not more than one dose would be needed for any patient.    Within an hour or so complete cure is felt by the patient   and   they  themselves   ask  for  discharge   from hospital and return home. Restrictions:  Do not take bath in  hot  water.    Do  not  take  drinks  or  food  very  hot. Ninety-five per cent of fever cases at the present day end up with dengue  only.   Therefore  the moment  you have fever, take one dose of Bryonia-200  and  you are cured.

For  prevention  too,  Bryonia-200,   one  pill, daily  once, taken any time, chewable,  for three days, is sufficient to prevent dengue  for three months.   But, in homoeopathy, cure is easier and  quicker than  prevention.


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[The  unique  and  salient  feature  of homoeopathy is found in trauma cases. Whatever may be the condition after an accident, the patient is back to work in twenty-four hours (excepting, of course  fractures)]

Arnica! Arnica!! Is it the only remedy in homoeopathy  for  trauma?

From the time of Dr. Hahnemann itself till the present  day,  Homoeopathy  has  been  enveloped into clouds of mysterious obscurities. No! Homoeopathy  is  an  exact and accurate science. Precision and versatility is its culture. No one can use his whims and fancies to distort or mutilate it.

Whether a beginner or the so-called experienced or senior homoeopath, he prescribes Arnica for all cases of accidents and that is the end of his knowledge. No. Homoeopathy is an exact and accurate subject.

1.   Arnica is for blow on single part of the body.
It stops the bleeding, removes swelling and pain in no time.

2.  Railroad accident. A person falls down rolling from a speeding bus or train, or his speeding two-wheeler skids on the road and he falls down rolling down or his body getting twisted. The whole framework of his body is rocked. In other words the spinal cord is twisted. This calls  for  the  remedy  Cicuta  virosa  and  no
amount of Arnica would be of any use. Cicuta virosa is for railroad accident.

3.   A person falls down hitting the occipital region of his head while trying to get from behind into a running  jeep.  He  becomes  unconscious, hospitalized and after a few days discharged hoping  that  everything  is  okay.  Six  months later his whole left side is paralysed. The remedy is Phosphorus and Phosphorus only. It is foolish   and   ignorance   to   give   Arnica. Phosphorus is for injury to occipital region.

4.   A sudden sit down injuring the coccyx bone. It is Hypericum and not Arnica.

5.   One actual cured case may not be out of place here. A person falls from fifty feet high place with bleeding   etc.   Was   hospitalized.   His fracture etc. got healed and after six weeks in hospital, he is not able to walk and doctors say they cannot do anything. Brought home and they tried one homoeopath after another in Bangalore;  daily  doses  for  weeks  and months; no effect.

A reader of my book (he has no knowledge of homoeopathy) buys one dram pills of the remedy Millefolium-10M, goes to the patient , puts a pill into his mouth saying that the next day he could get up and walk. And it happened. [See Boericke’s Mat. Med.—Millefolium. Bad effects from fall from a  height.’]  The  earlier  homoeopaths  had  tried
Arnica and Arnica. Is there no other remedy in homoeopathy for traumatic causes?

Boiling tea is accidentally flashed on the face and the lady lost vision in both her eyes. A routinist gave Cantharis and no effect. One single dose of Carbolic Acid-200 restored her vision in a few minutes. [See Calvin B. Knerr’s Repertory of our Guiding Symptoms of Materia Medica— GENERALITIES—Injuries—Burns—extensive: Carb- ac. Carbolic acid is when deeper tissues are affected.]

The foetus is found dead at the eighth month of pregnancy. Before taking the patient to the theatre  one  Single  dose  of  Cantharis-10M  was given and without any surgery or instrument the dead child was expelled in no time without any complication [See Calvin B. Knerr’s REPERTORY— PREGNANCY—foetus; expels dead: Canth, Cimx., Puls]

Has the governments of any country banned the use of Knerr’s Repertory and Boericke’s Mat. Medica?

Has any college or government prohibited homoeopaths from reading the preface and introduction  in  the  book  The  Accoucher’s Emergency Manual by Dr. W. A. Yingling?

Why is no practitioner making use of Knerr, Lilienthal, Yingling, Boericke, Hering etc? I have been making extremely thorough, exhaustive and
accurate use of the following reference works and
I have hardly failed in any case.

(a) Kent’s Repertory
(b) Boericke’s Repertory & Mat.Med.
(c) Samuel Lilienthal’s Homoeo Therapeutics
(d) Calvin B. Knerr’s Repertory
(e) The  Accoucheur’s  Emergency  Manual  by
Dr. W. A. Yingling
(f)  Hering’s     GUIDING     SYMPTOMS     (10

If and when I fail to find a remedy for a patient with  the  use  of  one  or  more  of  the  above reference books, I would certainly look for books by other authors. So far, there has been no need for me. No author of any book has excelled the above six authors. Why not use these instead of looking elsewhere?

Let me quote three cases successfully cured With  one single  dose  by using Hering’s Guiding Symptoms:

CASE 1: A patient consulted me for constipation. Laxatives and purgatives were said to be of no use. He further said that for several years he had been taking daily anticonvulsant drug for epilepsy and if he stops it, he would get convulsions. The following symptom under the remedy Opium (in HERING’S GUIDINGSYPMPTOMS OFOUR MAT.MED.) agrees with this case:
Opium Homeopathic
Opium Homeopathic Trauma
“…Increased irritability and action in voluntary muscles,  with  diminution  of  it  in  involuntary
When the intestine is full with faeces, urging is not felt (involuntary muscles.) In the instant case these muscles are not functioning. Movement of limbs is controlled by voluntary muscles and he gets convulsions in them (increased irritability and action). Opium-10M one single dose cured his constipation and he was asked to stop anticonvulsant drugs; he did so and to his surprise convulsions did not appear.

CASE 2: A patient showed his right leg with ulcer. He got injured a few months earlier but so far it did not heal in spite of best medical treatment. After a pause, the patient continued, “Doctor, ever since the accident I feel numbness in my right upper arm and I am unable to use it freely. Has this non-healing of wound in my leg anything to do with numbness in my arm? But my arm was not hurt in the accident.”

Again, in Hering’s Guiding Symptoms, the following sentence under the remedy Pulsatilla agrees with this case:

… depression of vital power on one side and increased irritability on the other…

Pulsatilla-10M, one single dose, cured both the ulcer on the leg and numbness of the arm.

CASE 3: A patient came in with pain in the femoral part of urethra and backache. It was worse while riding the two-wheeler. He showed his medical file
(given by allopathic hospital) and therefrom we noted the following points:

hydroureteronephrosis—Left kidney;
pain in femoral part of urethra;
pain in sacral region.

His complaint (pathology) is in ureter but he has pain in femoral part of urethra and sacrum. This is something rare-strange-peculiar. Both these painful places are at the same distance from the seat of affection—ureter.

Under the remedy Belladonna (HERING’S GUDING SYMPTOMS) we find the following:

“Inflammation of internal organs… The inflammation … runs in radii as it extends to adjacent parts.”
(Femoral part of urethra and sacrum are more or less at equal distance from his left ureter).

Belladonna-10M, single dose, cured him.

CASE 4: Two years after the above case, a lady came to me for cervical spondylitis.

These patients get pain normally in the neck extending to head or one upper limb. Strangely this patient complained of unbearable pain in both shoulder tips. (Both shoulder tips are at the same distance away from the cervical vertebra.) Belladonna-10M, single dose cured her.

CASE 5: Let us now examine what is meant by uncommon symptoms: Some of the most useful uncommon physical symptoms cannot be classified under any  head  in  the  repertory  or  homoeo software and so it is better to learn them by rote.
Ignatia Homeopathic
Ignatia Homeopathic Remedy
Under the remedy Ignatia (in Boericke Mat. Med.) we find the words “great contradictions.” A haemorrhoid patient said at the end of the consultation. [Remember, in most cases, after the narration is over and after a pause, the patient leans  forward  towards  you  and  with  wide  open eyes exclaims and this is the time he is going to throw  out  an  ‘uncommon  symptom.’]  “Doctor… one thing. Everyone says that pain, bleeding etc. in piles would increase while straining when constipated; but my case is different. I do not get pain or bleeding whenever I strain during constipation. But during loose bowel movement I get both burning and bleeding.”

Ignatia-10M, one single dose cured him.

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