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Homeopathic Treatment for Clear and glowing skin

- An article by Dr Sunitha Devi Vanemreddy M.D(Hom) Skin is the largest and major sensory organ in the human body. Everybody wishes to have a clear and glowing skin. Skin contains sweat glands and sebaceous glands to protect from the ultraviolet rays and other conditions. Depending on the region we live skin colour changes and texture of the skin also alters from one person to another. Skin condition varies basing on the weather and health condition of the person. Clear and glowing skin affected by both internal and external factors. The condition occurs to skin are not life threatening one but most of the people especially youngsters feels it is life altering condition. Sometimes skin loses its glowing effect and become dull and lifeless. It might be because of external factors like pollutions, chemicals and other toxins and internal factors like hormonal shift and other metabolic and systemic diseases which affect the skin. Two years bac

The One - About the Vital force and Hypostasis

- Dr Mirjana Zivanov Space-time continuum-homeopathy Everything that was created in the space-time continuum, the Cosmos, is unique. Nothing can ever be exactly the same as any other thing, only similar. This was obvious even to the earliest Greek philosophers. A maxim by Heraclitus: “Everything flows - Panta Rhei” - summons up this subject perfectly. Accordingly, every person is a singular event in history. Matter and energy are changing in time and space, but the rules of change, their relations, are constant - unchangeable and we know them as physical and mathematical constants (like number π (Pi), the Avogadro’s number (NA), the Gravitational CONSTANT(G) etc.). These constants are infinitesimal numbers, so Symbols are used to represent them (π (Pi), NA, G etc.) in their true meaning, while their approximate values (like 3,14159 for Pi) are used in calculations. These constants and Laws of nature are the pillars of the Cosmos, an invisible web - the Hypostasis that holds i