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-Boericke. G.W + Phosphorus. #General Phosphorus irritates, inflames and degenerates mucous membranes, irritates and inflames serous membranes, inflames spinal cord and nerves, causing paralysis, destroys bone, especially the lower jaw and tibia; disorganizes the blood, causing fatty degeneration of blood vessels and every tissue and organ of the body and thus gives rise to haemorrhages, and haematogenous jaundice. Produces a picture of destructive metabolism. Causes yellow atrophy of the liver and sub-acute hepatitis. Tall, slender persons, narrow chested, with thin, transparent skin, weakened by loss of animal fluids, with great nervous debility, emaciation, amative tendencies, seem to be under the special influence of Phosphorus. Great susceptibility to external impressions, to light, sound, odors, touch, electrical changes, thunder-storms. SUDDENNESS of symptoms, sudden prostration, faints, sweats, shooting pains, etc. Polycythaemia. Blood extravasations; FATTY DEGENERATIONS, cirrh

RADIUM [Rad-br]:

-Boericke. G.W + Radium Bromide. #General An important addition to the Materia Medica, especially since the provings by Diffenbach have precisionized its use. Radium brom. of 1,800,000 radio- activity was employed. Found effective in the treatment of rheumatism and gout, in skin affections generally, acne rosacea, naevi, moles, ulcers and cancers. Lowered blood pressure. SEVERE ACHING PAINS ALL OVER, with restlessness, better moving about. Chronic rheumatic arthritis. Lateness in appearance of symptoms. Ulcers due to Radium burns, take a long time to heal. Marked increase in the polymorphonuclear neurophiles. Great weakness. #Mind Apprehensive, depressed; fear of being alone in the dark; great desire to be with people. Tired and irritable. #Head Vertigo, with pain in back of head, left when in bed. Occipital and vertex pain, accompanying severe lumbar aching. Severe pain over right eye, spreading back to occiput and to vertex, better in open air. Head feels heavy. Frontal headache. Bot


-Boericke. G.W + Cane-Sugar. #General According to the great Dr. Herling, a large proportion of chronic diseases of women and children are developed by using too much sugar. Sugar is an antiseptic. Combats infection and putrefaction; has a solvent action on fibrin and stimulates secretion by the intense osmotic changes induced, thus rising out the wound with serum from within outward, favoring healing. Leg ulcers. Sugar must be considered a sustainer and developer of the musculature of the heart and hence useful in failure of compensation and a variety of cardio-vascular troubles. Acts as a nutrient and tonic, in wasting disorders, anaemia, neurasthenia, etc., increasing weight and power. Opacity of cornea. Dim sight. Acidity and anal itching. Cold expectoration. Myocardial degeneration. Fat, bloated, large-limbed children, who are cross, peevish whining; capricious; want dainty things, titbits and refuse substantial food. OEdema of feet. Headache every seven days. #Relationship Compar

SYPHILINUM: Utter prostration and debility in the morning.

-Boericke. G.W + The Syphilitic Virus_A Nosode. #General Utter prostration and debility in the morning. Shifting rheumatic pains. Chronic eruptions and rheumatism. Ichthyosis. Syphilitic affections. Pains from darkness to daylight; decrease and increase gradually. Hereditary tendency to alcoholism. ULCERATION OF mouth, nose, genitals, skin. SUCCESSION OF ABSCESSES. #Mind Loss of memory; remembers everything previous to his illness. Apathetic; FEELS AS IF GOING INSANE OR BEING PARALYZED. FEARS THE NIGHT, and the suffering from exhaustion on awakening. Hopeless; DESPAIRS OF RECOVERY. #Head Linear pains from temples across, or from eyes backward; cause sleeplessness and delirium at night. FALLING OF THE HAIR. Pain in bones of head. Top of head feels as if coming off. Stupefying cephalgia. #Eyes CHRONIC, RECURRENT, PHLYCTENULAR INFLAMMATION OF CORNEA; successive crops of phyctenules and abrasions of epithelial layer of cornea; photophobia intense, lachrymation, profuse.


-Boericke. G.W + Valerinate of Zinc. #General A remedy for NEURALGIA, hysteria, angina pectoris, and other PAINFUL affections, notably in OVARIAN AFFECTIONS. Epilepsy without aura. Hysterical heart-pain. FACIAL neuralgia, violent in left temple and inferior maxillary. Sleeplessness in children. Obstinate HICCOUGH. #Head Violent, neuralgic, INTERMITTENT HEADACHES. Becomes almost insane with pain, which is piercing and stabbing. Uncontrollable sleeplessness from pain in head with melancholy. #Female OVARALGIA; PAIN SHOOTS DOWN LIMBS, even to foot. #Extremities Severe pain in neck and spine. Cannot sit still; must keep legs in constant motion. Sciatic neuralgia. #Dose First and second trituration. Must be continued for some time in treatment of neuralgia.

Sycotic Co [Syc-co]:

-H.C.Allen + Bowel Nosode #Appearance Sallow; pale; anaemic puffy. Greasy skin. Dark haired more than fair haired. Prematurely grey hair. Hairs on face, and upper lip. Alopecia. #Mentals Nervous, tense, Cross; restless, weepy, depressed, shy; sensitive, fussy Fear of being alone of animals and dogs. Exhausted. Mostly cold sensitive. Bites nails. #Head Headache- weekly every Sunday morning (<) left side (lasts weeks); throbbing (>) heat and rest (<) noise. Headache - frontal congestive, lasts days. Headache-sick headache (<) at menstrual period (before or after) Headache-slight, but recurring in child. #Scalp Alopecia. Painful dry scaly spots. #Face Puffy in morning especially under eyes acne rosacea. Erythema. Vesicular eruption cheeks. Malignant growth right cheek (prognosis hopeless) Facial neuralgia (left) #Eyes Conjunctivitis. Tarsal cysts. Photophobia hemiopia. Pain eyeballs. Vitreous opacities. #Ears Deafness. Otorrhoea. formation of wax in excess. Cracks under ears.


-H.C.Allen + Bloodroot -Papaveraceae. #General The periodical sick headache; begins in morning, increases during the day, lasts until evening; head feels as if it would burst, or as if eyes would be pressed out; relieved by sleep. American sick headache, (>). by perfect quiet in a dark room ["tired headache" from over mental or physical exertion, Epigea; sick headache (<). during rest (>). by rubbing, pressing, motion, Indigo]. Headache begins in occiput, spreads upwards and settles over right eye [Sil. - over or it left orbit, Spig.]. Headaches, return at the climacteric; every seventh day [Sabad., Sil., Sulph. - eighth day. Iris]. Neuralgia of face (>). by kneeling down and pressing the head firmly against the floor; pain extends in all directions from the upper jaw. Circumscribed red cheeks in afternoon; burning in ears; in bronchitis, pneumonia, phthisis. Rheumatic pain in the right arm and shoulder [left, Fer.]; cannot raise the arm, (<). at night. Pains i

Proteus [Prot]:

-H.C.Allen + Bowel Nosode #Appearance Dark haired, pale, thin 4 florid #Mentals Tense, irritable, depressed-could commit a murder if crossed. Averse company. Weepy. Exhausted. #Head Headache frontal with sense of weight. Headache (<) before menstrual period for one week. Headache in morning. #Eyes Occasional dimness vision. Meibomian cyst. #Nose Fluent coryza. Stopped- worse indoors. #Mouth Cracks corners mouth-resistant. Salty taste mouth. Gums tender. Ulcers mouth. #Throat Relaxed throat-speech difficult. Ball of flatulence throat. #Appetite Averse - butter pork, butcher meat, egg (especially boiled). Fond -fat sweets, salt; butter, eggs. Upset by eggs. #Stomach Acidity, heartburn, sourness, flatulence Hunger pain not better with eating. Vomiting after meals. Dilated stomach. Bilious at menstrual period. #Abdomen Flatulence. Pain R.I.F., pain L.I.F. Sensation of ball in bowels. #Bowels Constipation, Oxyuris #Anus Piles which itch and bleed. Itch very bad. #Urine Terrible burning u

Penicillin Homeopathic Medicine

-H.C.Allen + Benzylpenicillin Sodium C16H17N2O4SNa #Emotive and Sentient Sphere Feels very lazy and tired. Felt much stronger. Prover feels stronger on medicine. Felt less tired. Becomes stronger physically. Not so tired. Was tired from the shopping in afternoon. In evening suddenly felt very exhausted and the pulse was 106. A dizzy spell once in the afternoon and twice in the evening and she staggered. In evening the pulse was 94. Feels weak. In evening very tired and exhausted after doing a little shopping in the afternoon. Very very tired. Very tired in evening. Felt stronger, somewhat overtired at end of working day. Sometimes was a little more nervous than usual, either easily disturbed or a sense of being shaky internally, and tense. Sense of being shaky internally, and tense. Felt weak all over and exhausted for 2 days. Dizzy worse towards evening. Nervous trembling. Felt very much stronger. Fidgety Felt stron

Morgan Gaertner:Alopecia areata.Scalp painful. Epithelioma forehead

-H.C.Allen + (Bowel Nosode) #Appearance Pale faced-ratio of 2 to 1 Florid -ratio of 1 to 2 Dark haired; thin #Mentals Irritable; quick tempered; impatient, Tense nervous, Restless, weepy, depressed, jealous particular apprehensive. Fears crowds; excitement and company Claustrophobia; nervous breakdown, Bites nails. #Scalp and Face Alopecia areata. Scalp painful. Epithelioma forehead. Sudden oedema face. Herpetic eruption left side face Neuralgia left side face. #Eyes Blepharitis. Styes. Cysts on lids. Vitreous opacities. Ulcer cornea. #Ears Boils in ear. Otitis. Mastoiditis. Singing in ears. #Nose Nasal catarrh ++. Post nasal catarrh ++. Dry catarrh-crusts, ulcers in nose. Polypus nose. Red nose. Herpes nose. Epistaxis. Sinus infection. #Mouth Bitter taste +. Bad taste Gums inflamed Pyorrhoea. Tongue burning. Pins and needles tongue. Tongue glutty in morning. Dirty tongue. Saliva glutty. Fissures at angles of mouth. #Throat Acid burns throat. Tonsillitis (rec

Dys Co Bowel Nosode Homeopathic Remedy

-H.C.Allen + Bowel Nosode #Appearance Thin, Fair Hair; dark lashes, pink and white skin Dark hair pale, good colour. #Mentals Tense, nervous, full of fears, Shy lacks confidence, apprehensive, worried over trifles, CLAUSTROPHOBIA- Afraid in train, tram, bus and church, Afraid in theatre, lift, office, Afraid of meeting strangers, new doctors, new patients. Afraid to go out of house. Unable to cope. Trembles stammers on excitement. Restless, fussy, depressed. Extreme exhaustion. #Head Blinding headaches with looseness of bowels Frontal, persistent. Migraine more headache than vomiting. Fuzzy head. #Scalp Painful to comb. Dry, scaly painful spots. #Face Neuralgia- supra and infra orbital. Twitching of muscles of face. #Eyes Blepharitis, styes, Conjunctivitis, photophobia. Twitching eyelids. Floating bodies, woolly spots before eyes. Yellow colour vision. #Ears Otorrhoea. Sudden swelling ears- blue red then scaling. #Nose Hay fever. Vasomotor rhinorrhoea. Frequent coryza. Pain root of no

Cyclitis.- Inflammation of the ciliary body:

-A.B.Norton Cyclitis.- Inflammation of the ciliary body is very rarely found uncomplicated with other diseases and usually, except when caused by wounds, is an extension of a choroiditis, or iritis, and when the inflammation commences in the ciliary body it usually extends to these parts, and in fact the iris is always more or less involved. The recognition of cyclitis is essential on account of the danger to vision it threatens. The distinction between cyclitis and iritis is not an easy one, and it is necessary, therefore, to search carefully for the characteristic signs, which are the extreme sensitiveness to touch, cloudiness of the vitreous and the change in the tension, which is first increased and later decreased. Cyclitis may occur as either a plastic, serous or purulent inflammation. Cyclitis Plastica.- PATHOLOGY.- The pathological changes are the same as those found in plastic inflammation of the iris, wandering cells and an exudation of an amorphous mass, especially on the in

Diseases of the Eyelids:

-E.B.Norton Anatomy.- The eyelids form the external covering of the eyeballs and serve to protect the eye from injury both from excessive light and foreign substances; they also serve at the same time to distribute to the eyes the moisture secreted by the various glands. The eyelids or palpebrae, are two thin movable folds, the upper being the larger and more movable of the two; their movement is both voluntary and involuntary, the latter action being due to the orbicularis muscle. The opening of the lids is chiefly by the action of the levator palpebrae superiors lifting the upper lid; when opened an elliptical space is left between the margins of the lids; this opening varies greatly, being larger in prominent eyes than in sunken ones and greater when looking upward. The angles of junction of the upper and lower lids are called canthi the outer canthus is more acute than the inner; near the extremity of the inner canthus is found on both the upper and lower lids a slight elevation, t