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Inflammation of the psoas muscle (psoitis.)

-SMALL A. E., The indications of the presence of this disease, are pain in the region of the kidneys, hip, and downwards to the leg; the limb can neither be stretched out, or drawn upwards without pain; in walking there is hobbling in the gait, with the body inclined forward; turning in bed, or lifting aggravates the pain. Sometimes there is external swelling. A psoas abscess is not usually dangerous, unless it discharges itself into the cavity of the abdomen, or produces caries. More frequently the abscess discharges in the groin, through the anus, perinaeum, or thighs. Treatment The remedies employed the most successfully, are Aconite, Belladonna, Colocynth, Hepar sulph., Silicea, and Staphysagria. Aconitum napellus is indicated when there is considerable degree of fever present in the commencement of the difficulty. This remedy should be followed by Belladonna. DOSE and Administration. - Dissolve one drop, or six globules, in half a tumbler of water, of either remedy,

Croup. (cynanche laryngitis. cynanche trachietis.)

-SMALL A. E., Another form of acute laryngitis, which from its dangerous character, is deserving of the most careful and serious attention is croup. This is usually a disease of childhood, consisting of a high degree of inflammation of the windpipe, with spasm probably of the interior muscles, and an exudation on the inner or mucus surface, with a tendency to the formation of a tough, stringy, membranaceous or viscid substance, which often adheres closely to the interior surface of the windpipe, and at times appears to cover or nearly to cover the tube for considerable length. After this membrane has been allowed to form, the case becomes extremely dangerous. It sometimes terminates fatally in a few hours, though not usually till the third or fifth day. A predisposition to croup may no doubt be induced by a too highly stimulating diet; the excessive use of candies, mint drops, and aromatic substances, having a smart or biting taste, as pepper, spices, nutmeg, and c.; and this pre

How to use 50 millesimal potency?

- Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo), 50 millesimal potency is highly useful in case of chronic diseases where regular potencies like 30c, 200c, 1m does not produce the expected result. Also is very safe to use. This potency is not much popular as it was introduced in the 6th addition of Organon of medicine before the death of Hahnemann, 6th edition was not published during the life time of Hahnemann, so many Homeopathic practitioners are not well aware of 50 millesimal potencies. 50 millesimal potency is also called LM Potency. Steps to use 50millesimal potency: STEP 1: 50 millesimal pills GETTING  ONE DRAM OF 50 MILLESIMAL POTENCY (0/1,0/2,0/3 etc): You have to get 50 millesimal potency from the homeopathic medical store. Also, you have to get ½ ounce plastic or glass bottle ( clean and empty) from the same shop keeper.( Alternately you can consult us to get a ready made liquid of 50 millesimal potencies. ) STEP2: 1/2 Ounce of bottle PREPARATION OF MOTHER TI

Consumption of the throat. - chronic inflammation of the larynx. (chronic laryngitis, and c.)

-SMALL A. E., This disease in its most simple form is only a chronic hoarseness, and has been sufficiently enlarged upon under the article Hoarseness. In its higher grades, however, it becomes one of the most serious and obstinate of diseases. It frequently commences with a slight hoarseness, a little uneasiness in the throat, and perhaps a slight cough, rather a clearing up of the throat or a hawking than a cough. As it progresses, various unpleasant sensations are felt in the throat, such as burning, tickling, itching, dryness and constriction, and sometimes dull, smarting, or acute pain, though in many fatal cases there is little or no pain. The voice is sometimes hoarse, sometimes squeaking, sometimes whispering; the change being more perceptible when speaking loudly, or singing. Cough, if any, usually short and dry at first, and becoming gradually loose, with mucus or purulent expectoration. If ulceration takes place, a pricking sensation is not uncommonly felt in the throa

Malignant quinsy, or putrid sore throat,Scurvy of the mouth - canker of the mouth

-SMALL A. E., Malignant quinsy, or putrid sore throat The malignant sore throat often makes a part of that awful scourge, - the malignant scarlet fever. It is usually epidemic, and generally occurs in damp and sultry autumnal seasons. Symptoms It begins with shivering, followed by heat and languor; oppression at the chest; nausea, vomiting, and often with purging; eyes inflamed and watery; cheeks of a deep red color; greater or less inflammation of the tonsils, and they secrete a thin, acrid discharge, sometimes excoriating the nose and lips; pulse weak and hardly perceptible, small and irregular; tongue white and moist; swallowing painful and difficult; throat of a bright red color, and much swollen. This state soon passes away, and numerous ulcers, varying in size, then manifest themselves upon the swollen part, which finally become covered with a livid coat. Sometimes these ulcerations are more extensive than at others, spreading to the back part of the mouth, over the enti

Inflammation of the peritoneum (peritonitis)

peritonitis -SMALL A. E., Chronic inflammation of the bowels : This is only a degeneration of the usual form of the disease, and is denoted by fixed pain and a habitual fulness or uneasiness and oppression in the lower part of the abdomen, increased after meals or after cold drinks; appetite habitually impaired, or capricious; thirst usually after dinner, and at night; bowels constantly relaxed, or in the opposite condition, alternating with diarrhoea; skin hot, dry, harsh, and of an unhealthy hue; pulse rather quick; furred tongue, with redness of the lips and margins, and sometimes a slimy redness of the whole tongue; tendency to emaciation, weakness and languor. Among the remedies already considered under inflammation of the bowels, may be found those well adapted for the chronic stage, as Nitric acid, Sulphur, Arsenicum, Silicea, to which we may add Phosphorus. Each of these remedies may be employed in the chronic stage, if indicated. DOSE. - One drop, or four globules, nig

The Soul of Remedies

SANKARAN R., For a long time I hesitated to write a book on remedies because I am well aware of the dangers inherent in such an undertaking. In the first place, there is a strong possibility that the reader, especially if he is a beginner in the field, might become fixed on these remedy pictures and forget that every remedy has a wider range and greater scope than any one individual can see or describe. Not realising that these pictures represent only one version, only one view of the remedy, he might wrongly imagine that he had seen the whole. I also realise that an idea imperfectly communicated which might easily be corrected in a "Live" teaching situation, is far less easily rectified when it has been committed to print. Finally there is a danger that the reader's Materia Medica may be narrowed down to the limited number of remedies described here; it may create a tendency to try to fit all patients into one of these pictures; thus young practitioners might fail to m

Ambra grisea: is an animal remedy. It belongs to the sycotic miasm.

-SANKARAN R., Ambra grisea is an animal remedy. It belongs to the sycotic miasm. Like other animal remedies it has the quality of divided will. It has two wills and has a kind of contempt for self. It also has traits such as animation, loquacity, sexuality, playfulness, love of animals, etc. It is a sycotic remedy; an Ambra grisea woman feels that something is wrong with her that needs to be covered up. There is an intensely dirty feeling about herself. The expression "I feel like shit" aptly describes the main feeling of Ambra. The feeling is that something in her is intensely disgusting and that this part should never be exposed or she will be completely forsaken. Ambra feels a tremendous sense of embarrassment. Other remedies like Silicea, Carbo vegetabilis, Plumbum, Gelsemium, etc., also have something of this feeling, but Ambra feels it intensely and is acutely conscious of the slightest thing she does. This embarrassment is more when it comes to personal habits

Anacardium orientale:The situation of Anacardium is that of a kind of child abuse.

-SANKARAN R., Anacardium Orientale is a plant. The remedy belongs to the cancer miasm. The situation of Anacardium is that of a kind of child abuse. Overstrict parents impose all their desires on the child and do not allow him to think or do anything on his own. He cannot take his own decisions, to the extent that he is not allowed even to decide what clothes he should wear. If he starts taking his own decisions or does not live up to the expectations placed upon him, he will be punished cruelly. So he tries to live up to these expectations by being obedient and angelic in his behaviour, and by being excellent in his work. But he begins to develop a lack of self-confidence, and becomes nervous. He is irresolute, because the outcome of his decisiveness is usually a severe punishment. If the domination persists and he is compelled to put up with it, he starts reacting with cruelty, malice, want of moral feeling, and antisocial behaviour. Here he may also develop a tremendous overc

Argentum nitricum

-SANKARAN R., It is a mineral remedy belonging to sycotic, tubercular and cancer miasms. It is a compound silver (Ag), of Argentum whose main theme is performance and Nitrate whose main theme is the feeling of sudden danger. The two come together in Argentum nitricum, whose main theme as "Performance in sudden danger or crisis". There is a feeling as if the person will be accepted only if he can perform at the time of crisis. There is a feeling of being neglected and despised if he does not perform at the time of crisis. I call them "Crisis Managers". They are troubleshooters of the highest degree and see their role as that, feeling very much neglected or isolated, and feeling failure if they can't perform in a crisis. The situational Materia Medica of Argentum nitricum is a situation in which he himself has to struggle and nobody is going to help him; he is trying but not succeeding. This situation arose from being trapped alone in some circumstance,

Baryta arsenicosa

-SANKARAN R., Baryta arsenicosa is a mineral remedy of the syphilitic miasm. The feeling of Baryta is that of complete dependence due to personal incapacity. The feeling of Arsenicum is of being isolated and hence insecure. The Arsenicum person sees the world as threatening and chaotic. He feels lonely yet feels threatened by people, so he cannot trust people though he needs them. The main feeling of Baryta arsenicosa is: "I cannot trust the person on whom I am totally dependent". In the compensated state Baryta arsenicosa can be very conscientious, independent and responsible. The patient is fastidious, methodical, highly organized, efficient and industrious. He is very caring for others, very friendly and will not offend anyone. He is very careful about his own health and also the health of others. In an uncompensated state the Baryta arsenicosa person can be shy, bashful and nervous, extremely anxious about the smallest thing, especially with respect to health. He

Calcarea bromata

-SANKARAN R., Calcarea bromata is a mineral remedy. It is formed from the elements Calcium (group IIA) and Bromine which is of the Halogen group. The main feeling of the patient Calcarea bromata is he be pounced upon or punished by the very person on whom he depends for his security. He should not do anything that is incorrect. If ever his fault is detected, he is in the danger of losing his security, protection. This feeling shows Calcarea bromata to be a sycotic remedy. Calcarea bromata persons are constantly seeking a position of security, are inclined towards financial security. They do not however want to be secure at the cost of honesty. I have found these people to be very correct, moralistic and honest, trying always to please everyone. At the same time, they can feel blamed, falsely accused, pounced upon for no fault of their own. This can result in violent explosions or outbursts of temper on their part, to the extent of striking, or even cutting. They have dreams of bein

Calcarea carbonica

-SANKARAN R., Calcarea carbonica is a mineral remedy belonging to the psoric miasm. It also has some sycotic traits. The main feeling of Calcarea is the need for stability and security. Calcium offers protection not only to humans in the form of bone but also in earlier forms of life in the form of shell, exoskeleton, etc. The central theme of the Carbonates is of a vital reaction. Thus the main theme of Calcarea carbonica is a need for protection. But in order to get this protection the person does not need to make any effort - all he has to do is show a vital reaction. There is a feeling of being too weak to face the cruelty and roughness of the world. So we have the rubrics: "Delusion, that he is weak" and "Delusion, that he is small", as the main delusions. So Calcarea carbonica tries to build a protective wall of defence around himself which will ensure that he is safe, secure and covered like a developing embryo within an egg. He seeks the protection he nee