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AR Spectrum taken with AUTOSIGNAL Soft spss

This is the auto regressive spectrum for the same below readings. upper 4 graphs are of gelsemium 200c. lower 4 graphs are of placebo. Note that there are 2 major peaks visible in in each graph. But in placebo graphs the distance between the two peaks is almost similar. this is the interesting point to note down. Inference: Gelsemium 200 acted on the above subjects and changed their the peak distance is changed. please click the picture to maximize.

Structure of living organism on the Earth:

--> Living being in on this earth consists of three entities primarily. 1. Spiritual body: 2. Dynamic body: 3. Physical body: Spiritual body: this is the refined body experiences the changes in dynamic body. It does not contain any information regarding life process. Attaches to dynamic body. Dynamic body: This is the powerful body which contains the various elements. It is influenced by heat, cold, electricity, magnetism, gravitation etc. There are various natural regulatory mechanisms in this body. It contains the dynamic information regarding the life. Which governs the physical body. This is a bridge between spiritual and physical body. Which binds these two elements together. Entire physiology in physical body is under the control of dynamic body. The weakening in this body will be reflected in physical body. Thoughts process occurs in this body. It will be felt by spiritual body. Information regarding desires, aversions, emotio