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A bank manager of 47 suffering with multiple abscess over perineum Fistula -Lycopodium, Silicea.

-Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo) A bank manager of 47 suffering with multiple abscess over  perineum. Formed fistulae tracts at some areas on perineum. He is an anxious person desires warm food.  Used Homeopathy for same complaint but without effect.  With a dose of Lycopodium his complaints are relieved much. The earlier Homeopath might have tried many remedies. If you are trying too many remedies but not getting result, then try a dose of Lycopodium, instead of sulphur certainly you will get result. This is much more evident in case of typhoid fever also. Similar remedy is CARNINOCIN if you are frequently fail in a particular case after many remedies then try a dose of Carcinocinum 200c. Do you know disorder in health is due to accumulation or deficiency of specific elements in body. If you know the method to trace the element that is in excess or deficient, the problem can be rectified by applying the same element in Potentized form that is in ultra low dilutions specific to

A fair tall charming lady of 42 age, likes indigestible things suffering from back pain - Lachesis Mutus

-Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo) A  fair tall charming lady of 42 age, likes indigestible things suffering from back pain before menses and great relief after menses. Her back pain is relieved almost after a dose of Laches 200c. Lachesis ladies are attractive and gentle with laughing face and with increased sexual passions. She is anemic. It is observed that most women who are anemic having more sexual desire compared to normal women.  Lachesis patients are having desire for pickles and like fanning very much. These patients sometimes also chilly.  Lachesis patient can be identified even they are in 60’s or at 70’s of age by means of their attractive charming look. Another important thing is they like to have sex with young compared to their age. For example 60 years lachesis female don’t feel shy of engaging young man of 30 years. Sexually they are active even at their old age. Lachesis patients often suffer from excess uterine bleeding disorders. If 40’s of lachesis patien

Osteoarthritis,Goitre, exophthalmia and Obese benefited by Calcarea Carb in Ultra low dilution

-Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo) Female 70 approached with knee pains, goitre, exophthalmia and obese with little bit more sweating is benefited by Calcarea carb in ultra low dilution, 200c. Calcarea works excellent in knee pains where the cause is related with calcium metabolism. It is seen in number of cases people are using pain killers for knee pains. Walking as such and manage their life upto 50’s or 60’s of age. After that going for knee replacement surgery.  But with the use of Calcarea carb in single dose format knee pains can be cured.  In case of thyroid disorders which are related with calcium channel metabolism, the disorder can be arrested with Calcarea carb in ultra dilutions. People will surprise if you say single dose works for 90 days. But it is true single dose of some Homeopathic remedies work for 60 to 90 days. Regular bowel movements and good refreshed sleep is the indication for medicine action as long as these two factors are positive, then no need to chan