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Action of Homeopathic medicine Gelsemium 200

This figure shows the graphs experimented with 12 subjects. Six subjects given Gelseminum 200 and 6 given placebo. The peak in the medium frequency as marked in the graphs is appearing in almost all Gesemium given subjects. This is an AR spectrum obtained from readings of temparature datalogger. First day the two subjects taken placebo and Gelsemium were sat close together while taking readings that may be the reason they are looking same. The temp in placebo subject may be flactuated with gelsemium subject. for some more deatails please see the below post. In this graph time is not scaled but taken in the morning hours. For any clarification please write to Please click on the figure to maximize. See the time specific action in below grahs. In Gelsemium given subjects, at medium frequecny the position of two yellow peaks in all the subjects is almost fixed.