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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety disorders

- Dr.Devendra Kuma MD(Homeo) Anxiety is the natural phenomenon every living being experience. If the anxiety interfering with your daily life activities then consider it as disorder. There are best natural Homeopathic remedies which help as natural anxiety relief that we have discussed in this article.  Who goes to the doctor without any anxiety ?  All degrees of anxiety can be found, from a moderate reactional fear to a threatening anxiety. Stimuli from the environment are assimilated  from birth and permit the person to more or less adapt to the world around them.  During the first consultation, anxiety is one of the essential symptoms to note.  The second or later consultations, when the patient feels more at ease with their doctor, will often reveal the deeper image and true personality of the patient.  Drainage of anxiety is a good way to start natural therapy for anxiety. - Bouko Levy M 6 Best Natural Homeopathic Holistic Remedies for Anxiety disorders in Men,Women a

Natural Homeopathy Remedies and treatment for Weight loss

- Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo) Weight loss is the global need now a days. owing to increased food intake and lack of exercise, change in diet habits are cause for the obesity. Increased economy in middle class families  in developing countries  is also one of the major factor which lead into consumption of fatty food substances ultimately lead into weight gain. This article is aimed in providing information on weight loss and best Natural Homeopathic remedies which help in treating weight loss. Obesity is almost invariable in developing countries and almost all people accumulate some fat as they get older. The World Health Organization also acknowledges that obesity (body mass index > 30 kg/m2) is a world-wide problem which also affects many developing countries. Obesity implies an excess storage of fat, and this can most easily be detected by looking at the undressed patient. Obesity Causes and Risks Image Courtesy: Obesity is widely r

Is Psoriasis permanently curable in Homeopathy?

- Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo) Psoriasis is most distracting skin disease makes skin look ugly with scales and severe itching. Patients of Psoriasis search on internet for the treatment of psoriasis with variable queries. Many people have doubt about the curability of the disease. The answer for this is simple. Psoriasis is curable with Homeopathic medicines speedily and without side effects. In this article we will discuss about Psoriasis causes, symptoms and Homeopathic Treatment. Psoriasis is a genetically determined disorder characterised by development of chronic, well-defined, scaly, erythematous plaques on the extensor aspect of the extremities, especially on the elbows and knees, trunk, back and scalp. Nail involvement is very frequent and often gives the clue to the diagnosis. Psoriasis can be localised or generalised. High variability and unpredictability is the hallmark of this chronic affliction. The estimated prevalence is 1.5% to 3% in the general population. The


 Of late, there has been repeated hue and cry from homoeopaths against governments and others for not giving due recognition to homoeopathy. The remedy lies not outside but inside—among us homoeopaths. If we improve the quality of our practice, government and others (including allopaths) would automatically come forward not only to recognise but also admire us. This work is an attempt to this end. The following are from Kent’s LESSER WRITINGS: Compiled after Kent's death, the book is comprised from letters, published articles and lectures. This work contains all Kent's aphorisms and precepts so often quoted - “It is very rarely the case that among the provings of our remedies not one is to be found which corresponds to the characteristic features of a case”3 “Homoeopathy is slow to win its way because of defective use of books as well as because of defective books.” The following books are the most u