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Experiments with Homeopathic medicine Sulphur 200c

The experiment was conducted with 6 subjects, Left side graphs are of sulphur 200c given subjects, Right are of placebo given subjects. In brief : per day two subjects were selected. 9 pills of sulphur 200c was given to one subject and 9 pills of placebo given to another subject. Same procedure was followed for all the four days but with different subjects. Readings were taken from 8am to 8.10am, except on the day 2nd it was taken from 08.00.16 am to 08.10 am. It can observe the shift in peak in medium (yellow) frequency in the picture (2nd day 1st graph). Click on the picture to maximize The readings were taken at an interval of 1sec in contrary to the Gelsemium 200c readings 2sec interval. (For more details on experiment particulars please contact me at here all the details are not published because of space limitations)