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Acidum-hydrocyan [Hydr-ac] Persistent tonic spasms, especially in muscles of face, jaws and back with trismus risus sardonicus, embarrassed respiration with lividity and frothing at the mouth, violent constriction of the diaphragm with sense of suffocation, praecordial anxiety, immobility and backward; convulsions , finally paralysis , with excessive relaxation. TRAUMATIC TETANUS or tetanic convulsions during diarrhoea. Aconite [Acon] Traumatic tetanus with trismus, stiffness of limbs and even opisthotonos, tingling and numbness, fever and anxiety ; frequent alteration of redness and paleness of face and distortion of eyes, which are drawn upward; face covered with cold sweat; rigidity of muscles of jaws and neck. Ammonium-carb [Am-c] Tetanic or epilepsy convulsions from violent cerebral irritation; feeling as if head burst ; pale , bloated face; anxiety with inclination to weep; pulse hard , tense and frequent; great sensitiveness to cold. Angustura-vera [Ang

TINEA CAPITIS [Tinea capitis]:

-Lilienthal.S Agaricus [Agar] Tinea capitis, with crusts sometimes spreading to other parts of the body; biting itching in scalp and other parts of head; scalp sensitive as from subcutaneous ulceration. Arctium-lappa [Lappa] Head completely covered with a grayish-white crust and most of the hair gone; eruption extends to face; moist bad-smelling eruptions on heads of children;crusta lactea, swelling and suppuration of axillary glands. Arsenicum [Ars] Scalp perfectly dry and rough, covered with dry scales and scabs, extending sometimes even to forehead, face and ears; burning-itching eruptions,parts painful after scratching ; falling off in patches. Baryta-mur [Bar-m] Tinea capitis extending to sides and posterior portion of neck, with copious discharge of pus; itchlike eruption on scalp and neck; the whole scalp covered by a thick,offensive crusts; children do not desire to play, sit in corners and give confused answers; enlarged, indurated painful gla

TONGUE [Tongue affections of]:

-Lilienthal.S Absinthium [Absin] Thick, protruding can hardly talk; trembling bites it. Aconite [Acon] Dry, numb coated yellow -white; feels as if swollen, tingling, biting piercing, feeling of dryness and roughness in middle, without thirst; paralysis especially at tip. AEsculus-hip [Aesc] Tip sore, as if ulcerated; uncontrollable, cannot form words properly. Ailanthus-glan [Ail] Dry, parched, cracked; brown in centre,tip and edges livid. Alumen [Alumn] Scirrhus of tongue, dry, burning in evening;stitches worse at the tip. Alumina [Alum] Dry on waking, followed by increased of salvia; tingling, itching, must scratch it; sore as if burned. Antimonium-crud [Ant-c] Milky-white as if whitewashed, border red and sore. Antimonium-tart [Ant-t] Pasty, thick, white; very red and dry in centre. Apis-mell [Apis] Red at tip, swollen, dry, glossy; cracked, sore, ulcerated or covered with vesicles be protruded, hinders talking


-Lilienthal.S Alumen [Alumn] Predisposition to tonsillitis,catarrh of fauces and throat; throat sore and dry when talking or swallowing fluid; prickling sensation in both side of throat and great dryness with constant desire top drink. Ammonium-carb [Am-c] Burning in throat; tendency to gangrenous ulceration of the tonsils, discharging offensive mucus,(<) night and morning. Ammonium-mur [Am-m] Both tonsils much swollen, can neither swallow, talk, nor open mouth; after taking cold; THROBBING IN TONSILS; mouth and throat filled with a viscid phlegm,expelled with great difficulty. Amygdala-persica [Amyg-p] Dark-red injections of fauces, uvula and tonsils, with sharp pains causing some difficulty in swallowing; marked general prostration. Apis-mell [Apis] Stinging-burning pain when swallowing; dryness in mouth and throat; red and highly inflamed tonsils; deep ulcers on tonsils and palate, with erysipelatous or oedematous appearance around ulcer

TOOTHACHE, Odontalgia [Toothache]

-Lilienthal.S Aconite [Acon] Patient almost frantic with pain; throbbing pains from taking cold with determination of blood to head; stitching jerks or shocks; heat in face, red cheeks,great restlessness; Coff., being insufficient; especially suitable for children. Ammonium-carb [Am-c] Violent toothache on going to bed at night, (<) from warm liquids or cool air; teeth painful on biting them together; pressing teeth together sends shocks through head, ear, nose and eyes; cracking of the articulations of the jaws on chewing. Antimonium-crud [Ant-c] Pains in hollow tooth of a boring, digging, tearing jerking character,penetrating sometimes into the head, in bed, after eating from cold water;(>) when walking in open air; gums bleed readily and recede from teeth; touching the tooth with the tongue causes pain as if the nerve torn; gnawing pain in carious teeth. Antimonium-tart [Ant-t] RHEUMATIC TOOTHACHE OF INTERMITTENT TYPE; tearing in roots of teet


-Lilienthal.S Pertussis Ambra [Ambr] Foetor of mouth; pressure in stomach and hypochondria, itching in chest; sour smelling urine; COUCH WORSE WHEN MANY PERSONS ARE PRESENT: hollow, spasmodic barking cough, worse from talking or reading aloud, with frequent eructations and hoarseness. Aconite [Acon] Clear ringing or whistling whooping-cough, excited by burning sticking in larynx and trachea; generally without expectoration; rarely during day expectoration of mucus, wit coagulated blood. Anacardium [Anac] Fits of vexation cause paroxysms of cough; dyspnoea accompanies and succeeds the coughing spell; the coughing shakes the patient thoroughly; paroxysms every there or four hours, excited by ticking in throat; at night, without expectoration during day, with expectoration; during day, with expectoration of sweetish, flat-tasting mucus, or yellow, purulent, and acrid; cough (<) every time they speak and AFTER EATING (not while eating); vomiting of food with