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AR Spectrum of Homeopathic Medicine action on Health Subjects

Calcarea Carb 200 ( data of exp: 03/10/2006, time: 8.00-8.30pm) Belladona 200( data of exp: 29/08/2006, time: 8.00-8.30pm) Nux Vomica 200( data of exp: 23/08/2006, time: 8.00-8.30pm) Nux Vomica 200( data of exp: 30/09/2006, time: 8.00-8.30pm) Applied AR spectrum to the readings obtained by datalogger. Readings were taken at 8.00-8.30pm.The above graphs are obtained actually by using HRV analysis software. Due to insufficient data same data original was copied for six times and obtained AR spectrum, even if it is obtained with HRV soft, it gives spectun by using continuous data so our results are valuable. Observe above graphs in nux vomica 2 graphs there is similarity in four peeks even there is date gap between two readings and also obtained from two persons. Similarity between CC and Bell can be observed. ( quaries please mail to )

Physicains you can try this simple exp:

Physicians you can note down the oral temparature of your patients hourly(,7am,10am,11am,12pm,1pm,2pm,3pm,4pm,5pm,6pm) after giving 6-9 pills of freshly medicated Homeopathic medicine. draw a graph using these readings. Like that at least you take10 subjects per a medicine. In the same way you experiment with other medicines.Now you will have graphs of a set of medicines. To select a similar medicine for a patient, in the same manner as above you note down the temparature readings of patient from morning to evening and draw a graph then compare patient graph with your remedy graphs. The graph which looks similar when compared is the medicine for that patient at that time. physicians if you have datalogger, you can note temparature of your patients at a specific time in the day and apply FFT or obtain AR spectrum from the raw data. This way you can find the remedy in a short a time.