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Lycopoduim 200c before and after original temperature variability graphs

To day evening I find little time to post these graphs. there is interval of 15 mits befroe and after medicine applied. click on picture to maximize.

Hoarseness voice case - Evidence 101

Today evening a patient came to my clinic and said " sir I am sufferring from loss of voice, yester day I attended one marriage function, I ate 2 cones of ice cream, exposed to cold air, sleeplessness all the night." Then I recorded varibility in skin temperature. I wondered on seeing the graph and asked him whether he is using any homeopathic medicne, he replied "sir I am taking homeopathic medicine for constipation from another homeopath". Then I said the remedy you have taken from your doctor is working well and you dont need any medicine and wait for 2 days your hoarseness will be relieved. Below is the graph fromm variability data I recorded.

Homeopathic medicine action - Evidence 100

Today morning I took a dose of BACILLINUM 200c - 6 pill, this evening I recorded the variability in my skin temperature. Below are the graphs for that variability data. The parametric spectrum & prediction are typical for the action of Homeopathic medicine.