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Homeopathic Research on Causticum 200c Homeopathic Medicine

Physilogical Variability observed in two different persons after Causticum 200c, one sample collected on 08.01.2014, another sample on 28.03.205 Physilogical Variability observed in two different persons after Causticum 200c Closely observe the rhythmn produced by Sympathetic and parasympathetic stimulus. Causticum 200c maintained a rhythmn in the biological signal which is most specific to itself. This proves Homeopathic medicines signature as well disordered vital force signal can be catched through our experiment of Physiological Variability. This is the manner we could obtain most specific pattern in biorhythm produced by an individual Homeopathic remedy.

Autism Homeopathic Remedies and Treatment without side effects

- Dr Sunitha Devi Vannemreddy, M.D (Hom)       What is Autism? Whether it is a Disease or Personality? Childhood is the phase where child starts observing the external world learns the social behaviours, communicates the thoughts in their own language. They mimic others; try to interact with others in funny gestures. It is bit of confusion for them to understand the outer world but slowly they accustoms with the outer social world. Each child has unique process of learning the ways of communication. For the social interaction and communication, neurological development is needed. I like to observe the children and their way of communication with the world, they talk a lot or simply make gestures to communicate, but they make us to understand what they are trying to tell. I have two year old daughter who talks a lot in her own language, if we don’t pay attention to her which shouts at us or bang her head to get attention. She likes to pl