The One - About the Vital force and Hypostasis

- Dr Mirjana Zivanov
space-time continuum-homeopathy
Space-time continuum-homeopathy
Everything that was created in the space-time continuum, the Cosmos, is unique. Nothing can ever be exactly the same as any other thing, only similar.
This was obvious even to the earliest Greek philosophers. A maxim by Heraclitus: “Everything flows - Panta Rhei” - summons up this subject perfectly.
Accordingly, every person is a singular event in history.
Matter and energy are changing in time and space, but the rules of change, their relations, are constant - unchangeable and we know them as physical and mathematical constants (like number π (Pi), the Avogadro’s number (NA), the Gravitational CONSTANT(G) etc.). These constants are infinitesimal numbers, so Symbols are used to represent them (π (Pi), NA, G etc.) in their true meaning, while their approximate values (like 3,14159 for Pi) are used in calculations.
These constants and Laws of nature are the pillars of the Cosmos, an invisible web - the Hypostasis that holds it together. To paraphrase Hermes Tresmegistos - it’s center is everywhere, the circumference nowhere.
The therm Hypostasis (Greek ὑπόστασις) means underlying state or underlying substance, the fundamental reality that supports all else, known in Christian Europe for almost 2000 years as the Holy Spirit.
Finding and understanding the Laws of Nature is the “raison d’être” for every branch of Science.
The  Hypostasis can be seen all around us if we are looking for patterns behind similar but, in appearance, still quite different events and forms.
It would be wrong to assume that the existence of something Constant, something that shapes and rules the Cosmos, wasn’t obvious to most of the cultures and civilizations that predated ours. The main difference between us and them is that we only except the existence of something that can be quantified, expressed in numbers, while they mostly recognized analogies and marked them with Symbols.
It took us thousands of years to mathematically define nonliving nature, while the living nature is ever more elusive. This is why the scientific fields are commonly divided into two major groups - natural sciences and social sciences.
The living nature is so much more complex then the nonliving, that hermetic philosophers used to define every living being as a Microcosm - nowadays we would say a unique living system. All of these countless microcosms are in an endless diversity of interactions. It is far more challenging to find the web of patterns, the Matrix, that pervades the nature and relations of the living.
A human being is not just ruled by the Laws of physics, but also by the unconscious. This interaction between the physical world and the world of unconscious is what makes human beings so complex. The unconscious also has it’s constants but they can’t be defined in numbers – they are archetypes, Symbolic images that may only be partially expressed in words or works art, just as the physical constants (like Pi) can be expressed in approximate number (3,14159).
Consequently the health of a human being is also both physical and psychological, so right in-between natural and social sciences. The physical and psychological phenomena of a human being are so interconnected that any attempt to deal with a single phenomena with disregard to the others, may result in a serious collateral damage. That is why in homeopathy every phenomena, symptom, presented by a human being is observed as a disorder in the system as a whole - a holistic approach.
For 200 years Homeopathy looks for the underlying patterns in symptoms of disorders, hypostasis of a human being - the way we feel and experience everything that happens to us emotionally and physically, as well as how our minds react on that.
Hippocratic medicine, as the dominant medical system in Mediterranean and Middle East for two millennia, has introduced the term Vital Force. It is the Spirit (Pneuma) combusted and infused into the body, primarily blood, creating the Vital Force (Pneuma zoticon), that gives life to every part of human being. Vital Force is the hypostasis of a person - the One in a human being, and every symptom is it’s reaction. Since the Vital Force is personal, unlike the Spirit (Pneuma) that is general, universal, the symptoms are the reflection of what is underlaying in the Vital Force of a person - the essence of a person.

About Dr Mirjana Zivanov:
Dr Mirjana Zivanov
Dr Mirjana Zivanov
Dr Mirjana Zivanov graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and London International College of Homeopathy. Dr Mirjana has 10 years of everyday clinical practice in Classical Homeopathy, at Homeopathic clinic in Novi Sad, Serbia. Dr Mirjana is the author of the books “Homeopathy in Practice”, “Principles of Homeopathy” , “Homeopathy – The Invisible Influences”and "The Matrix Method with Tetractys Model". She is the creator of “Tetractys of Simillimum” and “The Matrix Method”. Dr Mirjana can be contacted at:


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