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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Chronic Miasm - Syphilis

Posted by Drdevendra Kumar MD Homeo

The Chronic Miasm - Syphilis
 We have seen how the chronic miasms-Psora and Sycosis manifest themselves in their respective characteristic ways, and let us now see how Syphilis is manifested. It is only when we have thoroughly grasped the characteristic images of these miasms, that we can expect to be in a position to undertake miasmatic treatment of cases.
 The chief manifestations of Syphilis are-malignant abscesses and boils, buboes, fetid sweat and a thick flabby tongue with a white coating and imprints of teeth round the margin. The breath is fetid like the sweat, and the sweat instead of relieving the troubles of the Syphilitic, only aggravate them. There are severe pains in the bones, and they are the severest at night, in the heat of the bed. Syphilitic troubles, whatever those troubles may be, are always worse at night, worse from the heat of the bed. These are some of the leading indications of the existence of Syphilis. Let us re-capitulate here, that Syphilis or Sycosis can never exist in any case without Psora being already there. Psora must always furnish the basis for the existence of Syphilis and Sycosis. The skin troubles of Syphilis are always characteristic in that they are absolutely non-itching, while Psoric skin troubles are always itching. The typical Syphilitic skin troubles are a kind of copper coloured eruptions without any itching. Syphilis may have an intolerance of both heat and cold, or at times it may have an intolerance of heat only. If however, the Syphilitic is an old man, he often acquires an extreme susceptibility to cold, but the Syphilitic susceptibility to cold can easily be distinguished from the Psoric, by the absence of anxiety, and from the Sycotic, by the absence of the characteristic aggravation during rain and storm. Remember, Psora is oversensitive physically and mentally, Sycosis is sensitive like a barometer, while Syphilis is decidedly weaker in sensation than either of them. Syphilis has never his internal organs-head, liver, kidney, spleen and lungs etc.,-in natural normal condition. There is always some abnormality in their structures. All structural abnormalities are invariably due to Sycosis or Syphilis. Psora is powerless so far as structures are concerned; it can not lead to anything beyond an impairment of functions. However, the very fact that Syphilis can interfere with the structure of tissues, seems to suggest that it attacks them-bone, blood and flesh, etc.,-in no superficial way; and as a matter of fact it causes even serious destruction of organs too. The ulcers in the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, caries of bone and even leprotic degeneration of the parts of the physical body are some of the instances of Syphilitic degeneration of structures.

 When Syphilis, just acquired and manifested in the shape of an ulcer in the glans is healed up by the accepted methods of treatment-injections and ointments etc., it travels down into the interior of the system, resulting in a miasmatic infection of the very personality of the victim. And it then, sometimes, re-appears in the shape of malignant buboes and later on in the shape of malignant abscesses and boils, until at last, it eats up the still finer tissues, like the mucous membranes and bones. If however, the infection is cured at once and the insidious process inward arrested, the trouble may stop there. And the cure-real cure of the miasmatic infection means a re-appearance of the primary ulcer and a gradual disappearance of that. It is only this re-appearance of the primary image under a course of treatment, that gives a sure indication of a real cure. If this does not happen under a course of treatment, it must be understood that no cure has been effected and that the course of treatment has not been curative but suppressive; and if you can intelligently observe the developments that follow such a course of suppression, you must invariably find the characteristic manifestations (secondary) cropping up in the patient day after day.

 Mind-Syphilis is very deep and insidious in its action, because, it is not only the physical tissues like blood, bone and flesh that it attacks and destroys, but also it attacks and implants its mischievous characteristics in the finest part of the victim- namely in his mind; and its characteristic way of expression here is an imbecility. This imbecility or idiocy is a slow, gradual process. Let us remember that Psora makes the mind over-active, Sycosis mal-active and Syphilis under-active. Psora is quick, Sycosis is bad, and Syphilis is slow. Psora is intelligent, Sycosis is mischievous, and Syphilis is idiotic. It destroys the very balance of the mind, as it were, and renders it practically destitute of sharpness.
 The night is the worst time for the syphilitic, because it is at night, particularly when in bed, that he has an aggravation of all his sufferings. It is also at night that his mental condition too (described above) is worse, like the physical. He feels an irresistible impulse for committing suicide and thinks only of possible means for realising that impulse. He thinks that his life is a burden and that the sooner he closes it, the better. Just imagine, how profoundly Syphilis deteriorates the mind. Man knows by nature that his own life is the dearest to him, but so grossly is the man unmanned by Syphilis that he is made to forget all love for life. This is however, only one of the aspects of the Syphilitic deterioration of the mind. There is the other aspect of idiocy. All quickness of thought is gone and there is a gradual incapacity for understanding things, and this again makes him morose. It so comes about in course of time that his mind fails to travel from subject to subject-a quickness that is so prominent in Psora. Thus, he grows into one wanting in attention and comprehension. If he reads a line, he cannot understand its meaning, and he has therefore to read it over and again. The mind grows slow-as if paralysed.

 Then again, besides the aggravation at night, Syphilis is also aggravated at times by the usual excretions of sweat, urine and stool etc. At least he is never ameliorated by these. We may compare here, that Psora is invariably ameliorated by these and Sycosis is also ameliorated at times.
 Head-The Syphilitic headache is always worse at night. It runs on for the whole night in the heat of the bed and it disappears in the morning. Or even if it does not totally disappear in the morning, it is at least much less at that time, as also during the whole day. The aggravation begins in the evening and it increases as the night advances, and decreases with the gradual approach of morning. Psora is just the reverse of this. It begins in the morning, increases along with the course of the sun, and decreases as the sun climbs down and sets. However, we may remember that, whenever the headache is aggravated from heat, rest, lying down or steeping, it is undoubtedly Syphilitic. Syphilis wants cold and the Syphilitic headache too is better from cold, walking about in the open air, and before sleep. Besides the headache, the Syphilitic head has profuse sweating, and this sweat is invariably fetid smelling.

 Eyes-It is the eye that Syphilis attacks the most, and in quite a variety of ways. We can hardly name off its various manifestations in this organ, and as such, we must discriminate the Syphilitic from the other manifestations, by means of the characteristic modality. Like the other symptoms of Syphilis, the eye symptoms are also aggravated at night, in the heat of the bed, from heat, from lying down and from sweat, and they are ameliorated during the day, from cold, from rest and from washing. Ulcerations in the eyes, ears and nose etc., are in most cases Syphilitic. Syphilis has a decided aversion for meat and he prefers food and drink cold. He does not like warm food and drink and animal food, and he tolerates them neither. Amongst animal foods, he has some liking for milk only, but he does not tolerate it so well.
 The actions of Syphilis in the structures are however, seldom independent, but they are in most cases in conjunction with Psora, which always furnishes the background. And it is in this conjunctive activity that the destructive character of this dangerous miasm has been so powerfully manifested. How viciously Syphilis joins hands with Psora and carries on its insidious destructive processes in the lungs, mucous membranes, flesh and bone, by gradually over-powering the normal vital force and weakening the resistance, will be dealt with in a separate chapter.


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