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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Eczema in a women 67 cured with Dulcamara 1m

Posted by Drdevendra Kumar MD Homeo
- Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)
Before Dulcamara
A female 67 came with eczema eruptions oozing over the neck and foot. She is chilly and dominant  while talking. She has received a dose of DULCAMARA 1m 4pills. Her problem of skin disease relieved most. But the patient say’s nothing relieved. She does not want to pay the consultation. Physically eruptions are relieved most but the patient not satisfied. She need follow up of Lycopodium. Case responded to medicine in a short time. Homeopathic medicines if indicated clear the case, cure the case in within no time.
 The time required for cure will be decided by medicine itself. Many patients complain that Homeopathy is slow acting. But this is not true. If symptoms matched Homeopathy works like a nuclear fission. If it is the acute problem symptoms will be relieved fast. If it is the chronic one it takes time.
After Dulcamara
Compare with disease development. If you are suffering from disease since many years don’t expect  cure within days. If so it is not permanent. Symptoms relapse after a short relief. Slow and study cure will retain life time health. The period of cure will be under the control of ‘repair process of our immune system’. But Medicine and potency must match the requirement. So don’t worry and compare with allopathic treatment. Once symptoms came down after medicine, sit relax and wait for further improvement. Don’t change the remedy and potency.Patient will never reveal the positive action of remedy. So physician himself able to guess the action of remedy while discussion with patient. It is not the mistake with patient because he is Homeopathic illiterate. So if you change the remedy by listening to patient you always commit mistake and case will not be cured. First selected remedy will always work better in most cases. Physician must have patience to watch the action of remedy for certain time.Change the remedy only when there is much suffering for your observation.
Work Sheet:
15th july 2013
Eruptions, eczema, neck folding in,
dulc 1m
29th july 2013
sl 200c
31st august 2013
not relieved
sl 200c
17th oct 2013
relieved much, but pt not satisfied
sl 200c
02 December 2013
not relieved
sl 200c


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