Homeopathic Remedies for Over Sensitive to Noise&Tinnitus

Noises are unwanted sounds that disturb us from heating wanted sounds. Example are loud music played by neighbors, barking sound of a dog and air craft sounds etc. Some times conversation between people which is unwanted to us may be a noise in our sense. Some medical conditions of ear can produce noises in ear.
Homeopathic treatment for Noise problems:
Homeopathy system has numerous remedies for the treatment of noise problems.
 Noises are part of our daily life and nervous regulation.
 They penetrate deep into the brain during normal daily activity and also during sleep.
 In a healthy individual, they are tolerated within normal physiological limits.
 Some Homeopathic remedies have an over sensitivity to noise which may be increased during  acute diseases and depressed in stressful conditions.
  Homeopathic Remedies for Noise Aversion:
Oversensitive to Noises homeopathy
 This remedy is useful when Hearing has particularly increased sensitivity
 --  brain hyperactivity; cannot stop thinking; insomnia; neuralgia :
 • 3 granules, as needed : COFFEA 5C
 --  extremely anxious and nervous; canker sores; agg. downward motion :
 • one dose, as needed : BORAX 15C
 --  all senses sensitive; recurrent otitis; somnambulism :
 • one dose, as needed : SILICEA 15C is best Homeopathic remedy for noise aggravation.
 Slightest noise puts them into a terrible rage
 --  greatly affected by the least sensation; ugly; malicious :
 • one dose, as needed : NUX VOMICA 15C
 --  ear cracking, difficult hearing ; generally amel. while riding in a car; craves fat :
 • one dose, as needed : NITRIC ACID 15C
 --  itching, cracking, ringing, and roaring in ears; oversensitive to  pain :
 • one dose, as needed : KALIUM CARBONICUM 15C
 --  anxious and oversensitive; agg. toward evening; sad; indifferent :
 • one dose, as needed : SEPIA 15C
 With acute brain congestion
 --  very acute hearing; humming noises; acute otitis; delusions :
 • 3 granules, as needed : BELLADONNA 15C
  Homeopathic Medicine for Tennitus With vertigo: 
 --  noise penetrates the body as painful spots, especially teeth :
 • 3 granules, as needed : THERIDION 30C
 --  all senses oversensitive to sound, with internal heat, difficulty hearing :
 • one dose, as needed : PHOSPHORUS 15C
 With depression
 --  weakness; trembling; palpitations; insomnia; defective hearing :
 • one dose, as needed : CONIUM 15C
 --  ringing; oversensitive to odors; pale face; hepatic insufficiency; fatigue, anemia :
 • 3 granules, as needed : CHINA 4C
 --  scratching paper drives them crazy; always feel cold; deafness :
 • 3 granules, as needed : ASARUM 4C
  Homeopathic Remedies for over sensitive to Noise or Music 
 Improves the mental and physical state
 --  amel. depresssive mood, oversensitive to noise; otitis; mastoiditis :
 • one dose, as needed : AURUM METAL 15C
 --  extreme hysterical restlessness; sexual excitement; vertigo :
 • 3 granules : TARENTULA HISPANA 7C / 9C / 15C /a.a. p.
 Aggravates the mental and physical state
 --  emotional; frequent whining and weeping :
 • sadness, agg. by warm enclosed atmosphere ( concert-hall) :
 • nervous, oversensitive; timid; hysterical spasms; old age :
 one dose, as needed : AMBRA GRISEA 15C
 • apprehensive; unable to decide; hissing; banging in ears :
 one dose, as needed : GRAPHITES 15C
 • weeping and trembling with music; anxious; restless; suspicious :
 one dose, as needed : THUYA 15C
 • when congratulated in public; by nostalgia; sentimentalism :
 one dose, as needed : LYCOPODIUM 15C
  Homeopathic Medicine for Extreme Sensitive to Noise with Depressed, asthenic Patients:
 • melancholic; general cardio-respiratory weakness; elderly people :
 3 granules, as needed : DIGITALIS 4C
 • cannot think; weak memory; insomnia; anorexia; indifferent :
 3 granules, as needed : PHOSPHORIC ACID 15C
  Homeopathic Remedies for Noise sensitive which Drives them crazy:
 • hypochondria; bad mood; frontal headache; pelvic disorders :
 3 granules, as needed : SABINA 5C
 • ringing and terrible earaches agg. at night and by heat, amel. being carried :
 3 granules, as needed : CHAMOMILLA 15C
 Hears noises
  Homeopathic Medicines for Meniere's disease:
Meniere's disease produce great noise in ear with Vertigo and deafness.
 --  buzzing; deafness to voice and sounds; sensitive to low tones :
 --  violent ringing; roaring; buzzing with deafness; polyarthritis :
 • 3 granules, as needed : CHININUM SULFURICUM 3C
  Homeopathic Medicines for Poeple who Hears voices with Tinnitus: 
 --  melancholic delusion; paranoia; night terrors; temporary amnesia :
 • 3 granules, as needed : KALIUM BROMATUM 9C
 --  of dead people; many frightful images; desire to escape from their room or their bed :
 • 3 granules, as needed : BELLADONNA 30C
 --  schizophrenic delirium; oversensitive to odors and touch :
 • one dose, as needed : PHOSPHORUS 15C
 See : anger, anxiety, delusions, dreams, emotional, eye, fears, headache, migraine, nervousness, neuralgia, odors, otitis, pains, reslessness, sensations, vertigo, vomiting.
References: BOUKO LEVY M., Homeopathic and Drainage Repertory,


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