Wife of an army assistant,fear indifferent, vaginismus,migraine and pedal edema - Gelsemium 200c

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-Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)
Wife of an army assistant 32/f,residing faraway from native owing to husband’s duty, having symptoms of great fear, fear of trifles, anticipation. This becomes a great torture for her husband. He is much worried of her behavior. Moreover she is dominant, indifferent. Having vaginismus, migraine and pedal edema. Mind symptoms are relieved after Gelsemium 200c 4 pills. Sepia 200c is repeated after Gel, as complementary on considering her history of abortion and indifference. Her headache is also relieved. Fear of heights is relieved completely. Symptom of nausea while travelling up is relieved almost. Now her husband feeling comfort with her.  They are leading happy life. Homeopathy really changed their life in fact their incompatibility has vanished with Homeopathic remedies.
Homeopathy works well in treating psychiatric complaints. Behavior problems can be treated with proper constitutional treatment. Relieving suppression's with Homeopathy can lead into stress less life. A healthy nation can be build up with Homeopathic Therapy. Govt should encourage Homeopathy from childhood. Parents must be educated to use Homeopathy as first choice. Go for other alternatives only in case of emergency.

Work Sheet:
20th may 2011
Thirst less, weakness
FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - ABORTION - month - second month
MIND - DICTATORIAL, domineering, dogmatical, despotic
fearful mind
14th june 2011
relieved headache, sleep improved, headache relieved
20th july 2011
relieved all complaints
22nd july 2011
want of children
sep, med 200c
18th nov 2011
reld slight
12th march 2012
relieved slight
6th june 2012
pedal odema,
6th sep 2012
oedema reld, throat pain, cold,
kc 200c
19th nov 2012
sleep disturbed, fearful,
31st jan 2013
3rd april 2013
sent medicine post
23rd may 2013
relieved, pain eyes, redness
2nd july 2013
relieved slight
10th sep 2013
relieved most
sacla 200c
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