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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Best Homeopathic Treatment and Remedies for Hairfalling

Posted by Drdevendra Kumar MD Homeo
- Dr.Sindhuja BHMS
The medical terminology for hair loss is alopecia. Generally hair fall occurs due to various reasons they include.
Homeopathy for hairfalling:

Hairfalling Homeopathic remedies
In some cases it occurs due to skin diseases of scalp, in some cases it may be due to nutritional deficiencies, Harmonal factors such as pregnancy and child birth paly a important role in hair loss, in rare cases hair fall may be due to auto- immune diseases.
Some patients who suffer with chronic illness such as hypothyroidism also complain of hair loss.
Hair loss may become a problem after typhoid fever, in some cases genetic factors and injuries also may be the cause for chronic hair loss. Homeopathic Treatment is very effective in treating various kinds of Hairfall. Homeopathic remedies helps in regrowth of hair by curing root cause of the disease.

 Typeof hairs  loss :

 1. Involutional alopecia : It is as natural condition. Hair thins with age.

 2. Male pattern of hair loss: It begins to appear in late 20s. Hair fall mainly appears on crown then on sides.

 3. Female pattern of hair loss : It begins to appear in late 40s. hair loss is equal in distribution over the entire scalp

 4. Alopecia areata :  It starts suddenly at any age. There is hair loss in patches.

 5. Trichotillomania : Mostly seen in children. It is a psychological disorder. Patients pulls out his own hair.

Homoeopathic treatment for hair loss :
Below are some indications for intentifying Homeopathic remedies in various Constitutions of Hairfalling Patients.

  Baryta carb as Homeopathic Remedy for Hairfalling : In baryta carb patients hair fall is seen in young people. There is premature        graying of hair .
  Carbo vegetulis Homeopathic best remedy in hair problems : It is indicated medicine in hair fall after child birth, after chronic illness.These patients can be identified by the presence of gastric complaints.
  Graphites is also is good Homeopathy Remedy in Hairfalling cases. : In these patients hair fall is associated with dandruff. Hair tangles easily.
 These patients also complain of skin conditions like cracks and fissures in various parts of body .
  Fluoric acid is Homeopathic remedy in male hair falling cases  : Fluoric acid is one of the best indicated medicine after typhoid fever.Hair fall associated with itching of scalp.
  Lachesis is very good Homeo Hair remedy : It is one of the best indicated medicine in women during pregnancy and menopause.
  Phosphorus is best in treating Hair problem with lung complaints : It is on of the highly recommended remedy for regrowth of hair in spots.
 Hair fall mainly in anemic conditions.
  Lycopodium also good Homeopathic remedy in Baldness of male: It is suited to baldness especially on sides where it appears prematurely. Indicated in hair fall after child birth. Premature graying of hair is seen. These patients also complain of gastric troubles.
  Sepia is also prominent remedy in Hair cases of women with uterine problems: It is prominent remedy for hair fall in patients with hormonal imbalances. These patients also complain of uterine troubles.

  Silicea works very good in lean people with hair complaints : It is best remedy for hair fall in young people. These patients will have profuse sweating  all over scalp. They frequently suffer from head aches.

  Natrum muriaticum is best Homeopathic Medicine when patients suffering with mental depression and Hair falling : In these patients falling out of hair is seen even when touched or combed . A good remedy for nursing women.

   Phosphoric acid is male hairfalling remedy:  In these patients hair fall is generally associated with weakness.


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