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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Top 9 Homeopathic Remedies that Every body should have

Posted by Drdevendra Kumar MD Homeo

Homeopathic Home Remedies that Everybody should have in day to day life:

Homeopathy home remedies

Homeopathy is second most enormous business on the planet. It has its benefits over the allopathic system. Not at all like allopathic prescriptions some homeopathic pharmaceuticals are backup in everyday life. Can be utilizable in most therapeutic conditions. They can be utilized preceding counseling Homeopathic medico. Unquestionably they incite no reactions.

Homeopathic Remedies like Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla, lycopodium, phosphorus, carbo veg, Arsenic collection are particularly helpful in most health related problems. They ought to be utilized as a part of single measurement. In the event that so they can yield great result. Can cure most hazardous coming sicknesses even.

Let us see some medical conditions in which these most useful Homeopathic Home Remedies are helpful.

Nux Vomica: is the first most Homeo Remedy to be kept in our Homeopathic Medical Kit. Nux Vomica is useful in conditions like,

Indigestion: Nux stomach Problems are very peculiar. Symptoms of stomach upset aggravate after taking spicy good. Most irritable mind and easily anger tendency guide us to prescribe this Homeopathic Medicine.

Loose stool, Frequent stools or Diarrhoea: Nux Vomica is a great remedy in curing frequent stool. Nux Patients with Diarrhoea symptoms feels abdomen pain before going to stool.Pain will be relieved after passing stool. Abdomen pain will not bother him till the next stool.

Neurological Conditions: Nux Vomica is helpful in paralysis like medical conditions. Paralysis in those addicted to alcohol and other stimulants is most peculiar.

Nux Vomica should not be used in those patients who have Brain tumors and aneurism in brain etc otherwise it can produce epileptic fits.

Nux Vomica or Nux Vom or Nux is useful in 30c, 200c and 1M potency.

The next Best Remedy is Pulsatilla Nigricans. It is useful in diseases like Fevers, Indigestion, Appendicitis and Varicose Veins etc.

Pulsatilla for Fever case:  Puls is most helpful remedy in fevers ranging from common seasonal fevers to malaria and typhoid.The peculiarity in pulsatilla fever is thirstlessness and mildness of symptoms. Puls patients will not have most aggressive symptoms with any kind of fever. Patient experience raise in temperature with mild headache, chill with no thirst.

Pulsatilla Homeopathic Remedy for Appendicitis: Puls is most useful remedy in Appendicitis cases. Number of cases are recorded that are cured with this Homeopathic Remedy. The most guiding symptom is Pain in abdomen starts after taking oily food a day before. Patient is thirstless.All those symptoms of appendicitis like Vomiting, nausea, fever and pain in abdomen will be experienced. Pain will be most severe,patient double bends with abdomen pain. After giving a dose of Pulsatilla, Pain will be relieved within two minutes.The patient goes to sleep immediately. 

Lycopodium in our day to day life. It is one of the best most Homeopathic Remedy for Gastritis and Erectile dysfunction:

Lycopodium is most useful Homeopathic Medicine for Gastritis cases. I have cured number of cases with single dose of Lycopodium 200c. Just 2 pills of Lycopodium can prevent Gastritis of ten years long standing. Patients who are habituated to daily OMAZ for gas have stopped taking medicine after Lyco 200 Just single dose.I have a recent case of Police constable who takes omeprazole for gas distention abdomen. Initially he stated with mild dose gradually needed to increased dosage of omaze. He was dissatisfied and fear about this allopathic medicine. I gave him a dose just 2 pills of Lycopodium 200, has cured completely his gastritis. He was very much happy and become a great fan to Homeopathic Treatment. Patient must have systematic life style and food habits to cure his gas problem completely.

Lyco is also a great remedy for Erectile dysfunction. These erectile problem patients often suffer from Gastric Complaints.

Phosphorus is most useful in cases of Lung diseases and Hair Falling.

I have great experience with phosphorus 200c in cases of Hair Falling. This remedy works better in 1M potency in Hair falling cases. Phos patients often desire for cool drinks. these are tall and slim with sociable mind set. I would like to mention a case of Hairfalling alopacea almost become bald. This person is talkative in nature and tall slim. I have him a dose 2 pills of Phosphorus 1m. Hair on mustache and head. eye brows started to grow with in one month.

Another case of Phosporus 200 is a women. She is suffering from burning abdomen. She is also a great loquacious patient. used all sorts of medications but of no use. I have her a dose of Phosphorus 200, 2 pills. Relieved her pain in abdomen to a great extent.

Carbo Vegetabilis is very great Homeopathic Medicine for Gastric Distention of abdomen.

Carob veg is most suitable remedy for Gastric Complaints. Often these patients feel pain in upper abdomen and chest. The skin of carbo vegetabilis patients is very cold to touch. Carbo veg is also useful in Lung diseases like Asthma, Bronchitis etc. It can save the patients who are on death bed. Carbo veg patients have great craving for air. It can supply oxygen to weakened tissue.

Another most Homeopathic Remedy is Arsenicum Album. Must and should have remedy in our Home.

Arsenicum is great remedy useful in wide variety of diseases. Frequent cold and cough in children is cured by this remedy. Allergic rhinitis cases often benefited by this great anti allergy Homeopathic Remedy. I have cured some migraine cases wonderfully with Arsenium album 200c. Diarrhoea after taking spoiled food can be cured with this remedy. Arsenicum patients feel extreme weakness with acute complaints. These patients have fear of death with much anxiety.


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