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Friday, May 28, 2010

ULCERS [Ulcers]:

Posted by Drdevendra Kumar MD Homeo

Acidum-mur [Mur-ac]
Stinging itching and painful ulcers, with foetid odor, though covered with a crust; putrid ulcers,with burning pain or heat or heat on edges, jerking pains; pus foetid and scanty.
Acidum-nitr [Nit-ac]
Ulcer is sensitive and of an offensive odor;burning pain and heat in edges,shooting and pricking pains; superficial or mercurial ulcers, worse from touch or bathing in cold water easily bleeding deep ulcers; fistulous ulcers difficult to heat; pricking in ulcers; pus copious,bloody, corroding, ichorous; rapid destruction of parts.
Ammonium-carb [Am-c]
Putrid flat ulcers with pungent sensation, pain relieved by keeping limb elevated and from outward pressure; pus white and putrid.
Angustura-vera [Ang]
Flat ulcers, eating into the ones; abscess of ankle joint; bones of arms affected; spinal caries, (<) after rubbing and in bed. Antimonium-crud [Ant-c] Fistulous, deep and flat ulcers; spongy ulcers, with itching or pricking; granulations exuberant, worse from bathing or getting heated near the fire; pus scanty. Antimonium-tart [Ant-t] Deeply penetrating, malignant ulcers; broad and deep sloughing ulcers; gangrenous ulcers with hectic fever; ulcers surrounded with black pustules, which break down into deep ulcers; no pus, merely oozing of foetid humor. Arnica [Arn] Ulcers of a bluish color, bleeding easily, attended by a bruised sensation in contiguous; results of contusions. Arsenicum-iod [Ars-i] Ulcers resulting from cutaneous irritation; discharges thin, offensive, with rapid loss of tissue, corroding every part over which it passes. Arsenicum [Ars] Burning in interior of ulcer, felt also while sleeping. mortifying putrid ulcers, with high edges and shining redness of surrounding skin; base of ulcer of blackish color, or lardaceous foetid ichor and proud flesh in the ulcer; thin scruff on the surface; bleeding slightly when bandaging; flat, gangrenous, or inflamed ulcers surroundings skin of a dusky-red, with borders exquisitely sensitive; pus copious, bloody, ichorous, or corrosive putrid, thin and watery; ulceration extending in breadth (Sil., in depth); (>) from warmth (Sec., (<) from warmth) Asafoetida [Asaf] Ulcers with intermittent pricking pain, high hard edges, SENSITIVE TO TOUCH, easily bleeding; shooting pains around ulcer; pus profuse, greenish, thin,offensive, even ichorous; ulcers turn black. Ulcers, particularly when affecting the bones,discharging ichorous, thin and foetid pus; ulcerations from burns and salts, with great sensitiveness to suffering; intolerable soreness around ulcer. Asterias-rubens [Aster] Sycosis, flabby, lymphatic constitutional; scrofulous ulcers with sensitive edges and foetid discharge; skin destitute of pliability and elasticity; tetters. Aurum [Aur] Deep ulcers affecting the bones; cancerous ulcers; mercurial ulcers; bluish-red, deep, fistulous, swollen and painful; itching, shooting and burning pus yellow and foetid. Baryta-carb [Bar-c] Fistulous ulcers in glands, especially in those of neck, with feeling of tension; gnawing pain, or as if burnt; scabby, crusty ulcers, painless underrated ulcers, difficult to heat; pus scanty and gelatinous, or totally absent; glands of neck hard and suppurating; parotis enormously swollen. Belladonna [Bell] Ulcers with irritable granulations, exquisitely sensitive; surface of bright-red color;throbbing, pulsating pain; parts swollen, (<) by touching and handing. Borax [Bor] Ulcers from about joints, particularly about joints of fingers (Mez., Sep.) Bromium [Brom] Ulcers with a carrion-like odor and threatening gangrene; skin surrounding it has a greenish-yellow look. Calcarea-carb [Calc] Unhealthy, ulcerative skin, even small wounds suppurate; scrofulous ulcers; fistulous ulcers with redness, hardness and swelling of the surround skin; carious ulcers; inflamed or putrid ulcers; high and feeble granulations;eating ulcers; inflamed or putrid ulcers;high and feeble granulations; tearing and throbbing in ulcers, which are white or and yellow pus scanty and albuminous ( follows well). Calcarea-phos [Calc-p] Carious ulcers in sensitive, easily excited persons who complain greatly of the warmth of the room; ulcers burning and itching. Calendula-off [Calend] Inflamed ulcers, painful as if beaten; excessive secretion of pus, surrounding parts red, with stinging pains in ulcer;phagedenic ulcers spreading in depth and width; weak; indolent, sloughing, varicose or haemorrhagic ulcers, (<) at night. Cantharis [Canth] Chronic, inveterate ulcers,defying all former treatment, limb swollen, of a brown color and discharging thin ichor, ulcer with itching, lacerating, burning and stinging pains in it; pus copious, in odorous, slightly yellow, sometimes, tinged with blood, pains (<) from rubbing or scratching. Carbo-veg [Carb-v] Varicose, scorbutic, livid, easily bleeding and foetid cadaverous-smelling and corroding, scanty secretion; folds of skin become raw and ulcerated; burning pains, mottled appearance of skin around ulcer; flat; spreading ulcer of an dynamic type, discharging thin, corrosive, offensive ichor, which is burning; indolent, sluggish ulcers. Carduus-mar [Card-m] Varicose ulcer with severe burning and itching; oedema of feet, portal hyperaemia, haemorrhoids, constipation. Causticum [Caust] Bleeding ulcers with blisters on the surrounding skin; boring and burning in ulcers; burning on edges; pain as if burnt; sensitive ulcers with pustules as around them; swollen, with a feeling of tenseness in them; pus bloody, corroding, greenish or gay, ichorous, and thin s water; phagedenic ulcers; varicose and fistulous ulcers on hands, fingers and toes, corroding, thin, acrid, watery discharge, with burning pain, (<) in damp weather and from walking; ulcer on ankle. Cepa [All-c] ULCER ON HEEL FROM FRICTION; gangraena senilis. Chamomilla [Cham] Unhealthy skin, every injury suppurates; burning and smarting pain in ulcer at night, with crawling and painful oversensitiveness to touch. Chelidonium [Chel] Old, putrid, spreading ulcers; deep, fistulous, spreading, itching ulcers, better from firm pressure red and painful pimples and pustules on various parts. China [Chin] Ichorous, sensitive ulcers, having putrid smell; flat; shallow ulcers, with copious discharge; carious ulcers, with profuse seat; wounds become black, gangrenous; painful sensitiveness in ulcer,especially when moving the part; pus bloody; ichorous and foetid malaria. Cistus-can [Cist] Mercurio-syphilitic ulcers,surrounded by hard swelling, on the lower limbs; old ulcers; glands swollen, inflamed, indurated or ulcerated. Clematis [Clem] Scabby, deep ulcers; indurated ulcers with high, elevated edges,. difficult to heat; itching in and around ulcer; shooting pain in under when touched;serous, yellow, acrid and ichorous; scanty suffusion or total suppression of pus. Ulcers herpeticum. Conium [Con] Blackish ulcers, with bloody,foetid, ichorous discharges, especially after contusion; burning, crusty and deep ulcers painless, hard and fistulous ulcers; nocturnal pains in them prevent sleep; pus foetid, watery and ichorous; concealed cancer of bone. Condurango [Cund] Indolent ulcers, with hard, callous edges and foul, ichorous discharge; old ulcers appearing cancerous. Cuprum [Cupr] Old ulcer,skin inelastic, doughlike; hard, inflamed ulcers, with jerking pain;sensitive ulcers, with redness around the edges pus scanty and surrounding. Dulcamara [Dulc] Painful ulcers with scanty discharge, worse from cold or wet, or from atmospheric changes. Euphorbium [Euph] Old, torpid ulcers;ulcers turning black insensible ulcers; lancinating and lacerating pains, (<) morning on getting heated ear fire, (>) from motion and walking.
Ferrum [Ferr]
Pale, oedematous ulcers, skin pale, yellow, swallow, dirty, withered,flabby.
Fluoric-acid [Fl-ac]
Painful ulcers, worse from warmth, better from cold, with copious discharge varicose veins and ulcer on legs burning pains on small spots on skin.
Graphites [Graph]
Old ulcers with foetid pus, proud flesh and itching, stinging pains; skin not inclined to heal, cracks and fissures, easily ulcerating; sensitive, sore, spongy ulcers, with a salty discharge; crusty and scabby ulcers; pus bloody, watery, acrid and corroding, smelling like herring brine.
Hepar-sulph [Hep]
Ulcers discharge bloody pus, smelling like old cheese, edges very sensitive, with a pulsating sensation; stinging burning pain in the edges mercurial ulcers; ulcers with jagged edges and surround by pustules or blisters; pus laudable or foetid, ichorous and corroding.
Hyoscyamus [Hyos]
Inflamed ulcer,the surrounding skin being of a bright vermilion redness; ulcers painful, bleeding, with bruised feeling on moving the parts.
Ignatia [Ign]
Painless ulcers, with scanty discharge, generally worse from sight touch, better from hard pressure; skin chafed an sore.
Iodum [Iod]
Bleeding ulcers, destitute of feeling, with spongy edges; hard spongy and sensitive ulcers,with a feeling of tenseness and soreness; pus copious, bloody and corroding, or chin, watery and yellow.
Jacea [Viol-t]
Burrowing ulcers; ichorous ulcers with violent itching; skin difficult to heal.
Kali-bichrom [Kali-bi]
Ulcers dry, oval, edges overhanging, bright-red areola; base hard, corroding,becoming deeper;cicatrix remains depressed; ulcers on previously inflamed feet' ulcers on fingers, with carious affections of the bones; pains burning, stinging unhealthy-looking ulcer,with a tough exudation adhering to the base of the ulcer; lupus; syphilitic ulcer.
Kali-carb [Kali-c]
Bleeding boring, corroding ulcers; disposition to phlebitis pus copious,bloody, ichorous, thin and watery.
Kreosotum [Kreos]
Old, painful, putrid ulcers, spongy; burning ulcers; pus acrid, ichorous foetid, yellow.
Lachesis [Lach]
Irritable ulcer; ULCERATION ABOUT ANKLES IN VARICOSE LEGS itching ulcers,with dark blisters around; flat ulcers, HEAD AT CIRCUMFERENCE AND VERY SENSITIVE with black bottom, discharging verb little Puls but easily bleeding; gangrenous ulcers ones and toes; ulcers sensitive to touch, with ichorous, offensive discharge, many small pimples around them, areola purple, better from warmth; bedsore,s with back edges. the ulcer is large, with tendency to extend rapidly; burning pain only when touching the sore; smooth ulcer, with jagged edges, surrounded by papillae or small ulcers, and of a livid appearance.]
Lycopodium [Lyc]
Old ulcers on legs, with nightly tearing., burning and itching; fissures on heels, with oozing of water, from sore places; fistulous ulcers, with hard, red,. shining and inverted edges; tumid ulcers; with elevated and indurated edges; ulcers bleed and burn when dressed; tearing and itching itching at night, burning when touched; inflammatory swelling of affected parts; pus copious and albuminous, or sanious, gray, yellow and acrid. Ulcer on malleolus.
Mercurius [Merc]
SUPERFICIAL, FLAT, READILY BLEEDING ulcers, with a lardaceous base, worse from heat of bed and hot and cold applications; spreading ulcers, exceedingly painful, and sensitive to slightest touch; unequal elevations and depressions; gnawing and throbbing pains; ulcers of a bluish or livid appearance, with hard, elevated and jagged edges; superficial ulcers of a whitish appearance; pus scanty or copious, but never laudable.
Mezereum [Mez]
Ulcers, with sensitive areolae and easily bleeding, painful at night, pus under scabs, burning vesicles around ulcers; shooting, biting, pricking pains in ulcer, pus scanty or totally suppressed; worse from rubbing or scratching; lint sticks to ulcer, and when torn away it bleeds.
Natrum-carb [Nat-c]
Ulcers with swelling and inflammatory redness of affected parts; skin dry, rough and chapped, swelling and induration of glands; pricking pricking; pulsating, burning in ulcers; worse when lying down; ulcer on heel (Cepa).
Natrum-mur [Nat-m]
Varices; superficial ulcer; red, angry-looking, smarting ulcers, surrounds by vesicles, no suppurations.
Nitric-acid [Nit-ac]
Ulcers offensive, irregular in outline, and tends to dips deeply, with profuse exuberant granulations, bleeding easily from slightest touch; which pains as if splinters were sticking in affected, parts of burning, (<) from cold water; syphilo- mercurial or scrofulous ulcers.
Nux-vomica [Nux-v]
Raised ulcers, with pale-red edges, burning or jerking pain; prurient itching; sore, sensitive ulcers, with a feeling of tenseness; pus greenish or corroding; worse after menstruation, from touch, in dry, windy weather, better when lying on sound side, in damp weather.
Petroleum [Petr]
Spreading, sloughing ulcerations of legs; ulcers on toes, originating in blisters; feet tender and bathed in a foul moisture; ulcers with stinging pain and proud flesh, often deep ulcers, with raised edges; painful, sensitive, spongy ulcers; they heal with difficulty; pus scanty, acrid, corroding; sanious and watery; worse from cold in winter.
Phosphorous [Phos]
Fistulous ulcers, with callous edges, erysipelatous; gnawing pain;hectic; pus thin, ichorous, foetid, easily secreted; worse from weather changes; LITTLE ULCERS AROUND A LARGE ONE, often accompanied by eczema or psoriasis.
Phosphoric-acid [Ph-ac]
Ulcers like carbuncles on skin, with a coppery circumference, flat, itching and smarting; external parts turn black, with profuse, watery, foul discharge, especially over tibia.
Phytolacca [Phyt]
Ulcers, with an appearance as if punched out, lardaceous bottom; pus watery, foetid, ichorous; shooting, lancinating, jerking pains; carcinoma, syphilis.
Plumbum [Plb]
Decubitus and gangrene; burning in the ulcers; small wounds inflamed and suppurate easily.
Polygonum-hydropiper [Polyg]
Superficial ulcers and sores on lower extremities; old and indolent ulcers.
Psorinum [Psor]
Ulcers on lower legs with intolerable itching over whole body; oozing blisters on legs, from small pustules, increasing in size, with tearing pains,; eruptions on in step, soon becoming thick, dirty, scaly, suppurating, painful and itching keeping him wake; deeply penetrating, ichorous ulcers; crusty eruptions all over; whole body has a filthy smell.
Pulsatilla [Puls]
Easily bleeding ulcer,s with burning, stinging or itching around them, with hard or red areola, surrounded by papillae; opus thick, bland, too profuse; better from cold and on wetting affected part.
Ranunculus-bulb [Ran-b]
Flat, burning, stinging ulcer, with ichorous discharge; pus sanious or acrid; worse from touch or cold.
Rhus-tox [Rhus-t]
Small vesicles, turning or putrid, gangrenous and spreading ulcers; tingling and smarting as if from salt in ulcer; ulcers surrounded by papillae; pus acrid and sanious.
Ruta [Ruta]
Fistulous ulcers on lower legs; ulcers and scabs on scalp, with copious discharge; bruised feeling all over, as from a fall or blow; skin becomes easily charted; pus sanious; worse in damp weather; gnawing-jerking pains.
Sanguinaria [Sang]
Old, indolent ulcers, with callous borders and ichorous discharge; dirty granulations; dry, sharp-cut edges; languid circulation; limbs cold; skin pallid;sensitive to weather changes.
Sarsaparilla [Sars]
Herpetic ulcers, extending in a circular form, forming no crusts; red, granulated bases, white border; skin appears as after application of a warm compress; serous, reddish secretions; ulcers after abuse of mercury; rhagades, deep burning scrofulous.
Secale [Sec]
Varicose ulcers and enlarged veins of old people; bleeding ulcers, turning black, feeling as if burnt; gangrene; better from cold, worse from heat; pus putrid.
Selenium [Sel]
Flat ulcers; frequent tingling on small spots of the skin, with great irritation to scratch; spots remain humid; pains worse after sleep.
Sepia [Sep]
Ulcer on hell or ankle; painless ulcers on joints or tips of fingers ulcers, with digging pains; fistulous, hard ulcers, high, elevated edges, hard top heal; jerking, itching pricking pains, proud flesh in them, sensitive, sore, spongy ulcers; pustules around ulcer, with red areola; pus copious, corroding gelatinous, greenish, ichorous or scanty, putrid, viscid, sour- smelling, thin, whitish ichor.
Silicea [Sil]
Ulcers from suppuration of membranous parts, phagedenic, extending in depth; aching pain in ulcer, becoming black at base or edges, and bleeding; boring or burning in edges and sensation of coldness in ulcer; deep or flat, crusty ulcers; hard, fistulous or gangrenous ulcers; proud flesh in ulcer, which is difficult to heal; jerking and itching in and around ulcer; pulsating, putrid ulcers, with red areola;spongy ulcers, edges hard, high and spongy, stinging, burning, itching pains; pus copious, brownish, corroding, gelatinous or grayish, bloody and ichorous; scanty, putrid, thin, watery, yellow; worse in open air, from weather change, lying on painful side, or pressure chronicity and persistency of suppuration; induration of cellular tissue.
Staphisagria [Staph]
Rapidly spreading ulcer with a red areola, yellow putrid discharge and hard edges, mercurial ulcers after failure of Nitr- ac, or Hep scorbutic ulcers, itching and burning in ulcers; gnawing, jerking, tearing or shooting pains, pus excessive acrid, ichorous and foetid, or scanty, worse from touch and pressure.
Sulphur [Sulph]
Ulcers, with raised swollen edges, bleeding easily, surrounded with pimples, with tearing stinging pains, and discharging foetid pus, fistulous ulcers, irregular jagged edges, oedematous swelling and reddish brown discoloration of skin; pus thick; yellow and foetid, or thin and foetid.
Thuja [Thuj]
Flat ulcers, with a bluish-white bottom, ulcers with indurated edges, surrounded by blisters containing pus, deep, burning and fistulous ulcers; itching, pricking and proud flesh in ulcers, spongy on edges, ulcers with serrated edges better from rubbing or scratching.
Veratrum-alb [Verat]
Bluish ulcers, hard, indurated ulcers, itching, painless but with redness of the areola; pus scanty.
Zincum-met [Zinc]
Herpetic ulcers bleeding and burning ulcers, destitute of feeling, redness of surrounding skin, with sensation of tenseness; pus bloody and corroding.


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