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Thursday, January 7, 2010

ELAPS CORALLINUS Homeopathic Remedy Bleeding Disorders

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Brazilian Coral Snake.
Family Ophidia. Order Elapidae.
First introduced in Homoeo by Mure, Poison pressed from the venom sac of the living snake and triturated with sugar of Milk. Later Higgins prepares the triturition with gall, Fel Elapidis corallinis.

Elaps called as coral venom as it contains vermilion red coloring, red rings and red bands alternating with black ones.
The bite produced by this snake resembles same as other coubrines. The bitten part becomes painful, swollen and discolored. Bleeding takes place not only from the bitten place but also from all the orifices. Discharges are very dark.
The color and bleeding from many mucous membranes are upto the extent of haemolysis.
It has features common to the "snake" group of remedies, like loquacity, jealousy, egotism, deceit, venomous disposition, etc.
In contrast with Lachesis, this venom takes its chief action on the right side of the body, though the left side not altogether escaped. One more thing there is characteristic coldness of the body.

CLINICAL: Amaurosis. Cancer. Deafness. Ear disorders. Hemorrhages. Headache. Hemiplegia. Knee, pain in. Metrorrhagia. Nasopharyngitis. Nosebleed. Nose, stuffed. Ozaena. Pneumonia. Tuberculosis.
It is one of the best drug for pulmonary infarction.
Elaps preeminently acts on blood. Other parts are Nose, ears, throat Complaints. Rheumatic constitutions.
Worse on approach of storms, Cold drinks or food, dampness, night, in room. Better; Rest; Walking > nosebleed and pain in abdomen and chest.

Elaps can easily distinguished by the strong cravings or desires for physical things like, sweetened butter milk, milk, cold things, ice, sour,sweet, fruits like bananas, oranges, salads.

Elaps is distinguished by the pre-eminent blackness of its discharges and hemorrhages. Characteristic symptoms are: Fruit and cold drinks lie like ice on stomach and cause a cold feeling in chest. Sensation as if food turned like corkscrew on swallowing. Sensation as if all the blood were collected in head. Black ear wax.

Sensation of internal coldness throughout the body. Adynamic sepsis. Spasms, then paralysis. Oscillatory movements. The right side feels weak insensible or even paralyzed. Mucous membranes
Wrinkled. As of a heavy load or weight on the affected part. Twisting sensation.

Depressed, imagines he hears someone talking,. Fear of rain. Fears having a stroke.
Dreads to be left alone, causes chattering of the teeth and trembling. Shuddering from least contradiction with pricking.
Angry about one's self, does not wish to be spoken to. Can speak, but cannot understand speech.

Rushes of blood to the head. Violent headache, extending from forehead to occiput, first one eye, then the other. Vertigo with tendency to fall forward. Weight and pain in forehead. Fullness in head.

Red spots on face. Bloated. Dull yellowish color.
Aversion to light, letters run together when reading.Burning in lids. Bloated around the eyes in the morning. Large red fiery spots before eyes. Black rings before eyes (left).

Nostrils stopped up. Chronic nasal catarrh with fetid odor and greenish crusts. Ozaena with a yellowish-green discharge. Mucous membrane wrinkled, nostrils plugged up with dry mucus. Pains from nose to ears on swallowing. Nosebleeds black like ink after a blow.

Wax black and hard with difficult hearing or serous greenish discharge offensive. Buzzing noise. Illusions of hearing. Sudden attack of nightly deafness with roaring and crackling in ears,
Cracking in ears on swallowing. Intolerable itching in ear. Otorrhea

Painful, difficult swallowing for solids and liquids.Spasmodic contractions of esophagus and pharynx, food and liquids are suddenly arrested and then fall heavily into the stomach. Sensation of a
sponge in esophagus. Thick, very offensive, dry, greenish-yellow crusts upon the posterior pharyngeal wall and extremely foul breath.

Itching of vulva and vagina. Dysmenorrhea with a flow of black blood. Sensation as if something burst in the womb, then continuous streams of dark colored blood, better when urinating. Discharge of black blood between menses.

Hemorrhage from lungs black as ink and watery, stitches in apex of right lung. Fainting caused by
Stooping. Oppression in going upstairs. Peeling off of skin from palms and fingers. Cough with terrible pain through lungs. The lungs seem forcibly separated.

Stiffness in the right side of neck. Lancinating in left side of neck, in the whole spinal marrow from occiput to sacrum. Pressure between the shoulders. Coldness in back. Pain in the back with chilliness.Arms weak. Arms and hands swollen bluish. Knee joints feel sprained. Pricking under the nails. Peeling offpalms and finger tips. Icy cold feet. Vesicular eruptions on feet.
Glands and skin of axilla affected, itching with tetter. Tips of fingers peel off. Itching eruption in axilla.
Dreams of business. Dreams of dead persons. Bites hand during sleep.Sleeplessness from sharp headache.
Cold perspiration all over. Skin hot, dry. Typhoid when ulcers have eaten into tissues and black blood is discharged.

Antidoted by: Radiated heat, Alcohol, Ars.
Compare; Arsen., Carb.v., Crotal., Lach.,,, Rhus t.; (red spot
Before sight) Duboisia; (effects of cold, wet weather) Dulc.


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