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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

IRIS VERSICOLOR:Patient believed she had Cancer of Stomach

Posted by Drdevendra Kumar MD Homeo
Iris hexagona.Blue flag. N.O. Iridacrar.

Tincture of fresh root collected in early spring or autumn.
Trituration of the resinoid, Iridin or Irisin.

The Blue Flag is in great repute as a remedy among the Indians of North America. It was introduced into homoeopathic practice by Kitchen, of Philadelphia, by whom it was proved, as well as by that heroic prover, Burt, and others, of all of whose experiences Hale gives an excellent account.
Kitchen found Iris the most effective all round remedy in cases of vomiting of all kinds. He relates this case: A girl, age 9, had periodic spells of vomiting every month, six weeks, or sometimes four months. The attack would last three days. It began with vomiting of inges then sour fluid, lastly bile,
yellowish and green, with great heat of head. Some general fever and great prostration. Warm perspiration from efforts of straining a single dose of Iris would arrest the attack at once, all other remedies having failed.
Nash relates the case of a middle aged lady who had frequent attacks of vomiting of ropy mucus hanging from mouth to receptacle on the floor. Then the substance vomited became dark coloured like coffee grounds. She became very weak and vomited all nourishment. There was also profuse secretion of ropy salvia. The patient believed she had cancer of the stomach and made her will.
Kali bi. gave no relief. Iris cured in a short time and permanently.
This action of Iris on the intestinal tract and liver together with another characteristic action of the drug, on the nerves, renders it a great remedy in bilious sick headaches. Here again it resembles Kali bichr, for the headache of Iris is associated with a blur before the eyes. Hemicrania begins with a blurring sight; paroxysms attended with sour watery vomiting; pain involving supraorbital and dental nerves; with stupid or stunning headache. A dull soreness is left where the neuralgia had been. left
In pancreatic diabetes Ir. v. should have a very important place.
Ir. v. is no less effective in pure neuralgias, either facial or sciatic. I have cured with it left side sciatica following influenza. The generality of affections appear on the right side. Pains are erratic; shoot from right toleft.
The irritating, excoriating, and inflaming properties of Iris are seen in the affections of the skin. It has cured cases of herpes zoster (right side), eczema capitis, impetigo figurata, and psoriasis.
There is well marked periodicity in the Iris affections, headaches, colic; diarrhoea and dysentery,
recurring every spring and autumn; diarrhoea and colic 2 or 3 am.;
morning sickness; attacks at short intervals.
Symptoms set in suddenly. The headaches are < by rest, > by moderate motion,< by violent motion. Bending forward > colic. Motion < abdominal and sciatic pains. Toothache is < in warm room. Open air > headache; cold air < headache and nausea.
The concomitance of gastric symptoms gives the key to many of the cases which call for Iris; and it should not be forgotten that constipation as well as diarrhoea may be a strong indication.
Better from gentle, continued motion.
Worse in evening and at night after midnight from rest. Worse periodically, weekly, 2-3 a.m., spring and autumn, mental exhaustion, hot weather.
Frontal headache with nausea. Headache begin with blurring of vision. Sick headaches with diarrhea. Sick headaches, worse rest, begins with a blur before eyes after relaxing from a mental strain. Right temples especially affected. Shooting in temples with contractive feeling of the scalp. Tired headache with mental exhaustion (studying, sewing) worse coughing, cold air, better gentle motion. Scalp feels constricted. Pustular eruption on scalp.
Neuralgia, involving supra and infra-orbital, superior maxillary (Cinch., Spig.) and inferior dental nerves; begins after breakfast every morning, with a stupid, stunning headache, and lasts several hours. Pustular eruptions on the face, around nose, lips and cheeks, secreting a sanious, irritating matter (Graph.).
Mouth and tongue feel as though they had been scalded (Aesc., Apis, Physos., Plat., Puls., Sep.). Ulcers on mucous membranes of cheeks (Nitr. ac.). Profuse flow of saliva (Cinch., Iodi., Kali iod., Merc., Nitr. ac.); ropy, drops from mouth when talking.
Loss of appetite (Ars., Cinch., Natr. mur.). Eructations of tasteless gas; frequently empty. Nausea and vomiting of an extremely sour fluid. Vomiting of food; of bile (Grat., Nux v., Podo.); of sour milk in children (Aethus.). Great burning distress in the epigastrium (Aesc., Ars., Canth., Phos., Verat. alb.).

Cutting pain. Flatulent colic. Colicky pain before each spell of vomiting and purging. Awful burning in region of pancreas. Colic better by bending forward, better by discharge of flatulence. Sharp griping pains in the bowels. Pain in the abdomen better by discharge of flatus.
Stool thin, watery; soft yellow, with rumbling, but no pain; mushy, painless; blood and mucus, with straining. Frequent watery stools with burning in anus; disposition to strain and bear down. Great burning in anus (Ars., Canth.), as if on fire, after stool. Anus sore in morning, as if points were sticking into it. Distress in anus as if prolapsed. Constipation.
Sharp, tensive pain in right shoulder, worse on motion, particularly on raising the arm. Severe shooting pains about the phalangeal and metacarpo-phalangeal articulations.
Sciatica; painful drawing and lameness, as if left hip were wrenched, extending to popliteal space. Coxalgia in left hip.
Pustular eruptions. Herpes zoster and gastric derangements. Psoriasis, irregular patches with shining scales. Eczema with nightly itching. Sweat smells of vinegar.
Heat followed by chill, with cold hands and feet. Sweat over whole body, particularly in groin.
Antidoted by : Nux v.
Antidote to : Merc., Nux v., Phytol.

Compare: Ipec. (nausea and vomiting of pregnancy with tenderness over stomach, profuse salivation. Iris has thick, ropy saliva; Ipec. saliva is thin, must be constantly swallowed) ;
Sang. (periodic sick headache) ; Kali bich. (sick headache beginning with a blur with Kali bi. the blur precedes the pain and passes off as the pain comes on thick, ropy saliva; sciatica) ;
Ver. (diarrhoea and summer complaints ; Ver. has collapse, coldness, cold sweat.
Iris more inflammatory symptoms, excoriation about anus) ; Puls. (nightly diarrhoea Puls. more before midnight; Iris 2-3 am.) Chi. (summer diarrhoea); Sep. (sick headache) ;
Epipheg. (sick headache, ropy saliva) ; Ant. C., Ant. t., Colch., Eupat. perf., Juglans c., Lept. In burning in throat, Caps. (Caps. has < by cold water ; Ir.v. is temporarily > by drinking cold water).
Compare : Iris florentina-Orris-root-(delirium, convulsions, andparalysis);
Iris factissima (headache and hernia); Iris germanica-BlueGarden Iris-(dropsy and freckles);
Iris tenax-i. minor-(dry mouth; deathly sensation at point of stomach, pain in ileo-caecal region;
appendicitis. Pain from adhesions after).
Pancreatinum-a combination of several enzymes- (Indicated in intestinal indigestion; pain an hour or more after eating. Lienteric diarrhoea. Dose.-3-5 grains, better not given during the active period of stomachic digestion).

Aloe, Ant. curd., Ars., Bry., Colch., Iodi., Ipec., Merc., Puls., Podo., Phytol., Verat. alb., Sang., Sulph.
A valuable remedy in gastric and bilious derangements, especially where there results a dull, frontal headache and nausea. Probably more useful than any other drug for ordinary sick-headache. Neuralgia and bilious headaches, beginning over one eye, with blurred vision, vomiting; constipation.
Sometimes also nausea, profuse salivation with the headaches. Nausea from deranged digestion or biliousness, also during pregnancy. Bilious diarrhoea. Bilious colic. Hepatic derangements with vomiting of bile, soreness over liver, yellow eyes and skin, headache, etc. Constipation with headache, nausea and other symptoms, Sciatica, especially on left side, worse from motion. Eczema; crust a lactea; herpes zoster; impetigo of the head and other skin troubles, especially when associated with characteristic gastric derangements.

Iodoform. CHI3. Trituration. Solution.
Iodoform has been proved by Underwood and Haines. To the symptoms experienced by them have been added the recorded effects observed on patients treated with it in old school practice. Many cases of fatal poisoning have occurred.
All the symptoms of acute meningitis have been produced in some instances, and this fact has been turned to good account by homoeopathists.
Drowsiness is a marked feature.
Iodoform is a very useful remedy for tuberculous conditions especially tubercular meningitis. (Bacil.) Used for failing of sight due to retro-bulbar neuritis, central scotoma, partial atrophy of the optic disc.
Sub-acute and chronic diarrhea of children.
Pupils dilated, contract unequally. Sleep interrupted by sighing and cries. Mesenteric glands enlarged. Chronic diarrhea, stools, greenish, watery, undigested with irritable temper, due to suspected tuberculosis. Cannot stand or walk with eyes closed.
Breast, pains. Chancre. Cough. Delirium. Diplopia. Eczema. Enteric fever. Eye, disorders. Headaches. Heart disorders. Hydrocephalus. Locomotor ataxia. Mania. Meningitis. Paralysis. Tuberculosis.
Better by uncovering. Worse at night, warmth touch, motion. Worse by touch, by riding in cars.
Apathetic, amnesia for recent events, nightly restlessness, did not recognize persons, weak-minded. Forgetful. Irritable. Excitement, melancholia, hallucinations of sight and hearing. Screams out, leaves her bed but falls down after walking a few steps. Talks nonsense. Sees everything double.
Excessive talkativeness. Fear of death. Anguish. Bemoans her approaching death. Drowsiness developing into perfect coma. Delusions, dressing himself in strange costumes. Imagined he had the best tenor voice in the world and proceeded to hire a large concert hall.
Headache on waking. Sharp, neuralgic pain. Head feels heavy, as if it could not be lifted from the pillow. Meningitis. Itching of occiput. Stitching in temples. Frontal pain, worse from descending stairs.
Pupils, dilated, contract unequally, react poorly. Eyes bloodshot and painful. Vision double. Failing sight due to retro-bulbar neuritis, central scotoma-partial atrophy of optic disc. Sensitive to light.
Pains in malar-bones, in zygomatic muscles, worse motion and bending forward. Drawing in malar-bones, with pressing. Stiffness of zygomatic muscles. Twitching of facial muscles. Aching in right lower jaw. Lips and throat dry, lips dry and stinging.
Stool delayed, with feeling as if anus were drawn up into rectum. Cholera infantum. Chronic diarrhea, stools greenish, watery, undigested. Diarrhea with suspected tuberculosis.
Sore pain in apex of right lung. Feeling of a weight on chest. Pain in left breast like a hand grasping
at the base of the heart.
Cough and wheezing on going to bed. Hemoptysis. Asthmatic breathing. Cough from the dryness of throat. Smothering sensation. Respiration irregular, deep inspirations alternating with apnea.
Contraction of muscles of neck. Bruised sensation in nape. Spine sore, does not wish it touched. Pain along spine, along right side of dorsal vertebrae, in lumbar region, with weakness and straining. Sharp pain in angle of scapula.
Restless sleep, full of dreams. Wakefulness. Confused dreams, of accidents. Sleepiness. Very drowsy. Sleep interrupted by sighing and cries. Jerks and shocks in nerves when trying to sleep.
Susceptible to hot weather. Heat at night, keeps laying off covers. Temperature may be elevated to 104 degrees or more. Sweats easily from motion. Sweat on head.
Antidoted by : Hep. ; Sang. (skin). Compare: Iod. ; Kali iod. ; Merc.

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