I am Dr.Devendra Kumar, I am a Homeopathic physician. I pursued my BHMS degree from Dr.Gururaju Govt Homeopathic Medical College,Gudivada and MD Homeopathy from JSPS Govt Homeopathic Medical College,Hyderabad,India.
After completion of MD Homeopathy, I worked as Senior Research Fellow under Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, during this period I worked with Baba Atomic Research Centre scientists in Mumbai for 2 years; I was worked for the project “Fundamental Research “in Homeopathy. Our study related to measuring physiological variability in Heart Rate and Blood Flow after giving Homeopathic medicine to human subjects with the equipment called Medical Analyzer, developed by bio medical division at BARC, Mumbai.

Below are the experiences of patients who have received prescription from Dr.Devendra Kumar MD(Homeo).


  1. it's been a good experience interacting session on treatment.sudden and effective responses from the doctor.i luved the spirit and care

  2. Dr.D. Kumar is very carefully taking patents detail and treated as basic of homeopathic.

  3. Great doctor

    i ave suffered years with sleeplessness and headache and i was fedup with all other treatments.
    i am very much confident that Dr devendra wil give life to so many patients like me

    may god give lot of time to serve .


  4. Respected Sir/madam,
    As I know that in foreign countries there are so many non-profitable services which their citizens are sharing and doing but this blog is unique in this mankind services in India. Dr. Devendra, you are really that person to give credit for.
    Ajay Sharma

  5. It's a pleasant moment for me to describe how patients throught the global village are being taken care of by Dr. Devendra. Please stand by as usual. May God bless you.

  6. Please read "through out" instead of "throught"

  7. i would be very thankful to Dr.devendra after completely recover my disease. as per advise im taking a homeo medicine for skin problem it was so longer time, now only 20 days is being after taken i think 50 percent recover.it is great achievement for me,he has very nice experience.we pray to God for long time and serve humanity

  8. I am completly satisfied with the treatment given by Doctor.

  9. He is not only a good doctor but a kind,compassionate and helpful person

  10. it is very fortunate to have Dr.Devendra in my hometown. i can say confidently he can cure any disease.

  11. Dr.Devendrakumar MD (Homeo)is a very expertised in the line of Homeopthy.He treats the patient with classical Homeopathy,a right way of Homeopathy to treat a patient succesfully. I consulted one than more Homeopaths for my decease,but that is withou relief.Atlast I consulted Dr. Devendrkumar and with his prescrption since last 20 days I am on the path of recovery.I wish him all success. -INDRAVADAN PANDYA

  12. I happened upon this site when searching desperately for help for a peri rectal abscess. I asked a doseage question online and received an answer quickly. I ordered Myristica Sebifera and took 6 pellets and waited - the first day after I took them, i felt like the abscess was starting to festur up again and it did a little then I did my sitz bath and within 3 days I started really noticing a difference. It is now 2 weeks later and I feel absolutely nothing. I have been with symptoms and pain for over 3 months now so for me this is significant. I feel this is the best thing that could have happened to me. I will keep it on hand as I so want to avoid any kind of surgical procedure. Thank you so much your help Dr. Devendra Kumar. I am so appreciative

  13. I have been suffering from a severe and very painful condition called a peri rectal abscess. I wanted to avoid surgery as some folks have had it up to 4 or more times. I conferred online with Dr. Kumar who instructed me to take Myristica Sebifura - 6 tabs one time only - I did and I can tell you I am having absolutely no pain or symptoms at this time. I am hopeful that this issue is resolved and will stay on top of things to make sure. thanks so much Dr. Kumar.

  14. I have taken natrum sulph 200c as prescribed and my hand has loosened up a bit but still sore and my middle finger is still slightly bent but not as painful, I definitely feel that this has helped.Feels good NOT to have to go to a medical dr. for another 'pill'.

  15. Dr.Devendrakumar MD (Homeo)is a expert in the field of Homeopthy.He treats the patient with classical Homeopathy,a right way of Homeopathy to treat a patient succesfully. My wife was not keeping well with severe cold and Cough from long time . We used so many Medicines but it didn't give positive result. Finally we consulted Dr.Devendrakumar and followed his prescribed Homeopathy medicines and found the cough and cold gradually decreased. He is a gem and expert in Homeopathy.I Wish him very best of Luck --- Vasu Tummala

  16. This is the first time I've consulted Dr.Devendra Kumar for my severe postpartum hairloss and saw improvement right after the first dose. Wish I could see him personally and get into better health overall with his expertise.
    Thanks Doc. Keep up the good work. U restored my faith in alternate healing.

  17. It is been great to know Dr. Devendra Kumar. He has given a medicine to my kid and she is showing great improvment in very limited time. Thanks for his service.


  18. Thakns, Sir , received my answer/rubrics and remedies for this rubrics from Murphy's and Synthesis repertory. I request you to please to continue to support.

  19. Mr. Davendra kumar is a first Doctor whose prescribtion has given me the benifit concerning my health at first prescribtion.Due to which my health has improved...and i think i will be healthy....

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  21. i have approached Dr Devendra kumar for symptoms of hypertension and piles (painless bleeding ). he advised me free of cost. the medication was very effective and both the conditions were well addressed; the BP is since almost normal 134 /88 and bleeding is reduced significantly.
    Dr DK

  22. Is azoospermia cureable?


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  25. Is GERD (Acid Reflux) and IBS treatable disease? Suffering for 7 years........Tried all stems of Medicine including homeo. But all in vain. ...


  26. Acid Reflux disease is curable disease. It can be cured in a short time with proper Homeopathic medicine. We must know most peculiar nature of the disease.

  27. Eversince I know Dr. Devendra Kumar he is well qualified homoeopath supported with ample experience to treat chronic cases. God bless him for his services to suffering people.

    With best wishes and regards

    Sincerely yours
    Dr. Sayeed Ahmad

  28. Dear Dr. Devendra Kumar -- Your BLOG is really very informative and it deserves great appreciation of mine. God bless you for your services to homoeopathy. Regards

  29. Thanks for your appreciations Dr.Sayeed Ahmand.

  30. Dr.M.Devendra Kumar ,MD (Homeo)
    International Homeopathic Consultant,
    Regd No: 5924 (ntr ush).

    Good Morning to All,

    I wish to share our experience in short on using the Homeopathic Medicines prescribed by Dr.M.Devendra Kumar ,MD (Homeo).

    Our family members are using Homeo Medicines since years, to say more than 25 years. After my retirement, returned to my native place, and start taking Homeo Medicines from Dr. Devendra Kumar to me and to my Mistress. The medicines are good working for ACUTE (intense, heated, hectic, fervent and mordant etc.,), CHRONIC (endless, mortal, perpetual etc.,) diseases. These Homeo Medicines are using by me after my bi pass operation (2010) also, along with the English Medicines prescribed by the HEART SPECIALISTS.

    My Concrete opinion is that HOMEO Medicines works well, and try they to eradicate the CHRONIC/ACUTE diseases from gross root level.

    My sincere suggestion to all here is, examine one time Homeo Medicines, and find the difference in your health. Then you cannot go back to other medicines, for your coming health problems. Use and Use the Homeo then you will find the differences in your health. Some times it may take long time, but cures/eradicate the disease totally. There are no much restrictions for using of HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES.

    We visited to USA and presently staying with my son at Houston, USA. Using the Homeo Medicines here, from more than 5 months for breath inconvenience ( Allergic Asthma/ Sinus, etc.,.). I use to get the breath inconvenience in the nights (5 months back) after coming over here. In the beginning days after our reach here to USA, the problem is more for me, nearly one month plus. I bring English Nasal Spray which contained Steroids, and it to avoid for long use. I was used that in the beginning days of my arrival here. Then started using Homeo Medicine. I am using continuously Homeo Medicine given by Dr. Devendra Kumar. Doctor is sending Homeo Medicines by Regd Post to me, for every two months on my contact with him. To my mistress also using to leg pains/body pains and swellings etc., the Homeo Medicine. To her also working well.

    This is our experience want to share in this blog, which may help to the needy people.


    Hema Prakash D,
    Houston, USA.
    mail id: hemaprakash@gmail.com

    Dt: 20 JAN 2014

  31. On March 5th I contact Dr. Devendra Kumar in reference to Heavy period that never seem to stop due to 3 fibroid tumors. Dr. Kumar wrote me back right back with 24 hrs and ask to to try Calcarea Carb 200c and wait 10 days. I picked up the product from my local vitamin shop on the 10th of March and took it as instructed and within 5 days I notice that my period were getting lighter and by the 7th day it had stopped all together. So it been about 15 days and I'm feeling great It amazing an answer to my prayers.. Thanks you Dr. Kumar.

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    1. no need to take medicine now, pls wait for 10 days. i will suggest according to symptoms after 10 days.


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