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Monday, April 25, 2011

Measles :

Posted by Drdevendra Kumar MD Homeo


-JAHR Georg Heinrich Gottlieb
 Description of disease. - An infectious fever attended with an eruption of a crimson rash, consisting of slightly elevated minute dots disposed in irregular circular forms or crescents, preceded by catarrhal symptoms (those of a cold) about the eyes, nose, and bronchia, for about four or five days, and accompanied by inflammatory fever. For the three or four days before the appearance of the eruption, symptoms of a cold, sneezing and feverishness, drowsiness, oppression, nausea or vomiting, and a hoarse or ringing measly cough are present. The eruption appears on the fourth or fifth day, and disappears on the eighth or ninth: it rarely attacks the same person a second time, and frequently prevails as an epidemic. Measles may be simple or complicated, malignant and dangerous.

 Medicinal treatment
 ACONITUM and PULSATILLA are the two best remedies in simple, ordinary cases of measles. Aconitum for the fever, sleeplessness, inflammation of the eyes, etc.
 DOSE. - Eight drops to be mixed in half a small tumbler of water, and a dessertspoonful given every three or four hours, or alternately every three or four hours with Pulsatilla mixed in the same manner.
 BELLADONNA should be given if there is delirium, sore throat, severe pains in the head, or great intolerance of light.
 DOSE. - As under Aconitum, and may in some cases be given in alternation with that remedy.
 EUPHRASIA when the catarrhal symptoms are chiefly confined to the nose and eyes, the latter being very sore.
 DOSE. - As under Aconitum.
 KALI IOD, if in addition to the symptoms named under Euphrasia, there is troublesome cough.
 DOSE. - As under Aconitum.
 PULSATILLA is useful in almost every stage of the disease, to facilitate the eruption, and to correct the catarrhal and gastric symptoms. - See Aconitum.
 DOSE. - See under Aconitum.
 Accessory treatment
 The room in which the patient is should be airy, darkened, moderately warm, and perfectly free from draughts; much care being taken that the patient does not catch cold, both during the eruption and for some time afterwards. He may be sponged down frequently with tepid water. The diet should be at first light (see under Simple or Inflammatory Fever), afterwards more nourishing; all animal food should be avoided; and all drinks should be given tepid, so as not to chill.  *
 Preventive treatment
 During the prevalence of measles, mix Aconitum and Pulsatilla (as Aconitum under Measles), and give a dessertspoonful of Aconitum one night, and of Pulsatilla the next, and so on. See Disinfectants, pp. 40 and 41.

 Retrocession, or striking-in of the eruption :
 (The result of sudden exposure to cold or change of temperature.)
 Medicinal treatment
 Bryonia alba
 Should be given immediately, especially if there be cough, or pains in the chest.
 DOSE. - One or two drops in a dessertspoonful of warm water every half hour to one or two hours.
 Accessory treatment. - Place the patient at once in a hot bath, and let him remain in it for several minutes, maintaining the heat by fresh additions of hot water, and keeping the patient well covered during the operation. After quickly wiping down, wrap in a hot blanket, and give hot, simple, watery drinks, as thin barley-water, etc.
 After-effects of measles
 Medicinal treatment
 Hepar sulphur
 If the cough is hoarse and croupy.
 DOSE. - One or two grains three times a day.
 Is generally the most useful medicine.
 DOSE. - One or two grains in a dessertspoonful of water night and morning, or three times a day.
 Accessory treatment. - If the cough is very severe, the throat may be steamed over hot water.

 Medicinal treatment
 CHINA is a useful medicine, if required, after the use of Pulsatilla and Sulphur, or if there is a feeling of debility attending the diarrhoea.
 DOSE. - Two drops in a dessertspoonful of water every four or six hours.
 PULSATILLA and SULPHUR given in alternation, will generally remove the diarrhoea occurring after measles.
 DOSE. - One or two drops of Pulsatilla in a dessertspoonful of water, alternately with one or two grains of Sulphur in the same way, every four or six hours.
 Accessory treatment
 See under Diarrhoea.
 Discharge from, or pains in, the ears
 Medicinal treatment
 PULSATILLA and Sulphur are the best remedies, given as under Diarrhoea after Measles.
 Swelling of the glands - mumps
 Medicinal treatment
 RHUS and ARNICA will generally relieve, given in alternation every three, four, or six hours.
 MERCURIUS IOD, if Rhus and Arnica fail to give relief.
 DOSE. - One or two grains three times a day.


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