Neuro-fibromas in children - Jatropha curcas (jatr.) Case

Neuro-fibromas in children
Response: There is abdominal distension in children with neuro-fibromas.
George: And there is perspiration. Desires sweets and bread. There is an aversion to water, or maybe just fluids for she likes milk.
Response: The aversion to water is based on a psychological thing. It makes her stomach distended. It is more of an aggravation than an aversion. She does not say anything about eggs.
George: In a child with that kind of abdomen, in 99% of the cases we will see a desire for eggs - soft boiled eggs.
Question: It has been my experience that I do not see the desire for eggs that much.
George: In Calc.? In children?
Response: I have not seen it that often.
George: Perhaps the eggs are not good - some are chemical eggs, and they don't like them.
Response: That is true. You have to go out of your way to get a fertile, organic egg.
George: Maybe that is the reason that children do not like them here. We see it very frequently in Greece.
Question: How about Merc.? They have that kind of abdomen and perspiration, desire for milk, similar aversions.
George: There is only one thing about Merc. which I do not see from the others. We have to choose a remedy which is tympanitic and not a flatulus (flatulent) remedy. Correct? Here there is a characteristic of the child which Merc. has. Does anybody remember about Merc. when I lectured on that regarding children? You may call that child precocious. So actually I don't know if that is the symptom. Precocious is a child of 5 or 7 who behaves like a grown-up. They will flirt and ... is she like that?
Response: No, she is more timid. She is serious.
George: She is serious for her age and she does not make a show for others?
Response: No.
Neuro-fibromas in children
George: We discussed Sil. and felt that it was a possibility. But I want to hear some more ideas.
Question: What about Thuj.? Partly because of the imaginations and there is flatulence and distension.
George: With the vaccination we cannot take Thuj. in that case because it is not the small pox.
Response: I am wondering about Chin. except of course there is no haemorrhage. I don't know if we can relate that to the vaccination ...
George: Chin. is a quite good idea.
Question: What about Jatr.?
George: That sounds like a good idea too. (Reads in materia medica about Jatr.). Did she have any acute condition when she took the vaccination?
Response: No.
Response: Lyc.?
George: Yes, Lyc., of course. It is interesting that it says "loud gurgling noises in the abdomen like water coming out of a hole." That is exactly what the child said.
Question: None of this comes out, does it? Like diarrhoea or something?
George: This is the remedy and you spotted it before I did. This is what happens in Athens. You would give 200. But now you must have some other possibilities if this does not work.
Response: There is a rubric "distension in children". That is abdominal distension.
George: That is not very important here. Something has happened. The liver is functioning properly.
Response: The fact that the antibiotics stopped it goes along with the idea of fermentation and it killed probably all of the bacteria which produce the gas and so the gas stops for a while. The antibiotics kill the bacteria which produce the gas and so it stops. That would indicate some sort of fermentation.
Question: Is Sil. close, George?
George: I think so, yes. Sil. is quite close and so is Chin. I would like to differentiate between those two. How has the appetite been?

Response: Good.
Question: Is she too bright to be Bar-c.?
George: Yes. Actually we do not have reasons to give Bar-c. except for the flatulence.
Resuming: Her skin is so characteristic in this case, that it is hard to look past Sil. There is the seriousness and everything else ...
George: It is interesting that under "distension" Kent does not give Jatr.
Question: Isn't it often under "gurgling"?
Response: It is under "rumbling."
George: We must add it I think. It is a good symptom.
Response: There are three for "rumbling after stool."
George: AFTER stool, yes. So you give 200 and in case that does not work, the next possibility is between Chin. and Caust. The distension is very big.
Response: Okay, I will let you know at our meeting in February.
George: Well done. You saved us a lot of searching.
Caust. has a LOT of flatus. In Jatr. there is a tympanitis with diarrhoea mostly. Here the stool is not formed. It is not so much diarrhoea. The fermentation takes a great place. So if Jatr. has no effect, give Caust.


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