This is a remedy for people who are primarily prematurely old, lean, emaciated, marasmic.
Over-impressionable patients, worn out, tired, suffering in their majority from a nondescript vertigo with high blood pressure, headaches or colitis.
The peripheral nervous system is affected with twitches, jerks and nervousness. The symptoms are most erratic, they look inconsistent and therefore the general idea of the remedy should be taken into account.
There seems to be a definite and strong connection between the emotional complaints and the effect that these have upon the alimentary canal.
In younger people we shall see mostly duodenal ulcers, gastritis and colitis, while with older people we see high blood pressure, dizziness, vertigoes, headaches and mental weakness.
Aggravated in the presence of others, from music, from emotional upsets, from embarassment, in spring time.
Aggravation in the morning on waking. Trembling on rising, with dizziness and pressure in the occiput.
Lassitude in the morning, in bed. Symptoms come in bed, in the morning from 5 to 9 A.M. Weakness in the morning, in bed, especially with old people.
Warm milk aggravates.
Pressure on painless side aggravates.
Feeling of external pulsation after walking in the open air.
Occasional epileptic convulsions of a mild type; at other times a sensation of inner convulsion, aggravated by lying down on either side.
Complaints aggravated by the presence of people in the room
Ameliorated by cold drink, cold water.
The weakness is better after having their dinner.
Itching and tickling internally.
Abscesses, suppurations with grayish pus.
Perspiration of affected parts in the morning.
One sided perspiration.Numbness in general in different parts of the body, diminished sensibility, feeble circulation.
Ambra grisea is almost a specific remedy for the nondescript dizziness of old persons. It has been used a lot by older homeopaths for this condition.
It is a kind of giddiness which is something between a dizziness and vertigo, usually the complaint of old people, denoting a process of arteriosclerosis without any other modalities.
They are so dizzy that they cannot go out in the street. The dizziness makes them want to go and lie down and have a nap.
They wake up in the morning and have to wait for some time before being able to walk around. There is noticeable aggravation in the morning in this remedy in general.
Vertigo in the act of lying down. (In the case of Ambra grisea, the term vertigo generally means the kind of giddiness we described above.)
Vertigo while walking in the open air.
Vertigo accompanied by weakness in the stomach and head.
In 'head' we have a great keynote for this remedy: a kind of hyperemia, heat of the head while listening to music. It is a rare, strange and peculiar symptom.
Brain feels loose, falls to side lain on.
Dryness and falling-out of hair.
Heaviness in head from talking.
Numerous pains in the head: Pressing headache starting from both temples;
lancinating shooting pains shooting through the head worse from exertion, better lying down; pressing pain in the left frontal eminence and in the eye.
Soreness of head in the morning, turning to numbness and extending to body.
Headache in old people.
Cold perspiration on forehead in warm room.
Trembling sensation in the head from conversation after talking.
The eyes are affected in accordance with the general idea of "senility" that this remedy produces.
Dimness of vision without obvious pathology except the one that comes with old age. Dulness of vision as though looking through a mist.
Itching in eyelids as if a stye was forming.
Pain in the morning.
Redness of lids. Eyelids are heavy; cannot open them.
In ears we see a similar condition as with eyes: the hearing is diminished without underlying pathology. Diminishing hearing with coldness in abdomen.
Deafness of one ear with roaring and whistling noises in the other.
All through this remedy the ageing process is much speeded up with relevant effects, becoming a keynote of the remedy in itself. This is how we should look upon the study of our remedies. This remedy seems to be similar to Bar-c. in many respects yet it has its own unique individuality.
Hears noises in the afternoon. Whistling in ear in the afternoon.
Tearing pain behind left ear.
Noises in ear sound as if one was winding a watch.
Pain in ear extending to occiput.
Copious bleeding from the nose.
Epistaxis early in the morning while lying in bed.
Dried blood gathered in nose.
Dryness of nose.
The nose inside becomes shiny and withered.
Epistaxis during menses.
Cramping pain in right wing of nose.
Pressing pain above nose, changing to tearing pain followed by dulness in back of head.
Dry sneezing.
Spasms in wings.
Tingling in root of nose.
Increased gray mucous secretions that have salty taste.
Convulsions, spasms of lips.
Twitching. Tingling on forehead.
Tingling of beard.
Spasmodic trembling of face.
Twitching of face in the evening after lying down.
Old looking expression.
Perspiration on one side of face.
Music brings on congestion and redness of face.
Lips are dry and numb on waking in the morning.
Enormous swelling of lips worse in the morning on waking after suppression of menses.
Pimples on forehead.
Blotches on the palate, under the tongue, that look like vegetable growths.
Nodosities under right side of tongue.
Tubercles under tongue.
Ranula (sublingual cyst).
Grayish-yellow discoloration of tongue.
Burning, raw and smarting pain in velum, palate.
Tearing pain in palate extending to left ear.
Dryness of mouth on waking in the morning with sensation of numbness in the mouth, tongue and lips.
Caries, decayed, hollow.
Anything cold ameliorates toothache.
Toothache from warm drinks, food.
Teeth feel as if cold air was forced into them.
Inclination to bite teeth together and grinding of the teeth at night.
Eating ameliorates drawing pain.
Drawing pain in one of the incisors.
Drawing pain in right molar.
Stitching, stinging pain after dinner.
Tearing pain as from a current of air.
The throat complaints are worse in the morning, after eating and from warm drinks, especially warm milk.
Sensation as if of plug in throat with difficulty of swallowing.
Choking, constricting sensation when clearing the throat.
Dryness in throat on waking.
Mucus is difficult to detach.
Accumulation of grayish mucus in the throat.
Dryness and accumulation of mucus in the throat which he tries to expel and when making an effort to cough out the mucus he gags and sometimes vomits.
Pain in throat from draft of air.
Pain in throat on moving the tongue.
Rawness of uvula.
Stitching pain from motion of the tongue.
Itching of internal throat when coughing.
Itching of larynx and trachea.
Rawness in trachea.
Trachea is sore.
Burning pain in larynx extending to abdomen
Gastritis and duodenal ulcers have been cured with this remedy.
Emptiness, weak feeling at the pit of the stomach after stool.
Faintness, goneness, hungry feeling after eructations.
Lying down ameliorates emptiness.
Empty eructations after cough or together with violent convulsive cough.
Eructations after eating.
Cough and gagging after eating and a feeling as if food did not go down to stomach.
Acrid eructations in the evening.
Hawking up mucus when vomiting.
Heartburn after milk.
Indigestion in the evening.
Indigestion after warm drinks. Pain in stomach in duodenal ulcer is ameliorated by drinking a sip of cold milk every 5 to 10 minutes.
Pain in stomach worse from tea, coffee, vegetables and any excitement.
The increase in the desire for salt combined with aversion to fat, general inhibition and "impossibility to urinate in front of others" mean that there could be some confusion with Nat-mur.
Pain at midnight. Lying on abdomen aggravates pain.
Pain in stomach is ameliorated while walking in open air.
Distension of stomach after midnight.
Eructations ameliorate cutting pain in stomach.
Vomiting after rising up in bed.
Nausea worse motion and worse thinking about it. Thirst alternating with thirstlessness.
There is a lot of flatulence, especially after eating, but in accordance with the general pattern of this remedy they cannot relieve themseves if they have the slightest suspicion that others may hear them.
In this remedy there is always great relief at letting gas out by the anus or the mouth.
Sensation of coldness in abdomen, it feels as if the whole insides of the abdomen are cold.
Sometimes coldness on one side only; on left side.
The abdominal complaints can come in the middle of the night rousing him with rumbling and cutting in the abdomen.
Distension after midnight, or after drinking.
Perspiration in abdomen and thighs during exercise.
Colitis is one of the most common pathologies that we encounter in Ambra grisea cases.
Some of the keynotes in the abdomen are:
Aching dull pain in right hypochondria, ameliorated by lying on it.
Cramping, griping pain in hypogastrium while lying on one's back.
Cutting pain in morning during stool. Pressing pain in hypogastrium after stool.
Cutting pain in noon after soup.
Pressing pain in region of umbilicus on coughing.
Eructations ameliorate pressing pain in region of umbilicus.
Stitching pain in hypogastrium on pressure.
Tearing pain in hypochondria on coughing.
Tearing pain in spleen.
Rumbling in hypogastrium in the morning.
Tension in abdomen after drinking.
Old people who feel constipated in case they cannot be left alone in the house to have a stool.
There is no urging, no desire if people are present.
Constipation during pregnancy; from sedentary habits.
Hemorrhage from anus during stool.
After the normal stool there is pressure in the abdomen or a sense of emptiness and weakness in the abdomen which is better after passing flatus or eructations.
Urinary organs
Cannot pass urine in front of others.
Frequent urination in the morning after rising.
Pain in bladder and rectum at the same time.
Itching during urination.
Voluptuous itching.
Burning smarting itching and titillation in the urethra and vulva during urination.
A feeling in urethra as if a few drops were passing out.
Brown sediment. Bloody urine with red sediment.
Cloudy urine when passed of a yellowish brown colour which leaves a brownish sediment.
Urine has dark, brown color.
Sediment is like coffee grounds.
Sourish odor of urine during whooping cough.
Copious urine- that far exceeds the amount of fluids taken - mostly at night and on waking in the morning.
Genitalia - male
Sexual desire increased with intense masturbation and guilty feelings.
Sexual desire lost.
Itching of glans.
Voluptuous itching of scrotum.
Numbness of penis, with violent morning erections.
Burning pain after walking.
Genitalia - female
The sexual desire is increased, nymphomania and resort to masturbation.
Exertion aggravates the already copious menses.
Metrorrhagia after exertion; between menses; after every hard stool, after every little accident.
Walking aggravates metrorrhagia. Intermittent metrorrhagia.
Itching during menses. Intolerable itching of pudendum with soreness and swelling. Leucorrhea produces itching. Leucorrhea of bluish mucus worse at night.
During menses left leg becomes quite blue from distended varices with pressive pain in leg.
Pain in uterus on lying down.
Lying aggravates uterine symptoms.
Music aggravates cough.
Coughs when in company.
Cough is aggravated if many people are present.
Cough at night only.
Kent says "a good deal of this cough is of nervous origin. It is a cough with excitement, with nervousness, with trembling, which would make one of considerable experience wonder if that patient did not have brain and spinal cord trouble. Nervous cough such as occurs often in spinal irritation."
Hollow, barking cough coming from deep in chest and then eructations. Eructations excite cough.
Dry cough in the evening, loose in the morning.
Paroxysmal cough after waking in the morning.
Violent spasmodic cough with frequent eructations and hoarsness. Cough when talking loud.
Coughs on lifting heavy weight.
Cream-like, yellowish-white expectoration.
Asthmatic respiration in old people.
Difficult respiration in old people with cardiac symptoms. Comes on with even little exertion and especially during coition.
Eating ameliorates asthmatic respiration.
Music aggravates asthmatic respiration.
Breathing short, oppression of breathing.
Being in a weak physical and mental state it is easy to understand that they are easily prone to palpitations.
Palpitations after excitement, after the slightest exertion of body or mind, from any effort to exert the mind, and the palpitations are accompanied by a general feeling of trembling and quivering. Whenever you see trembling in the ages of 45 to 55 that are of nervous origin, apparently due to a weakness of the nervous system, this remedy should be considered.
Palpitation when listening to music.
Palpitation when walking in open air, with paleness of face, and pressure in the chest as if a lump were lodged there, or as if the chest were obstructed.
He is conscious of his arteries everywhere. He notices the palpitation up to his extremities.
Pain in chest is ameliorated while lying on painful side or ameliorated while lying on back.
Pain on left side is ameliorated by lying on it.
Pain on lower right side of chest.
Tearing pain during cough; on left side of chest.
Pressing pain on sides of chest during expiration.
Tearing pain in the evening.
Trembling of the heart at night.
Stiffness in back from rising from a seat; after sitting.
Pain from music.
Lying on back ameliorates tearing pain in lumbar region.
Stiffness in sacral region after sitting.
We see a lot of numbness and pains in the extremities and these symptoms make this remedy a good one for arthritis, rheumatism and even rheumatoid arthritis. Pains as if sprained, tearing pains in joints. Heaviness and paralytic weakness as well. It has cured cases with numbness, paralytic weakness and feeble circulation.
We shall give below the main keynotes of this remedy.
Numbness of extremities in the morning.
Numbness in upper limbs when carrying anything.
Motion ameliorates numbness in upper limbs.
Heaviness with numbness in upper limbs.
Numbness of upper limbs in daytime during rest.
Numbness in upper limbs from resting on it.
Tip of thumb has tingling, prickling sensation.
Tingling, prickling in upper limbs when carrying anything.
Trembling from conversation.
Being alone ameliorates trembling in lower limbs.
Twitching of lower limbs in bed, at night.
Jerking of extremities at night in bed.
Contraction of hamstrings in thigh.
Contraction of muscles and tendons in hand, making it grasp things involuntarily.
Cramps in lower limbs at night.
Cramps in thighs, in calves or feet at night.
Cramps in hands and fingers on grasping something.
Upper limbs feel as if they're sprained. Elbow feels as if sprained. Shoulder feels as if sprained.
Sensation as if lower limbs were short.
Rheumatic pain in joints of thumb.
Tearing pains in nail on second finger; in third finger in the evening; in fourth finger in the evening; goes from left to right in lower limbs; between nates; in leg in the morning.
Paroxysmal, tearing pain in the calf of the leg.
Aching pain in leg during menses.
Varices in left leg during menses. Left leg is blue during menses. Leg feels full during menses.
Cold perspiration in the hand in warm room.
Perspiration between thighs while walking.
Excoriation between thighs. Excoriation in bend of knee.
Weakness of upper limbs and fingers at night.
Hands are icy cold. Coldness of right leg.
The hair in the left axilla is blond and in the right black.
Itching in inner side of foot; sole of foot; of toes.
They can get excited easily and then cannot go to sleep.
Late falling asleep from worries.
Sleeplessness after a conversation, from daily care; from business; from excitement.
Inspite of the fact of being tired when they go to bed, as soon as their head touches the pillow they cannot fall asleep.
Sleeplessness after going to bed in the evening.
Sleepy during the day and sleepless during the night.
Sleeps with bent knees.
Sleeps on right side.
Restless sleep from coldness of body.
Anxious; vexatious dreams in children.
Chill is ameliorated after eating.
Chill of single parts.
External chill in spots.
Chilliness before dinner is ameliorated by eating.
Creeping chill after stool.
Perspiration of affected parts.
Perspiration from conversation.
Perspiration during anxiety in the evening.
Anesthesia in the morning on waking.
Painless skin eruptions,
Itching and soreness especially around genitals.
Itching, tickling of skin.
Gastritis, duodenal ulcer, spastic or ulcerative colitis. Respiratory: Cardiac asthma. Cough. Epistaxis.
Arteriosclerosis, with dizziness and high blood pressure. Prematurely old person with concomittant symptoms. Convulsions. Puerperal convulsions.
Compare: Bar-c, Ignatia, Natr-m., Staph.
Remedies that follow well: Lycopodium, Pulsatilla, Sepia and Sulphur.
It is antidoted by: Camphor, Coffea, Nux vomica, Pulsatilla and Staphysagria
Food and drink inimical to it: Alcoholic drink, wine, tobacco, cold drink, cold food, milk, potatoes, salt, green vegetables and warm food.
From 6c up to the highest potencies.


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