The modus operandi of Differentiating Homeopathic Medicines by Measuring physiological variability in Human Body temperature -“Research work Ready for open Challenge” - Material and Methods

Material and Methods:
1. Equipment:
A.    Temperature Data logger,
B.    Water/Soil Temperature Sensors ,
C.    PC & Green line data logging software.
D.    Human Subjects.
E.    Homeopathic Medicines of 200c Dilution.
F.     Statistical Processing Software for Data Analysis.

2. Temperature Data logger Specifications:
      i.        Measurement range: -40  to 1580 F
     ii.        Accuracy: + or – 0.63 0F ( from 320  to 1220 F)
    iii.        Resolution : 0.050 F at 770 F
    iv.        Response time in airflow of 1 m/s :  6 minutes
     v.        Operating temperature: -40  to 1580 F(logging), 320  to 1220 F(Launching/Readout)
    vi.        Memory: 64 bytes
   vii.        Weight: 46g(1.6 oz)
3. Water/Soil Temperature Sensor Specifications:
      i.        Measurement range: -400 to 1220 F in water, -400 to 2120 F in air.
     ii.        Accuracy: + or – 0.450 at 650 F
    iii.        Resolution: 0.050 F at 680 F
    iv.        Response time in airflow of 1 m/s:  3 minutes, 30 seconds in water.
     v.        Operating range: sensor tip and cable immersion in fresh water up to +1220 F.
    vi.        Material: Housing stainless steel sensor tip.
   vii.        Probe dimensions: 0.5cm X 2.5cm
Datalogger and Temperature Sensor.


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