The modus operandi of Differentiating Homeopathic Medicines by Measuring physiological variability in Human Body temperature -“Research work Ready for open Challenge” - Method of differentiating Homeopathic Remedies

Method of differentiating Homeopathic Remedies:
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4.1Measuring Physiological Variability:
Homeopathic remedy of 200c potency is used for the experiment. Freshly medicated Homeopathic pills of 200c are given to healthy volunteers.

Temperature Variability Graph

Used data logger and temperature sensor for measuring physiological variability that is temperature variability from skin of Human body.  Sensor is connected to forearm by means of cellophane tape. Cotton wool is used for insulation.
Temperature is measured for every one second for 30 minutes.
I have explained the method of measuring temperature variability from skin by  connecting sensors with the help of data logger  in my previous paper.13

4.2 Identification of Remedy peak within the data by using statistical technique parametric reconstruction and prediction.
Smooth cures represent The Remedy action.

Smooth cures represent The Remedy action.

Once after measuring  temperature variability, data must be test for  peaks which represent the  specific action of Homeopathic remedy. This can be done by using statistical procedure like parametric reconstruction and prediction (PRP).  The data range which represented the action of remedy in PRP must be saved for further analysis.
Temperature variability data must be tested from starting to end to fix the data range which represent the remedy action.  Data must be tested for every five minutes range until the appearance of smooth curves.
4.3 Obtain AR Spectral  Co efficient.
Autoregressive spectrum (AR) must be obtained from the above saved data of temperature variability.  AR Spectral confidents from the AR Spectrum are used for comparison of remedies. This all can be done by using statistical software.

Auto Regressive Spectrum

AR Co-efficient’s

This is the procedure to be adopted to obtain AR Spectral Co-efficient’s of all the Homeopathic remedies.

4.4 Comparison between Remedies: (Relationship between remedies):
The AR Spectral co-efficient of remedies must be compared with one another to know the relation between the remedies. For this purpose correlation coefficient formula must be used. This procedure can be done in excel office.
AR Coeffient’s for different remedies proved on different persons.

4.5 Set master key for identification of Remedy.
AR Spectral co-efficient of any polycrest remedy cab be used as master key in identifying the remedy.
Sort the correlation coefficient’s in descending or ascending order with the master key.
Look at the final step similar remedies occupied their appropriate place in Correlation Chart.  Same remedies stand side by side in the chart. 

Final Step for Identification of Remedy –Correlation Co efficient Chart.

In the Above picture Natrum Muriaticum is used as master key for comparison of remedies. Same remedies have taken their appropriate place.  Similar remedies have maintained their relation.
This procedure can be used for identification of unlabelled remedy as well similar remedy for suffering patient.


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