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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Homeopathic proving of shark liver : galeocerdo cuviere hepar

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-  Homeopathic proving of shark liver : galeocerdo cuviere hepar (M. J. Grimes)
 Galeocerdo cuvier hepar

shark liver
The shark is unique for a number of reasons. It has no bones; only cartilage makes up its skeleton. This also explains its place in the fossil record, as the shark appeared in our oceans at the same time as the jellyfish. Sharks never stop growing. They continue to grow teeth, ever large and larger rows. Sharks give birth to live young. This is quite a unique evolutionary adaptation to have evolved over 450 million years ago. Sharks are four times older than the dinosaurs, and one hundred times older than humans.
 I chose to prove shark because I wanted to prove something parallel to us on the food chain. What makes us sick will cure us (like cures like). What could be more toxic than something which eats us? I felt that the area of sea creatures in our materia medica would benefit from being enlarged. I had heard of the medical benefits of shark cartilage, which is what I originally intended to source. After three years, I was able to obtain a homeopathic potency of shark cartilage from South Africa.
 When I began the proving, I thought it would appear as a kind of "animal Nux vomica," a strong, aggressive animal energy, as the shark is portrayed in our culture. Instead, there were dreams of taking care of children, dreams of mothers and grandmothers, and of belonging to groups. For an animal that lives its life alone, this was surprising.
 Our current Western perception of the shark as an aggressive creature stems from 15th century Europe, the time when the shark first made its way, as a curiosity, aboard a returning explorer's vessel.
 In the Pacific, among peoples familiar with the shark, a different sensibility had arisen. There were tales of sharks saving people from drowning. In Hawaii, it is thought that sharks are the keepers of the souls of ancestors, that people give birth to sharks, and that sharks give birth to people. The idea of shark as a man-eater was not found in cultures that were familiar with the shark. It is only in Europe, at a time that witches were being burned at the stake, that the shark, with its strong female power, became something to fear. The proving produced a lot of itch and a very distinct left-sidedness. Interestingly enough,there were a lot of food cravings but absolutely no aversions. This shark is known as the garbage can of the sea. This is a list of things that have been found in a shark's stomach, this tiger shark: nuts, bolts, tin cans, boat cushions, driftwood , alarm clocks, bricks, bottles, beer cans, watches, license plates, overcoats, belts, shoes, tree trunk, rats, dogs, sheep, turtles, which they are fond of, sharks like turtles, crocodile heads, conk, lobsters, wallets, other sharks. After eating a shark does not eat for days. They do not digest food in their stomach it is a storage place. Food, when they are hungry is moved to their intestine.
 Remedies from the sea
 Sea creatures seem to have a special affinity with the reproductive system. Sepia seems to be for the stage of life of childbearing or just after. Onchorynchus, Salmon is for adolescence. Galeocerdo, Shark, seems to be a menopausal remedy, an old crone.
 Other remedies from the sea include: Sepia (Cuttlefish); Onchorynchus (Salmon); Ambra grisia (Whale ambergris); Serum angulara (Ichthyotoxinum, Eel serum); Asteria (Starfish); Limulus (King crab); Lac del-phinum (Dophin milk); Fucus vesiculosus (Kelp); Murex (Purple fish); Oleum morrhua, (Cod liver oil, which also has restored menses); Spongia (toasted Sea sponge); Homarus, (Lobster); Castoreum (Beaver); Corallium rubrum (Red coral); Conchiolinum (Mother-of-pearl); Gadus morrhua (Cod fish); Venus mercenaria (American scallop).

 Shark liver has been used for centuries in healing. The liver comprises 80%, of a shark's abdominal cavity. Recently, much research has been done on shark cartilage and cancer. The use of sharks and shark liver oil for health benefits is not new, but has been widely practiced throughout the world.
 Medical claims for shark liver oil include:
 • Lowers LDL-Cholesterol and blood triglycerides and raises HDL-Cholesterol
 • Decreases platelet aggregation, thus inhibiting blood clot formation
 • Contributes in lowering blood pressure (hypertension) by promoting vasodilatation
 • Useful in arthritis because of anti-inflammatory effects
 • Beneficial in treating psoriasis and skin problems
 • Contributes or elasticity of arterial walls
 • Maintains healthy mucous membranes, healthy skin, and reduces build up of plaque
 • As an aid to asthma sufferers.

 Unsaturated terpenic hydrocarbon (C30H50) is a major component in shark liver oil. Squalene is an essential part of the human body. i A small amount is distributed throughout the whole body in the form of sebum, of which 12% is composed of squalene. Squalene can also be found in plant oils.
 Experiments have shown that squaline inhibits the formation of new blood vessels induced by a type of brain tumor known as a glioma. Other research has determined that squalene works by changing a cell's shape through disrupting the exchange of sodium and hydrogen on its surface.

Gulf war
 Around 100,000 American soldiers who served in the 1991 Gulf War developed a mysterious illness involving memory loss, thyroid disorders, allergies, fatigue, rashes and persistent pain.
 Squalene is accused of being the leading cause of Gulf War Syndrome (GWS). Although the government has not admitted it, American soldiers received experimental vaccines for AIDS and hepatitis which contained a synthetic form of squalene which was not approved by the FDA. All of those suffering GWS symptoms have tested positive to the squalene antibody. A government source is quoted as saying: "I can't tell you why it's there, but there it is. And I can tell you this, too: The sicker an individual, the higher the level of antibodies for this [squalene] stuff. I'm not telling you that squalene is making these people sick, but I am telling you that the sick ones have it in them."

 Based on the amount of itch, I think this remedy is part of the Psoric miasm. There was also a sense of urgency and immediacy-quick to anger, time passing too slowly-that makes me think it might be in the Acute miasm, near Stramonium or Belladonna. I repertorized 35 rubrics from sensations in the proving and the first ten remedies that came up were minerals, with Natrum muriaticum being first. (One might expect Sulphur to appear first in any repertorization of 35 remedies, but that was not the case with this exercise.)
 The remedy had itches in almost every part of the body. Provers experienced itches in the following body parts:
 Female genitalia
 Cured symptoms
 Symptoms that were cured in the proving were:
 • Fibromyalgia
 • Chronic constipation
 • Hot flashes.
 • Sharp pains

 In the provers' own words, sharp pains were experienced in the following parts of the body:
 • Joints painful, pains were pointed.
 • Sudden sharp shooting pain, left shoulder, moving toward arm.
 • Right elbow pain, sharp. Sensation is in one small spot.
 • Sharp pain on top of head, slightly to the left, lasting only about one second.
 • Sharp pain behind right breast, to inside of body.
 • Continuing sharp stinging, at point on left back, below scapula, left shoulder.
 • Sharp needle-like pain in left back.

General, mental, and SRP symptoms:
 • Pain in small spots.
 • Periodicity at 5 a.m.  and 5 p.m.
 • No food aversions and a large list of food cravings.
 • Time passed too quickly; or time passed too slowly.
 • Exercise ameliorates:
 "Back pain is resolved even after carrying old, heavy, backpack all day."
 "Lower back pain returned. Biked a lot and enjoyed that."
 • Mind somewhat dull. Not sharp.
 • Stools with tails.

 "Still have some of the humming I had at start of proving. The pitch feels like it's a high pitched hum, more on the right side. It feels like my whole body is humming and it feels like a real clear distinction between where my body is and where the chair is."

Body sensation
 "The feeling of my body tingling removed from itself, outside itself, beside itself was intense, subtle. On several occasions I would try to describe the sensation to others but met great difficulty. I felt different extended, solid but unstable this alternated with feeling my bones my structure quiet firmly."
 The remedy produced distinct sidedness on both left and right, with the left being stronger.
 Left-sided symptoms were produced in:
 Right-sided symptom appeared on:
 Black fear
 "Fear of the dark on driving home tonight. Unusual as I am not afraid of the dark. Couldn't get out of the car to close the gate, from fear. Troubled feeling. Locked my car door on the way home. Very unusual. Very odd."

Tiger shark as mother of the sea
 "Vision of a dark haired woman with dripping black teeth. Smiling black dripping teeth. The dark woman with the dripping grin is the dark side of myself. I need to pray a lot to keep her out of my mind. She hovers around, then I pray and she disappears for a while. The dark side of the soul. Can't get the woman's picture-her smiling black dripping teeth-out of my head..."

From the proving
 Kali is the Hindu triple Goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction, known as the "Dark Mother." It appears that the prover was seeing some form of this image.
 It is said about Kali she that devours all existence. She chews all things existing with her fierce teeth. Therefore a mass of blood is imagined to be the apparel of the Queen of the Gods at the final dissolution.
 Kali is pictured as the basic archetypical image of the Death Crone, the birth-and-death mother, the giver of life and devourer of her children.
 It is interesting that this fiercely feared female image appeared to a prover. This is similar to the fear our culture has of the shark.
 We can only speculate on what this prover's vision means and how this is connected to the healing power of this medicine, but I include this information for the reader to ponder.

Dream themes
 • Women-widows, single
 • Mothers-like looking for birth mother
 • Children, taking care of
 • Groups of people, community, gatherings (Connections)
 • Schools
 • Homes, houses, rooms
 • Rods, fence posts, bars, fingers
 • Machines, bicycles, chain saws, backhoe
 • Movement, walking, biking, basketball
 • Travel
 • Pride/Embarrassment
 • Sex and sexual ambiguity
 • Guilt, doing wrong, unprepared
 • Performance
 • Food
 • Sacred, drums, church
 • White, snow, light
 • Power/food chain/control
 • Cold
 • Frustration
 • Belonging, fitting in, lonely (Disconnection)
 • Judgment, tests, criticism
 • Responsibility
 • Danger
 "I think about hammering on an oriental woman's fingers. The feeling is similar to that of Chinese foot bindings. She was a friend. I had to hammer her fingers hard enough to break them on first blow (into position). If I did it right, hard enough, it would be less hard for her to endure the loss of her fingers. She had to go through it. There was the hardness required to crush them completely so she didn't have to go through the torture of having them continually rebroken. If I did it hard the first time they would be ruined immediately so I wouldn't have to do it over and over again.
 You hammer their fingers from bottom up if you want them to break.
 The feeling was that if the fingers are hammered correctly, it just makes it easier for the woman. No question of the act. No exceptions, valid. No feelings of remorse.
 The thought was that I could take great pride out of being able to do it right-to crush the bones so thoroughly with the hammer. It was powerful. There was no doubt it had to be done, and I knew how to do it with the right angle. There was an internal drive to hammer, to smash the finger. If I could do it right I felt I was doing my job. I was superior at what I was trying to do. Somehow I felt I was servicing her by doing it right. Female oppression issue again."
 "I was doing some woodworking in our basement using the bench saw when the saw blade, which was about half the diameter of the usual 10" blade, escaped from the saw and started up the cement wall. I needed to control it and started to chase it. Then I realize I just needed to shut off the power to the saw, so I did. Then the same thing happened when my husband was down in the cellar and I just shut off the power again to stop it. We both agreed it wasn't a great idea to let the blade get out of control like that. The feeling at first was that I let something get out of control and had to control it, but there was also a sense of intrigue and amusement that this could happen. For the most part it was an enjoyable and entertaining dream."

Strange rare and peculiar
 Rats: "Had the idea, and have had this idea twice in the last few days, that my thoughts could penetrate the wall and influence the rats or the mice-to make them be quiet or make them die." Ocean: "I feel I am in the middle of an ocean, not knowing what direction to swim in. It is the same distance to any shore. And they all seem far away. It makes most sense to flow and see what direction I go naturally. But there are some doubts that I should exert some effort in some direction. I just want to lie still and let the sun fill me with warmth and light. But then the night comes; it's cold and lonely. I want to be somewhere other than where I am. This sensation was very clear, very definite. I remember it clearly. It happened three times." Pain better for movement: "Back pain is resolved even after carrying old heavy back-pack all day. I feel more solid, matter of fact in body. I feel my bone structure more firmly." Hum: "The feeling of my body tingling, removed from itself, outside itself, beside itself was intense, subtle. On several occasions I would try to describe the sensation to others but met great difficulty. I felt different -extended, solid but unstable. This alternated with feeling my bones, my structure quite firmly.
 "Still have some of the humming I had at start of proving. The pitch feels like it's a high pitched hum, more on the right side. It feels like my whole body is humming and it feels like a real clear distinction between where my body is and where the chair is. A feeling of fullness in the body. And in that sense, there is a feeling of being beside my body. More aware of the perimeters of my body than outside of it. Like I can be objective about the edges of my body. You're actually aware that you're present. Not a density but more of a different presence."

About the proving
 This proving was double-blind and full-Hahnemannian. None of the provers met each other, not did any of them or the supervisors ever meet me. This created an unusual, double- blind experience. I believe that in situations where provings are conducted within a group, there is a kind of contagion. Certain symptoms symptomatic of the group are intensified. Provers and supervisors were not aware of the remedy source. Only five people in the world knew that this substance was being proven. Even the pharmacies did not know, because the potentizing of the substance was done in South Africa, by the homeopath who sourced it. Provers and their supervisors each kept daily notebooks. The proving began in November 1997.

The Galeocerdo cuvier hepar remedy is available from the following pharmacies:
 • Hahnemann Pharmacy
 Phone: 888-4-ARNICA
 • Helios Pharmacy
 Phone: 0189-253-6393
 E-mail: pharmacyhelios. co. uk
 • Ainsworths Pharmacy
 Phone: 0171-935-5330
 E-mail: Ainshommsn. com
 A complete text of the proving has been published in: Tiger Shark Liver: Galeocerdo cuvier- A Homeopathic Proving
 By Melanie J. Grimes
 ISBN 0-9659550-1-X
 Available from:
 Alethea Book Company
 1217 West Howe
 Seattle, WA 98119
 i Percentage of Squalene in the body (mg/1g):
 Subcutaneous Fat: 0.3%
 Abdominal Fat: 0.15%
 Skin: 0.148%
 Pancreas: 0.0299%
 Liver: 0.0218%
 Gall Bladder: 0.0091%
 Percentage of Squalene in food (mg/1g):
 Olive Oil: 0.8%
 Avocado: 0.044%
 Egg Plant: 0.0024%
 Poultry: 0.0264%
 Cheese: 0.0955%
 Melanie J. Grimes resides in Seattle Washington. She began studying homeopathy in 1972 when Dr. John Bastyr loaned her his copy of the Organon. She has been a registered member of NASH since 1995. Her book publishing company, Alethea Book Company, published Ozone: a Homeopathic Proving, by Anne Schadde. Melanie is currently at work on another proving, Fax Caelistes, Meteorite, to be published next year. She also writes novels, screenplays and librettos.


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