Best Homeopathy Treatment for Otitis Media and External

Homeopathic Treatment for Otitis with most effective Remedies suggested by  BOUKO LEVY M., From Homeopathic and Drainage Repertory

 Otitis media is one of the most frequent traumas of  infancy, especially in the tuberculinic and sycotic reactive modes, which are aggravated by early vaccinations.
 Tonsillectomies have been replaced in recent pediatric medicine by tubes in the ears.
 Only the otitis that is caused by a bacteria may require the use of  antibiotics.
 In fact, most cases of  otitis are called "viral" or "allergic" and are recurrent in spite of antibiotic treatments.
 Antibiotic therapy has created systemic mycotic disorders and provoked a weakening of the entire immune system.
Otitis Homeopathy
This condition will not allow the patient to respond to their current daily stresses such as cold, heat, wind, fears, and pathogens, etc.
 Homeopathic medicine is the only way to cure this pathology, especially if it is related to Eustachian tube or adenoidal obstruction. 

  Homeopathic Treatment for Acute External otitis; furuncle of the exterior canal 

 (See :abscess)
 --  on chronic eczema :
 • alternate 3 granules, every hour, as needed :
 --  repeated furuncles :
 • 3 granules, 1 to 4 times a day : ARNICA 5C

  Homeopathic Remedies for Otitis media
 At the beginning 

 (See :fever)
 --  sudden pain; restless; intense thirst; no sweat; after dry cold :
 • 3 granules, every hour, as needed : ACONITUM 5C
 --   throbbing pain; paroxysmal fever; agg. by least jar, noise, light :
 • 3 granules, every hour, as needed : BELLADONNA 5C
 --  infectious syndrome; influenza-like; aching all over :
 • one dose : PYROGENIUM 200

 Five essential Homeopathic remedies for Otitis media

 --  congested tympanum with dark blood; restlessness alternates with prostration; agg. after midnight; amel. by very warm local applications :
 • one dose, daily, as needed : ARSENICUM ALBUM 7C
 --  burning pain; threat of mastoiditis; agg. by cold, amel. by heat :
 • 3 granules, every hour, as needed : CAPSICUM 5C
 --  teething problems; one cheek red; irritating diarrhea; full of hate,  because intolerant to pain; amel. being carried :
 • one dose, daily, as needed : CHAMOMILLA 30C

 --  moderate fever; throbbing pains agg. at night with exhausting sweat; congested tympanum with bright blood; diarrhea : 

 • one dose, daily  (3 doses) : FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM 7C
 --  pains agg. at night, amel. by cold applications; yellow thick and bland discharge; weeping amel. by consolation; jealousy :
 • one dose : PULSATILLA 15C

Homeopathic Remedies for Mastoiditis 

 Surgery and heavy antibiotic therapy are not always sufficient to control infections in the bone. Homeopathic remedies have an action on the ossicles, mastoid caries, and chronic infections.
 --  fetid recurrent ear discharge, sinusitis :
 • 3 granules, daily, as needed : AURUM METAL 9C
 --  chronic painless discharge agg. by cold :
 • 3 granules, daily, as needed : SILICEA 15C
 --  copious burning discharge agg. by heat :
 • 3 granules, daily, as needed : FLUORIC ACID 9C

  Homeopathy for Chronic Mastoiditis 

 Use remedies for drainage of the adenoids  (See : adenoid, nodes), and the local remedies for discharges. (See : coryza, sinusitis, etc).
 A background treatment is the only solution for these unfortunate children (See : nodes, rhinopharyngitis).
 Homeopathic remedies bring about excellent results and some remedies are particularly interesting to clear the Eustachian tube inflammation :

  Homeopathy for Mastoiditis  General drainage 

 • 3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : HYDRASTIS / KALIUM BICHROMICUM / KALIUM IODATUM / VIOLA ODORATA / a.a. p. 3C
 Specific remedies, eustachian tube
 --  chronic catarrh with deafness; every coryza ends with a bronchitis, laryngitis, asthma, all agg. in damp weather :
 • 3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : MANGANUM ACETICUM 5C
 --  tympanum thickening and rigidity; diarrhea, ill-looking :
 • 3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : MERCURIUS DULCIS 5C
 --  chronic catarrh with swollen nodes, canker sores, thrush, chronic tonsillitis with recurrent grayish patches :
 • 3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : KALIUM MURIATICUM 5C

Homeopathy for Otitis media Background remedies 

 --  tendency to high fevers, night sweats; good appetite, healthy looking :
 • one dose, every week, in the following order :
 --  always has little or no fever, eczema, irregular appetite, sick looking :
 • one dose, every week, in the following order :
 1st THUYA 9C
 See : abscess, adenoids, air, allergy, cold, coryza, eczema, fever, heat, infections, itching, nodes, noises, nose obsruction, pains, rhinopharyngitis, since, sinusitis, thirst, skin, sweat, vaccination, vertigo. 


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