The Father Of Homeopathy Dr.Fedrich Samuel Hahnemann

- Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)
Hahnemann is very obstinate. Will not abide little suggestion. In reality this is the mind set of a Valid Scientist. Real Researcher thinks what ever he observed with great effort is true. He believes that people must obey the fact whatsoever he has observed. When he come across anything wrong with his observation he never feel guilty of altering his opinion. He always tries to learn from his own observation. Not from suggestions of somebody else. Such is the freedom a scientist must have. But born scientists will create themselves such an environment of freedom to their thoughtful mind. For which they ready to sacrifice their life.

Hahnemann is a great linguistic, enthusiastic student, he has rationale exceptional mind. he is an experimenter. But this is not adequate to find out an impartial system.

The natural principles framed by Hahnemann which are the back bone for Homeopathic treatment have had been from the Hippocrates's time. But why Hahnemann is enormous and How is turn into father of Homeopathy?

Hahnemann is a great chemist. He invented the process of potentisation. This is a unique method of supervision of drug to a diseased individual. No one before Hahnemann had this kind of  thought of administration of medicine. Really he is immense. But his enormity is not only the development of Potentisation. He has great conviction over the minute dose that produce symptoms and cure disease. He has such a faith over his observed piece of information.
If it is not the Hahnemann, nobody till the date would invent the ultra low dose for the treatment of diseases. This substantiate that Hahnemann is an extraordinary researcher.

Another Invention that makes Hahnemann, the one and only real scientist is the discovery of Miasmatic Effects.The suppression of symptoms of infectious diseases scuttle through generations, from parents to children is also an immense observation.


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