Homeopathy Medicine can be used for all ages as First Choice

Homeopathy First Choice of Medicine for all ages article presented by Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo),

People in general prefer allopathy medicine as first option. Mostly they approach Homeopathic system when disease not cured following lengthy allopathic treatment, here query occur whether Homeopathy can be opted as first choice of medicine? Without doubt Homeopathy can be used for acute complaints and chronic complaints prior to departing for any other system of medicine.

Homeopathy for family
Family Homeopathy
To begin with we be required to be familiar with why people opt allopathy ?. The reply is there are Pain killers and Antibiotics, ready made vitamins, enzymes, mineral supplements, more than that there are steroids which can boost artificial immunity. As soon as patient approach with pain in any part, he will receive a pain killer, immediately pain will be subsided, patient feels it miraculous. But he doesn't know that the disease original is not cured. He will not worry for the more dreaded disease inside until he became bed ridden. Patient doesn't know about the side effects of the pain killers and steroids. This is the situation in developing and under developed countries. Even developed countries use more steroid shots this is an additional illiteracy.
We have to admire the life saving methods and general management in allopathic system. which is the vertebrae for the survival of the system. Another great deal is allopaths have no set of laws in treating diseases, they adopt no matter what the paramount they sense for time being.

If you are little conscious concerning your health, it will not necessary to set out for allopathic assistance in your life time with the exception of accidents.

 Approaching to the dilemma why people won't opt Homeopathy even though is preeminent system to treat diseases cost effectively with no side effects by following simple medicine administration methods?

 People don't know about Homeopathy in several countries. Some people are acquainted with Homeopathy as just Sugar pills. People have false notion with reference to Homeopathic treatment for instance:
Homeopathic medicines initially aggravate the disease and then cure,
Homeopathic medicines produce over heat.
Homeopathic Medicines recur the previously cured disease,
Homeopathic medicines works slow.
Almost all Homeopathic Physicians become accustomed to sitting practice. They don’t have curiosity in maintaining nursing homes. They don't desire any kind of risk. Tailored for treating chronic diseases only. There are good quality of medicines that work in acute conditions. But Homeopathic medicines must be used along with precise life saving measures and general management of the case, predominantly for the duration of acute emergency. Such kind of training is not being made available in Homeopathic College Hospitals. If we follow the fore mentioned recommended methods Homeopaths can serve public better in acute conditions, as well gain the confidence of people such that Homeopathy can turn into the foremost option for public health.


  1. Yes Homoeopathy can become choice for first choice in public health, if done more than 80% financial burdern can be reduced and people would enjoy life.


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