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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tonsillitis Homeopathic Remedy Lycopodium Case - Dr Mirjana Zivanov

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Girl six years old
Her mom says:
She has troubles with tonsils. She often has a sore throat, and then she gets antibiotics. She always has a stuffed nose, but with no discharge, so she has some difficulties breathing during the night. She snores and keeps her mouth open. She sleeps with us in bed, and she is restless during her sleep. She doesn’t sleep during the day.
She likes to cuddle a lot. She is very shy. She doesn’t like boys, because they are naughty, they fight and hit other children. She runs away if she sees a fight. Two or three times she has had nose bleeds. She is in loved with a boy, smaller then her! They are the same age… She is going to ballet. It suits her, because she has the build and talent for dance. She is fast and slick, compared with other children.
Homeopathy tonsils
Tonsillitis Girl
She likes sweets, especially chocolate. She likes strawberries most of all fruits. Her appetite is generally weak. At home her appetite is ok, but at kindergarten she eats almost nothing. I think that’s because she is scared of naughty boys there. She is, also, afraid of people especially when they are yelling. Since she has given up a pacifier, she calms down by touching my and my husband’s ears.
The girl is very shy, with fragile built. To some of our questions she answered very maturely for her age. She is very timid, scared of bigger and stronger people, while she looks down on a boy smaller then she is. She is amative, likes sweets, especially chocolate, has a weak appetite and likes ballet. Based on these observations we recognize an image of a plant with a yellow flower.
Rp. Lycopodium clavatum C30

Follow up after ten days
She sleeps well, our nights are more peaceful. She breathes well, only her nose runs a bit. Her tonsils are a bit enlarged, as well as her lymph nodes. She doesn’t snore anymore, and doesn’t she keep her mouth open.
Her appetite is better, too. She loves cheese, pastry, chicken, fish… She is fast and likes to run. She is more brush, free, courageous then before. We are satisfied.
Since the girl’s breathing is better, she sleeps well, her appetite has been improved, she is more self-aware and looks bouncy and happy.
Rp. Watch and wait

Follow up after three weeks
She still breathes well, her appetite is good, she doesn’t cry when we take her to the kindergarten, she even eats up everything she gets there for lunch, and it has happened for the first time ever. She mostly eats pastry, just like her dad.
The girl has changed so much for the better, that we could hardly recognize her. She is lively, more communicative then before.
Rp. Watch and wait
Follow up, when necessary. We have instructed her mother how to recognize when it’s time to bring the girl back to us, for repeating the remedy.

Follow up after six months
Last six months everything was fine. She didn’t have a single cold, even though other children in the kindergarten were ill every once in a while. Now she has a high fever, 38oC. She coughs, sneezes, breathing is more difficult than it was, but not as much as it used to be, but she rather breathes on her nose and mouth at the same time. Appetite is a bit weaker. Everything else is fine. She is not in love any more. She saw the boy she liked, picking his nose and then sticking eating it, so she doesn’t like him any more…
We find that the immune reaction is very good, because of the high temperature. Generally her state is very good, practically unchanged for the last six months.
Rp. Lycopodium clavatum C200

Follow up in three days
The next day after the remedy, she didn’t have temperature any more, and she felt much better. Her nose is not stuffed anymore, so she doesn’t have to breathe on her mouth. She coughs less and eats well… She is going to the kindergarten.
Everything is fine, and this was just an acute illness, flu. The fact that her immune system cured this flu so quickly, is a sign of a strong vital force...
Rp. Watch and wait
Follow up, if necessary.

Dr Mirjana Zivanov
Dr.Mirjana Zivanov
About Dr Mirjana Zivanov:
Dr Mirjana Zivanov graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and London International College of Homeopathy. Dr Mirjana has 10 years of everyday clinical practice in Classical Homeopathy, at Homeopathic clinic in Novi Sad, Serbia. Dr Mirjana is the author of the books “Homeopathy in Practice”, “Principles of Homeopathy” and “Homeopathy – The Invisible Influences”. She is the creator of “Tetractys of Simillimum” and “The Matrix Method”. Dr Mirjana can be contacted at:


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