Anxiety and Fear treatment in Homeopathy without side effects

Anxiety and Fear Homeopathic Remedies for treatment without side effects article by Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo), Consult

Anxiety is an emotion regarded as a disagreeable state of inner confusion, accompanied by nervous behavior, such as pacing back and forth, somatic complaints and cogitation.Anxiety is mental disorder result of suppression of skin diseases as well observed mostly in syphillitic patients in the olden days.It is the individually distasteful feelings of dread over predictable events, such as the feeling of threatening death. Anxiety is not the same as fear, which is a reaction to a real or perceived instant threat; whereas anxiety is the anticipation of future risk.Anxiety is nothing but a feeling of fear, uneasiness, and worry, usually comprehensive and nonspecific as an overreaction to a situation that is only automatically seen as threatening.Anxiety most of the times is accompanied by muscle tension,restlessness, weakness and unable to concentration. Anxiety can be protective mechanism in some situations, but when if it is regular the person may suffer from an anxiety disorder.
anxiety homeopathic treatment.
There are various types of anxiety. Existential anxiety occurs when a person faces an existential crisis, or radical feelings. Some other forms of anxiety are mathematical anxiety, somatic anxiety, stage fright, or test anxiety. Social anxiety and stranger anxiety is caused when a person is apprehensive around strangers or other people.
Anxiety can be either a short term " condition " or a long term " attribute ". Whereas trait(attribute) anxiety is a worry about future events, close to the concept of neuroticism, anxiety disorders are variety of mental disorders characterized by symptoms of anxiety and fear. Anxiety disorders are partially genetic but may also be due to drug use, including alcohol and caffeine, as well as withdrawal from some drugs. Anxiety occurs many times with other mental disorders, like bipolar disorder, eating disorders, major depressive disorder and certain personality disorders. Common treatment alternatives include lifestyle changes, medication, and psychic therapy.
Homeopathic treatment for anxiety or fear:
Homeopathic constitutional treatment cures anxiety from its root cause. Homoeopathy considers patients anxiety constitution by considering patient as a whole. Homeopathy treats anxiety by studying other systemic symptoms along with anxiety. Homeopathy considers life style, food habits, addictions and other clinical symptoms to treat anxiety permanently without side effects.

Homeopathic Remedies for anxiety disorder:
Arsenicum album used as anxiety homeopathic treatment remedy with symptoms of Chilliness: restlessness; anxiety: fear; fear of death prostration. Burning, relieved by heat. Oversensitive: fastidious. Queer symptoms: red-hot-needle pains. Arsenicum album anxiety symptoms are assouciated wit Sensation of ice-water running through veins. Or boiling water going through blood vessels. Thirst for lips of cold water. Treats anxiety without any side effects.
Pulsatilla anxiety patient constitutional symptoms include Flitting chilliness:chills in spots. Cold creeps in back. Chilly in warm room. Profuse morning sweat. Heat as if hot water thrown over him. One-sided chilliness-heat-sweat. External warmth intolerable. Worse in a close room. Palpitation with anxiety: must throw off clothes. Pulsatilla can be used in anxiety cases when patients are Better out of doors. Better for slow motion (opp. Bry. Eup. per etc.) Dry cough a night, goes on sitting up: returns on lying down again ( Hyos) Thirstless: no hunger. Tearful: peevish.
Aconite is best Homoeopathic anxiety remedy when symptoms are of Sudden onset of fever, with chilliness, throbbing pulses, and great restlessness-from anxiety. A remedy of cold, dry weather, bitter winds (opp. to Gels).
Bryonia is anxiety homeopathic medicine when there is White tongue: thirst for much cold fluid. ( Phos) From every movement, every noise, attacked with dry heat (rev. of Nux, Gels., etc.) Wants two lie quite still, and be let alone. Especially with pleurisy, or pleuro-pneumonia. Headaches and pain all better for pressure, and worse for movement. ( Eup. per.)_ The anxiety, dreams and delirium of Bry. are of business; in delirium he "wants to go home," Pains in head from coughing. Irritable.
Rhus tox is Homeopathic remedy for anxiety and nervousness. Rhaustox anxiety symptoms are assouciated with Stiff, lame and bruised on first moving opp of pyrogen), passes off with motion, till he becomes weak and must rest: then restlessness and uneasiness drive him to move again. The worst sufferings when at rest and keep without motion (opp. of Bry) Illness from cold, damp weather: from cold damp when perspiring. ( Dulc) Anxiety, fear: worse at night. ( Acon.) Restlessness: intense fever: thirst; great prostration. Weeps without knowing why. ( Puls) Typhoid forms of fever. ( Bapt.) Severe aching in bones. ( Eup. per) A mental symptom of Rhustox is fear of poison.
Iodium used for anxiety Homeopathic medicine in these patients, children are often terrified with croupy attacks. They could be mistaken for croup of ARSENICUM type; there is the same feeling of heat, the same burning in the larynx, the same kind of restlessness and anxiety, the child is very often terrified, and there is the same kind of choking feeling. But the ARSENICUM child is chilly whereas the IODUM child is hot and wants air.
Graphites is best anxiety homeopathic remedy for children. There is a queer contradiction in the GRAPHITES children. With the uncertainty and hesitation, laziness and general physical sluggishness, there is always an element of anxiety in the children. Graphites Homeopathic constitution they always tend to look on the hopeless side of things; if they are going to a new school, they dread it.
Sulphur is used as anxiety homoeopathic remedy. Suphur patients constitutional symptoms ,One is that these patients are very liable to have their worst paroxysms of coughing after they have been asleep. Another is that very often after being asleep they wake with a horrible feeling of pulsation in the chest, accompanied by pretty acute anxiety and a feeling that they are going to die.


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