Homeopathic Remedies for Continuous Fever treatment

- Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo) Consult
Body temperature elevated over 100 °F (37.8 °C) can be called as Fever. Body temperature change between 97 °F (36.1 °C) and 100 °F (37.8 °C), with the average being 98.6 °F (37 °C) in healthy human being. The body maintains the temperature within this range by balancing the heat producing and loosing mechanisms. The thermo regulatory sensors are located in the hypothalamus which is a small structure located in the brain. The nervous system continuously communicate information about the body's temperature to the thermo regulatory center,the heat and cold sensors which make activate different physical reactions to cool or warm the body. Body achieve this talk by decreasing or increasing the blood flow from the body’s internal organs to surface or vice versa. Also by regulating body’s metabolism to produce heat or cool down the body which include shivering to generate heat through muscle contraction; and sweating to cool the body through evaporation.
Fever Homeopathic treatment
A fever occurs when the temperature sensors resets at a high temperature, mainly in response to an infection. To reach the higher temperature, the body produce shivering by moving blood to more internal organs. Person experience the chill due to draining of blood from surface of the body. Once target temperature is achieved, shivering and chills will be stopped. Body become cold by reversing the above mechanism once the infection has been overcome. During this process body produce sweat by pumping more blood to surface and by releasing heat.Fever can be one of an important mechanism of body’s immune system to prevent itself from growth of harmful bacteria.
Fevers are chiefly caused by viral or bacterial infections like tuberculosis, pneumonia etc, other conditions like allergic reactions; autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis etc; trauma-fracture bone; cancer; excessive exposure to the sun; intense exercise; hormonal imbalances; certain drugs; and damage to the hypothalamus etc.
During the infection fever-inducing agents pyrogens are released which trigger the resetting of the temperature sensors. A fever is usually diagnosed using a thermometer.
Homeopathic Treatment for Fever:
Fever facilitates the immune system to fight against infection. We should not interfere with fever if the underlying cause is not so severe. Fever should be allowed to run its course. Drugs to lower fever are required only if the patient is uncomfortable. Bathing a patient in cool water can also help to reduce the high fever but may increased fever instantly afterwards as counter reaction. homeopathic remedy for fever in children works also on same principal of boasting immunity which prevents frequent fevers, cold and cough in children. Homeopathic medicines helpful in preventing even high fevers if selected strictly on symptom similarity. Homeopathic treatment for fever and cough with constitutional remedy reduce temperature within minutes. Homeopathic medicines for fever directly works on immune system of the body to reduce the fever. Patient will not experience any weakness after reduction of fever if treated with Homeopathic medicines.
Homeopathic Medicines for fever:
Aconite is one of best homeopathic remedies for high fever where CHILL ASCENDS FROM FEET TO CHEST; shuddering on lying down at night, followed by dry heat with difficult breathing and lancinating pains through chest; face flushed, with cold hands and feet and great thirst for cold drinks; nervous excitability, groaning and agonizing tossing about, all relieved by a profuse sweat.
Baptisia Homeopathic remedy for fever children and adults of typhoid nature symptoms are SHIVERING PRECEDED BY SENSE OF WEAKNESS; flushes of heat from small of back in all directions; pulse frequent, full and soft; internal and external heat; excessive thirst; headache with tendency to delirium; tongue brown in centre, red at the edges; constipation alternating with diarrhoea; frequent sweats.
Belladonna is useful in homeopathic treatment for fever and cough, Chill and heat alternating; coldness of limbs with heat of head, face red, eyes protruding, pupils dilated, look staring; great thirst, with anxiety and trembling; heat with aversion to uncover, deliria and unconsciousness; pulse full and frequent; sweat during sleep, day or night, often ascending from feet to head, convulsions in children or nervous patients; involuntary urination and defaecation.
Chamomilla is best home remedies for fever for kids suffering with Chill, with trembling of body and bitter vomiting; CHILL OF POSTERIOR, WITH HEAT IN ANTERIOR PART OF BODY OR VICE VERSA (<) by uncovering and cold air; constant alternations of heat and coldness in various parts, mostly one red cheek, the other pale; profuse sweat of covered parts; child in cross and irritable when feverish; colic and diarrhoea; hot, burning urine.
Gelsemium is best Homeopathic remedy for fever and CHILLINESS, ESPECIALLY ALONG SPINE; nervous chills with shivering and chattering of teeth, skin warm; fever without thirst, wants to be still and rest, feels languid and stupid; thirst during sweat, which may be profuse and long-lasting; nervous diarrhoea.
Rhus-tox is best remedy for fever with URTICARIA FEVER-BLISTERS; great heat, anguish, dry skin, stupefying headache, delirium, with desire to escape; red burning face; red, dry and rough tongue; debility and languor; dry, teasing cough, caused by tickling in bronchia; evening fever with diarrhoea; sweat relieves.


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