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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Homeopathic Remedies for Lipoma Treatment and Cure

Posted by Drdevendra Kumar MD Homeo
- Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo) Consult
A lipoma is nothing but a benign tumor consisting body fat. It is the most common tumor among the benign tumors of  soft tissue. Lipomas are soft in nature,movable and painless. Many lipomas are small of not more than 1cm, but sometimes grow upto sizes more than six centimeters. Lipomas can be found at any age but common after the age of 40 years. Lipoma’s by themselves they never transform into Cancer.Lipoma in most cases the cause is Heriditary but the tendency to develop a lipoma is not necessarly hereditary.Some studies have established a relation between the gene that causes obesity and lipoma. Some other studies suggested trauma can be the cause for lipoma formation but is not sure.
Homeopathic Treatment for Lipoma:
lipoma homeopathic treatment
Homeopathy considers the root cause for lipoma as suppression of previous infectious diseases. Which produce inherited symptoms in various forms, lipoma is one among the symptoms produced by suppression of gonococcus bacterial infection. Homeopathy can only cure the lipoma without side effects and without the need of surgery. Surgery is not the solution for lipoma treatment. Recurrence is common with surgery.
Homeopathic Medicines for Lipoma:
Baryta-carb is best Homeopathic medicine for lipoma in children and Old people. Baryta carb tumor constitution develop Glandular and atheromatous tumors, especially in old persons where pus is scanty and growth slow; LIPOMA; especially of drunkards; sarcoma in neck, with burning worse at night, when lying on affected side; bitter when walking in open air; steatoma; small fibroid tumors.
Calcarea-carb constitustional symptoms in lipoma patients are Leucophlegmasia and malnutrition; polypi, nasal and uterine; fibroid tumors; Calcarea carb is best Homeopathic medicine for lipoma, encephaloma; tendency to boils; deficient animal heat, cold feet, perspiration on head and feet; pus copious, putrid, yellowish or white, like milk; Lipoma worse in cold air or wet weather; better from having the garments loose; pedunculated fibroids. Lipoma can be treated without side effects with Homeopathic remedy Calcarea carb.
Lapis-albus is best medicine used in Homeopathic cure for  Lipoma, sarcoma, glandular, and fibrous tumors; carcinoma as long as ulceration has not yet set in.
Phosphorus is a best Homeopathic medicine for lipoma. Phosporus is also useful in Open cancers, bleeding profusely;polypi bleeding readily on slight provocation; lipoma; encephaloma; colloid cancer; Phosphorus tumor symptoms are condyloma of large size, rough and dry of the vagina, painfulness of stomach to touch, and when walking; worse after eating anything warm; pus thing, ichorous, hectic, desires to be magnetized; lymphoma on neck with hectic fever.
Phytolacca is useful in homeopathic treatment for lipoma with Swelling and induration of a glands; carcinoma mammae; lipoma; shooting lancinating pains, phytolacca particularly useful in lipoma cases where persons worse after sleeping; great exhaustion and prostration.


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